The GoPro Hero 11 had been released on the 14th September 2022.

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In this post, we provide all the expectations that we had from the GoPro Hero 11 Black in 2022 – its expected release date, rumored features, specs & more.


GoPro Hero 11 Black – Expected Release Date

GoPro unveiled its most recent model – the GoPro Hero 10 Black – in September 2021. Similarly, the previous year’s models – Hero 9 & 7 released in the month of September too. The only exception has been the launch of the GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro Max 360 camera. These models were launched on October 1, 2019.

Therefore, if the company follows a similar pattern this year too (which we’re pretty much sure it will), then we can expect to see the release of the new GoPro Hero 11 Black in the third quarter of 2022 – September 2022 to be more specific. Of course, this expected release date is merely based on speculations after looking at the previous years’ releases.


GoPro Hero 11 Black – Possible Specs

With each new generation, GoPro ups its specs. Over the years, it has improved its Resolution, Frame Rate, HyperSmooth stabilization. It also added features like GPS, motion sensors, full-color touchscreen, and so on. For example, on the Hero 9 Black, the company offered 5K resolution for the first time, after sticking to 4K for three years.

This year too, we expect some incremental upgrades on the upcoming GoPro model. Here are the specs that we expect the GoPro Hero 11 Black to feature:

Resolution/Frame Rate

It is possible that GoPro will increase its maximum resolution to 6K at 30 FPS on the Hero 11 Black. A 5.7K resolution at 30 FPS is another possibility. In 4K, we expect the upcoming camera to have a 240 FPS frame rate, which will let you shoot some amazing 8X slow-motion shots in 4K.

A New Body Design?

Some GoPro enthusiasts wonder whether the upcoming GoPro Hero 11 would feature a new body design. However, at present, this seems unlikely! Although we expect the company to make a few minor changes to the form factor of the camera, any radical design change isn’t expected to happen. What you may expect include things like a change in the color of the GoPro logo to make the new camera look a bit different from other models.

New AI Tech

The biggest update on the GoPro Hero 10 from its previous model has been the introduction of the all-new GP2 processor. Since the processor promises some wonderful things including better image quality, better low light performance, and much more, we expect GoPro to build on this capability. We would really like the company to introduce some new intelligent photo options powered by AI like you have on your smartphone. The new AI tech could also lead to some wonderful features like subject detection and scene recognition.

HyperSmooth 5.0

Since its introduction on the GoPro Hero 7 in 2018, the company has improved its path-breaking HyperSmooth EIS tech each successive year. On the latest Hero 10 Black, you have HyperSmooth 4.0. We expect the same to happen this year too, with an even better version of EIS – HyperSmooth 5.0 on the upcoming GoPro Hero 11 Black. It will enable you to get amazing stabilization of your shots for completely shake-free videos even when the action is heavy.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is a much-awaited feature on GoPro cameras. Just like a lot of smartphones we have today, we’d like the upcoming GoPro Hero 11 to feature wireless charging capability too. The addition of this feature would make it super convenient for adventurers and nature photographers to charge up their GoPro.

Better Low-Light Technology

The GoPro Hero 10 Black has done a wonderful job when it comes to low-light shots. On the upcoming model – the Hero 11 Black – we expect the company to build up on that and make low light shots even more appealing to the eye.

Other Potential New Features

Other than the specs given above, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to the likely features on the upcoming GoPro Hero 11 Black. These possibilities include improvements like additional lens options, better accessories, and built-in ND filters.


GoPro Hero 11 Black – Expected Price

The GoPro Hero 11 Black price would mainly depend on its actual features and specs. It’s possible that the camera would be priced at around the same price point as the Hero 10, which costed around $500 at the time of its launch.


When GoPro Hero 11 Black is Going to be Released?

Please note that everything mentioned in this post regarding the GoPro Hero 11 Black – its expected release date, specs, price, etc. – is based on rumors and speculations. As of now, nothing has been confirmed by GoPro, not even the GoPro Hero 11 release date! We’ll keep on updating this post as and when we get any new information regarding the upcoming GoPro Hero series camera. So, stay tuned!


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