If you want to learn how to make money with a drone and earn as a drone pilot, you’re in the right place!

Owning a drone opens up numerous business opportunities in fields such as weather monitoring, telecommunications, and aerial imaging.

In this post, you’ll discover five possible ways to make money with a drone.


5 Possible Ways to Make Money With a Drone

Here’s all you need to know about how to make money with a drone:

Real Estate Videos & Photos

A drone allows you to get sweeping views of the exterior of a commercial or residential building or real estate, with the ability to pull off a smooth video flyover of the whole property. It offers views and perspectives that would otherwise not be possible with standard (non-aerial) photography. As a freelance drone operator, you can list your property with real estate agents hoping to get a good response with beautiful aerial imagery. According to some leading property listing services, real estate listings with aerial photos/videos typically sell up to 70% faster.

However, for this job, you must have a drone that is equipped with a gimbal and a quality camera that is capable of capturing crystal clear videos/photos of real estate from the air. Another great option is to use a drone equipped with a GoPro camera if you’re looking to capture 4K Ultra HD videos.

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how to make money with drones

Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography

Today, aerial wedding photo/videography has emerged as a highly lucrative business. More and more people, nowadays want to get some epic shots of their wedding functions. And, capturing these memories with the help of a drone makes them all the more special. However, keep in mind that there’s tough competition in the aerial wedding photo/videography field.

Here are some tips for excellent wedding photography with the help of drones:

  • Fly your drone close to the venue. Do not fly a drone directly over the guests as you can accidentally hurt someone.
  • Choose an outdoor wedding venue at a stunning location so that you can capture the breathtaking scenery around the location.
  • Avoid recording towards the sun or in the dark.
  • Provide both aerial videos and photos to your clients.

So, get ready to shoot some spectacular wedding shots with your drone. For this, all you need to do is buy an advanced small drone, a high-resolution camera supported by that drone, and practice flying it while capturing footage.

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Hotel & Resort Ads

Just like real estate drone photography, drones are also widely used in the hospitality industry. A lot of hotels, resorts, and casinos have taken to aerial photography to showcase their property because standard photography doesn’t always do justice to the location. That’s why you can consider working as a freelance drone operator who specializes in aerial photo/videography of hotels and resorts.

Once you’ve shot some wonderful aerial scenes, you’ll need to use photo and video editing software to compile your aerial footage. To be a successful freelance drone operator, consider creating a portfolio website and managing a social media account to spread the word.

Inspection Jobs

Today, a lot of utility companies have started using drones for jobs like inspecting electrical lines, remote substations, pumping stations, and other similar facilities. Equipped with powerful cameras and video transmitters, drones quickly and effortlessly reach water or gas outlets and capture quality footage. This is really helpful for utility companies to conduct regular checkups and damage assessments. Other than utility companies, construction and insurance companies also use drones for inspection jobs, like roof inspection, etc.

However, please note that for such a job, you’ll need an advanced drone that has better performance and is more stable than simple commercial quadcopters. These drones and additional equipment supporting them come expensive. However, the payback period is fairly short if you manage to effectively develop your business.

To start off, you’ll need to make these companies aware of your offerings via advertising and networking. Getting a directory of such businesses in your area may be helpful so that you can introduce yourself and the services you provide to them.

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Reselling Drones

Reselling drones is also a very lucrative business. This can be done by purchasing popular new drone models at a wholesale price and later selling them at a higher price to your customers. All you need to do is find a drone supplier who sells drones at an affordable price point and then sell it either with an online store, like Amazon and eBay, or even with your own drone store.

While all this may seem simple in theory, practically you’ll have to deal with things like upfront costs and fees to open and maintain a store. For online stores too, you have to pay some fee to keep your listing live. If you’re already in a similar business and have a store for electronic gadgets, then that’s a huge plus. You can easily add drones to your offering.

So, find the method that works best for you. With the right amount of research and the ability to offer quality products to the end user, you’ll be able to generate a great client base and profits in the drone reselling business.

Tip: Never opt for a rental business with drones. Drones are highly vulnerable to damage, especially for first-time users who don’t have much experience flying these machines. So, renting them out may not be a great idea!


 Start Making Money With Your Drone!

As mentioned before, there are many ways to start making money after getting a drone and learning how to operate it. However, note that you’ll need to get a proper license for drone flying based on your area’s regulations if you want to take this up as a business.

Here are the two posts that will be really helpful for you to start off with becoming a drone pilot:


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