Any new GoPro owner will go shopping for accessories almost immediately. That’s what I did when I got my first GoPro, and that’s what I still do now when I get my hands on new camera models lol

GoPro accessories let you mount your GoPro on almost anything, and take it anywhere you want. Like the time I used the head mount to capture some unforgettable moments during a motorbike ride in northern Thailand (without the head mount it would have been impossible). Or the time I was sailing in the Philippines and my GoPro dropped in the water… but thankfully it was mounted on a floating hand grip!

See… accessories come in very handy in most activities filmed with a GoPro camera. So now the question is…

  • What accessories do I need for my GoPro?

There are accessories designed to take your GoPro on every activity you can possibly imagine. To help you find what accessories you need, here below I’ve listed a few popular activities along with suggested GoPro accessories.

ActivitySuggested GoPro Accessory
Mini tripod, Stick/Pole, Floating Handle Grip
Helmet mount. Chest, head, wrist straps. Bar mount.
Bar mount. Head, chest straps.
Suction Cup Mount.
Floating Handle Grip, wrist mount, surf board mount.

The good news is that you don’t always need to buy these GoPro accessories individually. That’s right. You can find many of these accessories in bundles from third party brands at really convenient prices.

Finding the best GoPro Accessories kits may be tricky. To find  your best accessory kit, you need to consider a few factors: price, number of accessories, application, quality, and compatibility.


  • Do all GoPros use the same accessories?

Despite the good compatibility of these accessories across different GoPro camera models, you need to make sure that what you are getting will fit your camera model without problems, so…

In order to make your search stress-free, we have selected the top 7 GoPro accessories kits on the market.

Happy choice!

Top 7 GoPro Accessories Kits of 2021

If you look for GoPro Accessories Kits on Amazon, you may get well confused at first. That’s because most of these third party Accessories Kits have similar gear inside. But I’ve managed to carefully select the top 7 based on Customers Rating, Application (what’s inside), Price, Number of Accessories and Compatibility.

1. Neewer 53-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

This is one of the most versatile accessories kit around, designed by Neewer to work with all GoPro models and any action camera that has a 1/4 inch thread. It is inexpensive and it has excellent feedbacks on Amazon by hundreds of customers. It comes with 50 different accessories (the most popular ones) to make better use of your camera.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 50
  • Activities: Travel, Sport, Water
  • Compatibility: All GoPro
  • Our score: 9/10
NEEWER 53 In 1 Action Camera...
  • WIDE USES: This kit includes 53 parts with many OSMO pocket expansion kit as you can...
  • WRIST STRAP+ CAR SUCTION CUP MOUNT: wrist strap features 360°rotation helps you...
  • MINI TRIPOD+ SELFIE STICK: Handheld mode and desktop tripod mode, You can use it as a...

2. SmilePowo 51-in-1 Accessories Kit for GoPro

In the second position we find this accessories kit that includes 51 tools. It’s perfect for any action activities like skiing, cycling, canoe, MTB, etc. because of the 360°Rotating Wrist Strap (that we don’t find in all kits) as well as the chest/head straps.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 51
  • Activities: Sport, Water
  • Compatibility: All GoPro
  • Our score: 9/10
SmilePowo 48-in-1 Accessories Kit...
  • 【Perfect for Vlog, skiing, cycling, canoe and more other high speed sports...
  • 【Black 360°Rotating Wrist Strap + Car Suction Cup Mount】: wrist strap features...
  • 【Lightweight Mini Tripod + 180 Degree Selfie Stick】: The mini tripod is...

3. Appolab – 61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit for GoPro

Excellent reviews by hundreds of Amazon customers for this accessories kit by Appolab. Its wide range of accessories, compatible with all GoPro HERO models makes it perfect for vlogs (comes with a stick), sport and water activities. Good amount of accessories (61) at a low price point.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 61
  • Activities: Vlog, Travel, Sport, Water
  • Compatibility: All GoPro
  • Our score: 8/10
Appolab 61 in 1 Action Camera...
  • 【Chest Harness + Black Buckle Basic Strap Mount】-Direction and Angle can be...
  • 【Floating Hand Grip + Long Screw】- Allows you to take photos no matter snorkeling...
  • 【Selfie Stick Monopod + Black Tripod Mount Adapter】- Fully-adjustable design....

4. Kupton Accessories Kit Bundle for GoPro

This kit was designed for anyone into water activities as it also includes diving/snorkel filters and a waterproof case up to 60m/196ft. Its affordable price definitely makes this kit cheaper than buying every single accessory separately.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 61
  • Activities: Deep Water (includes filters and case 60m/196ft), Sport
  • Compatibility: HERO 7, HERO 8
  • Our score: 9/10

No products found.

5. DeKaSi Action Camera Accessories Kit

This accessories kit comes with 55 different components in a shockproof carrying case that will protect the accessories from damage. It’s compatible with GoPro Hero Max, Hero 7, 6, 5, 4, 3+, 3, Hero Session 5. I’d say that something like this kit would best suit travellers and outdoor sports due to the convenience of the case.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 53
  • Activities: Travel, Water, Sport
  • Compatibility: All HERO and SESSION models
  • Our score: 8/10
DeKaSi Action Camera Accessory Kit...
  • Large Size & Shockproof. It's very convenient to keep all accessories and your camera...
  • Head Strap and Chest Mount: Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types,...
  • Car Suction Cup and Tripod: Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more...

6. Leknes 59-in-1 Camera Accessory Kit

This kit includes most accessories that a GoPro owner would need. I think it’s one of the most affordable of the whole list. Yet, it comes with a huge range of accessories that will help you shoot better footage during travels, sport, beach, or pool.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 59
  • Activities: Travel, Water, Sport
  • Compatibility: All HERO
  • Our score: 8/10

7. Bebest – [68-in-1] Accessories Kit for GoPro

This kit offers 68 components for all GoPro models. The large variety of accessories will get you covered in most GoPro action activities. It’s price is really attractive considering how many accessories you get.

Key features:

  • Accessories: 68
  • Activities: Travel, Water, Sport
  • Compatibility: All HERO
  • Our score: 8/10


GoPro Accessories Kit – FAQ’s

  • What accessories do I need for GoPro Hero 8?

The accessory choice should be based on the activity that you are going to shoot with your GoPro. Fortunately there are many accessories kits by third party brands that include many of the accessories most people need for their GoPro. These include various mounts for head, chest, wrist, motorbike bars, etc. as well as mini tripods and selfie sticks (ideal for travel and vlogs), and much more. So ask yourself what you film the most with your GoPro and then pick one of the accessories kits suggested above in this article.

  • What accessories do I need for GoPro Hero 7?

As mentioned, the accessory choice for GoPro Hero 7 should be based on the activity that you are going to shoot with your GoPro. Check out the accessories kits above, most of them are compatible with Hero 7 and more.

  • Should I buy a GoPro Accessories Kit or get them individually?

If you are looking for multiple accessories, a kit would definitely be a good choice for their low price. However sometimes you might not find in these bundles the accessory you are looking for. So in that case you have no other choice.


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