The DJI Osmo Action camera is one of the leading action cameras available on the market today. However, once you’ve purchased the action camera, you need to buy some useful Osmo Action accessories to make the most of it.

There are plenty of accessories available for Osmo Action available on the market today, both from the brand as well as from third parties. Whether you’re skiing down the snowy slopes or vlogging in a bustling city, there is an accessory that will help enhance your shots.

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the best accessories that you can buy for your DJI Osmo Action in 2022.

So, let’s dive in!


7 Best DJI Osmo Action Accessories

Here’s the list of 7 best accessories for your DJI Osmo Action camera:

#1. Osmo Action Waterproof Case

The Perfect Diving Accessory for Osmo Action

Osmo Action Waterproof Case
  • Waterproof at depths of up to 60 M with a high-strength Glass for clear display.
  • In the box: osmo action waterproof case × 1, osmo action locking screw × 1, osmo...
  • Compatibility: osmo action

Your Osmo Action camera is waterproof down to 11-meter depth, which means it is perfect to capture your snorkeling shots. However, if you plan to go deeper into the water with your action camera, such as while scuba diving in the ocean, you’ll need to pick up the Osmo Action Waterproof Case.

Built with high-strength glass for clear display and excellent sharpness, this case is waterproof down to 60 meters, making it perfect for deep-sea diving. It prevents your action camera from overheating and fogging up when you shoot underwater.

#2. DJI Floating Handle for Osmo Action

A Wonderful Handle for Watersports

DJI Floating Handle for Osmo Action...
  • Floating Handle - DJI 3 Month Limited Warranty
  • Comfortable anti-slip grip keeps Osmo Action floating in the water
  • Max focal length: 1.0

Another great accessory for watersports, the DJI Floating Handle is hollow. Therefore, it helps keep the Osmo Action camera floating on top of the water. The handle features an anti-slip design to facilitate a stable and firm grip.

Another great thing that makes the DJI Floating Handle extremely useful for watersports is that the bottom of this handle is painted bright orange for easy detection. Another plus: the handle can also be attached to your Osmo Action camera frame with or without the waterproof case for added functionality.

#3. PGYTECH Extension Pole Tripod Mini

A Multi-functional Tripod for your Osmo Action

PGYTECH Extension Pole Tripod Mini...
  • 2 In 1 Desgin: Mini tripod & Extension Functions in 1, Easy Swich of Tripod Function...
  • Wide Compatibility: Universal Interface at Extension Pole Top for Various Action...
  • 1/4" Thread for Function Expansion.

The PGYTECH Extension Pole Tripod Mini for Osmo Action is a compact and lightweight accessory that features a 2 in 1 design. It can be used as a tripod or an extension pole. The tripod is perfect for capturing wide-angle shots or selfies, and the extension pole lets you capture the entire scene in the shot. Its retractable design allows for quick folding and unfolding, and safe storage of this accessory.

Along with Osmo Action, this versatile accessory is also compatible with all major action cameras like GoPros. So, if you want to shoot the world from different angles and perspectives with your action camera, this accessory is a must-have!

#4. DJI Osmo Action Adhesive Mount Kit

Mount your Osmo Action to Expand your Shooting Options!

DJI Osmo Action Camera Adhesive...
  • Attach Osmo Action to flat or curved surfaces for expanded shooting options.
  • Includes: Osmo Action Flat Adhesive Mount x 2 Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Mount x 2
  • Sold by authorized US dealer

This durable adhesive mounting kit is one of the most essential accessories to capture your adventures with the Osmo Action camera. It lets you capture a variety of creative shots.

The kit includes two flat and two curved adhesive mounts to let attach your Osmo Action to a wide variety of sporting equipment such as skateboards, bikes, helmets, and more.

#5. TELESIN 4-Pack ND Filters Set for Osmo Action

All-Day ND Filter Kit for Professional Shots

ND Filter for Osmo Action, ND Lens...
  • Optical Glass: 16Layers premium multicoated optical glass Waterproof, Scratchproof,...
  • Frame Function: TELESIN Straight Filters ring such as ND are WATERPROOF. ND/PL, CPL...
  • What's is included: Most professional All Day Kit available on the market which...

Built for the DJI Osmo Action Camera, the TELESIN 4-Pack ND Filters Set has 16-layer multicoated optical glass filters with water, scratch, dust, and oil resistance. But, while you can use ND Filters in rainy situations, you should not use them underwater.

The ND filters in this 4-Pack set have a super-efficient screw-on system, due to which they are incredibly convenient to install & detach. The set contains ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters.

#6. SanDisk Extreme 128GB MicroSD Card

Most Popular MicroSD Card Built for Extreme Environment

SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC...
  • Up to 160MB/s read speeds to save time transferring high res images and 4K UHD videos...
  • Up to 90MB/s write speeds for fast shooting; Requires compatible devices capable of...
  • 4K UHD and Full HD Ready with UHS speed class 3 (U3) and video speed class 30 (V30)

The SanDisk Extreme microSD card is a great choice for your DJI Osmo Action camera. It provides incredible read & write speeds of up to 160 MB/s & 90 MB/s, respectively. These speeds ensure that you can easily do 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video recording and playback with your action camera.

Although this MicroSD Card by SanDisk is available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, 512GB, and 1TB sizes, I suggest that you use the one with at least 128GB space.

#7. Battery for Osmo Action Camera

Original DJI Osmo Action Battery with 1300mAh Capacity

DJI CP.OS.00000025.01 Battery for...
  • ✅5Wh, 1300mAh LiPo Battery - 3. 85V Power Output - Records 1080p30 for up to 135...

Keeping spare batteries is always a great idea when heading out for shooting your varied adventures with your action camera. After all, you don’t want to get stuck if you encounter an empty battery while you’re in the middle of capturing some epic shots.

The DJI Osmo Action Battery has a 1300mAh capacity so you get plenty of recording time on a single charge. It has two battery locks, which makes it super easy to install. You also get a great battery case that protects multiple batteries, microSD cards, and has useful compartments with battery level indicators.

Wrap Up: Which Osmo Action Accessory is Most Useful?

Well, that’s a tricky question! That’s because you can’t pick one accessory and say that it’s the ‘most useful’. What’s useful for you may or may not be useful for someone else. For example, if you’re into watersports like snorkeling & scuba-diving, you should buy the waterproof case or the floating handle for your Osmo Action.

However, for those who spend extended hours shooting with the Osmo Action camera, a spacious microSD card and a spare battery are must-haves! So, choose according to your own preferences. Happy shooting!


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