Are you wondering what is GoPro Plus and how this plan work?

This awesome subscription service for cloud storage is very appealing for the old as well as new GoPro users. Now, wherever you go, you can capture countless memories and store them without having to worry about storage space!

In this blog post, you’ll learn what GoPro Plus is used for, including its pros and cons, to help you decide whether or not you need it.


What is GoPro Plus

GoPro Plus is a subscription service designed especially for GoPro users (Hero 5 and above). By spending approximately $5 per month you get a few interesting services. With the GoPro Plus subscription, you are offered unlimited cloud storage and guaranteed replacement of your GoPro camera, twice a year.

The GoPro models Hero 5 and newer support the feature of automatic backup of all files with WiFi facility. The three striking features of this subscription are :

  • Unlimited uncompressed cloud storage.
  • 20% off on all GoPro accessories and kits
  • Premium support
  • Guaranteed camera replacement scheme, no questions asked

You can store bulk of your photos and videos online, access a music library to use in your edits or share your pictures/videos at any time, from anywhere in the world – all you need is a WiFi connection. The unlimited storage applies to only the pictures taken from your GoPro. The idea behind this plan is to avoid carrying computers and extra SD cards on your trips. It makes the whole process a lot more compact and easy.

GoPro Plus Desktop


Besides the fact that you get your own pool of storage, the quality of the data is not compromised. This is what makes GoPro Plus so desirable. With this, you get additional perks of having access to GoPro’s exclusive apparel and 20% and more discount on accessories. Also, the BEST add on is their replacement policy. No matter what happens to your GoPro, the company would replace the camera for free!

Check out the below video to understand the concept of GoPro Plus a bit better..

GoPro: Introducing GoPro Plus


How Much Is GoPro Plus

GoPro Plus is a subscription service that offers the most premium GoPro experience. It offers a free trial of 60 days to all users who subscribe to it from the GoPro site or through the Android version of the app. For iOS users who sign up through the app, the free trial is limited for 30 days due to the apple restrictions.

Post the expiry of free trial, you are expected to pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 for a complete year (yearly package) – at the time I’m writing this article.



How Does GoPro Plus Work

GoPro Plus Cloud

GoPro Plus works for models including Hero 5 and above as they support the WiFi function and automatic backup. The steps to follow are as below:

  1. Download the Apps and sign up for GoPro Plus
  2. Upload to the Cloud (using Quik for desktop, Quik or Capture for mobile) – You may either plug in the camera in your computer or set up the camera as a Hub option on your device. Using the App, the data will be transferred to the cloud storage.
  3. Create awesome videos – Once your photos and videos have been uploaded, you can access the music library as well to edit, share and save.

The other benefits as discussed include :

  • Save 20% or more on mounts + accessories
  • Purchase GoPro apparel
  • Get premium support
  • Guaranteed camera replacement

GoPro Plus creates your own account on Google and you can sign in and access it whenever you want. You are also eligible for all the other mentioned benefits as soon as your subscription starts. With their assuring tagline “You break it, we’ll replace it“, the overall plan seems beyond appealing.


How to Cancel GoPro Plus Subscription

To cancel your GoPro Plus subscription, you may follow the below steps :

  1. Log into your account, navigate to Settings > Subscriptions > Cancel Membership. Please note that the Cancel Membership button is ALWAYS grey, but it is clickable.
  2. A pop-up message will appear asking you if you’re sure that you want to cancel.
  3. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. After cancelling, you will still have access to your Plus subscription until the next billing date, at which point the subscription will cease before you are charged again.


cancel gopro plus


If you have subscribed through Google Play Store, iTunes, or Amazon, you will have to manage your own subscription through the platform the subscription was purchased under.


GoPro Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model that stores data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider who manages and operates data storage as a service. It involves at least one data server that a user connects to via the internet. The user sends files manually or in an automated fashion (in case of GoPro) over the Internet to the data server which forwards the information to multiple servers. The stored data is then accessible through a web-based interface.

For example, once you enable the mobile upload in the GoPro App, all contents in the “App” tab will automatically start uploading to your Plus drive when your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi. You can access the uploaded content of your GoPro from any of the below apps :

  1. Quik for Desktop
  2. Quik for Mobile
  3. GoPro App or official GoPro site –
  4. By logging in your Plus account on

In my opinion, the GoPro Plus Subscription is a must have for experiencing the most meaningful and fun adventures with your mind at ease, as now you have a place to preserve all your precious memories safely!


Is GoPro Plus Worth It?

GoPro in itself is a delightful gear to use due to it’s superb stabilization, amazing picture quality and the rugged design. GoPro Plus is just like a cherry on the top, it enhances the overall experience of the GoPro users. If you love travelling and like to capture your moments on all your outdoor adventures, then GoPro plus is a real treat for you. It eliminates the burden of carrying along a computer device every time to store data. It also limits the use of extra SD cards. With the unlimited storage space, the fabulous replacement policy and the additional discount, it is more than worth every penny spent!



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