Looking for some good apps to make your drone flying experience a pleasant one? You’re at the right spot.

There are plenty of apps available for different functions regarding drone flying. These apps offer some highly useful tools to enhance your overall flight experience. In this post, you’ll find out all about the seven best drone apps that you can install to get more out of your drone flying journey. These apps work for most of the popular drones today, including Mavic Pro, Phantom 3, and others.

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Best Drone App: 7 Apps you Need to Install

Here are the seven best apps that you must install for your drone:

#1. Airmap

Whether you’re a commercial or recreational drone photographer, the Airmap app is a must-have for every drone pilot. With backing from companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm and drone players like Yuneec, the Airmap app has some amazing and advanced features, including drone mapping, geo-fencing, and flight logging. The app’s location-based flight restriction information is very useful for everyone with a drone.

drone apps airmap

The AirMap app has information about UAV laws in over 20 countries. So, if you’re a drone photographer who likes to travel a lot, this app will prove really helpful while you’re out and about. What’s more, AirMap can also be used to control DJI drones, allowing pilots to map out flight paths and control their drones right from the app.

Download Airmap for iPhone:

AirMap for Drones on the App Store

Download Airmap for Android Phone:

AirMap for Drones – Apps on Google Play

#2. Hover

Hover is a simple app that lets you know whether it is secure to fly at your current location. This proves to be really helpful if you’re making extensive drone flight plans. Through this app, you not only get information about air traffic and your position in relation to airports, national parks, etc. but also regarding weather conditions and wind at your current location.

Furthermore, Hover also has flight-logging features which let you save and send your flight data to yourself. So, you can avoid downloading a different app just to log your flights. All in all, this one is amongst the best drone apps out there.

Download Hover for iPhone:

HOVER – Measurements in 3D on the App Store

Download Hover for Android Phone:

HOVER – Measurements in 3D – Apps on Google Play

#3. Google Maps

As a drone pilot who does extensive drone photo-planning, Google Maps will surely prove to be your best friend. It will be helpful in performing several essential tasks, like finding perfect drone photo locations or finding the best places to launch your drone from. The app also lets you know the distance and how to get to that particular location.

Google Maps’ topographical map in Terrain Mode is superb to understand more about the locations that have the potential for some awesome aerial shots. It lets you see the contours of the landscape better.

Download Google Maps for iPhone:

‎Google Maps on the App Store

Download Google Maps for Android Phone:

Google Maps – Apps on Google Play

#4. B4UFLY

If you’re a drone pilot based in the United States, you probably are aware of the fact that you must follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations regarding drone flying. B4UFLY is, basically, a Drone Airspace Safety is basically an app developed by the FAA to let you know where and when you can and can’t fly your drone.

drone apps

The B4UFLY app provides highly detailed airport listings around, with a 5-mile radius of each. Overall, this app is a great source of legal information on drone flights in the United States, and therefore, a must-have.

Download B4UFLY Drone Airspace Safety for iPhone:

B4UFLY Drone Airspace Safety on the App Store

Download B4UFLY Drone Airspace Safety for Android Phone:

B4UFLY: Drone Safety & Airspace – Apps on Google Play

#5. DroneDeploy

Although the DroneDeploy app focuses mainly on DJI’s drones, the app deserves a mention in this list since DJI is a major player in the drone space. This one is a quite cool app that lets you have an alternative controller for your flying machine. DroneDeploy will work for you if you own the Phantom 3 or any other DJI drone that’s newer than that.

The DroneDeploy app offers advanced flight planning and autonomous control for your drone. It lets you select a path of coordinates and watch your drone fly the route. In addition, you can also control camera exposure right from the app.

Download DroneDeploy for iPhone:

DroneDeploy Flight App on the App Store

Download DroneDeploy for Android Phone:

DroneDeploy – Mapping for DJI – Apps on Google Play

#6. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is a drone app that focuses entirely on the weather. As a drone pilot, this app will tell you all you need to know about the weather so that you’re able to decide if it’s safe to fly. All you need to do is provide the app with the parameters of your drone so that it can quickly indicate whether or not it’s a good time to fly.

With UAV Forecast, you get a full range of information essential for drone flying, including wind speed, direction, temperature, chill, cloud cover & visibility, chances of rain, and more.

Download UAV Forecast for iPhone:

UAV Forecast on the App Store

Download UAV Forecast for Android Phone:

UAV Forecast for Drone Pilots – Apps on Google Play

#7. DJI Go

It’s a well-known fact that DJI dominates the consumer drone market. That’s why if you are a recreational drone pilot, there are high chances that you have a DJI-made drone. And, it’s pretty obvious that the DJI Go app – an app by DJI itself – would best with your DJI drone. The app is full of advanced features that will let you fly your drone and control its camera with ease.

DJI Go app

Some of the great features offered by the DJI Go app include Intelligent flight modes, live HD view, flight data tracking & logging, and the ability to edit & share photos and videos right from the app. While you can use alternative drone apps, the DJI Go app is the best to fly a DJI drone.

Download DJI Go for iPhone:

DJI GO on the App Store

Download DJI Go for Android Phone:

DJI GO Android App (apk Download)


What is The Best App For Drones?

While the list above features the best apps when it comes to drone flying, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There may be many more great apps to aid drone pilots in flying their drones and capturing some epic aerial shots. So, while I recommend that you use the above-mentioned apps for the best experience, you may try new apps out.

However, keep in mind that the apps you use should be highly and favorably rated on the platform they are in. Otherwise, you risk harming your prized possession.


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