Ever wondered what makes your drone capable of aerial photography? The answer is the motor unit of your quadcopter. Yes, that is precisely what makes your drone capable enough to pull off those impressive aerial movements with ease!

So, if you’re looking to build your own quadcopter or replace your drone’s motor, this article will guide you about some of the best drone motors you’ll find on the market in 2021.

Drone Motor

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Drone Motors

Before deciding on which drone motor to buy, you must keep various factors in mind. Here are some important considerations in this regard:

#1. Drone Weight

Drone weight should be the very first factor to consider before deciding on which drone motor to buy. That’s because once you have a clear idea about the overall weight of the drone, you can know about the overall thrust of the motor required for the perfect lifting of the drone during flights. It will help maintain the speed of your drone in the air.

The approximate weight of the drone can be calculated by adding up the weight of its individual parts and components, like battery unit, motors, wires, payload, etc.

#2. Thrust to Weight Ratio

Thrust to Weight Ratio is also a very important consideration to make a decision on which drone motor to buy. The motor you select for your drone should be capable of producing about 50 percent higher thrust as compared to a multi-rotor. That’s because you need additional thrust to keep your drone safe during windy weather or at the time of flight maneuvers.

For example, let’s suppose your drone weighs 500 grams. In such a case, you’ll need to pick a motor that can generate at least twice the amount of thrust, which is about 1000 grams plus. Also, remember that the higher the thrust, the faster your drone will fly.

#3. Efficiency

The formula to calculate motor efficiency is thrust/power. A higher value of the result means higher efficiency of the motor, which in turn helps the drone fly for a longer duration.

It is generally recommended that the efficiency value of the drone motor should be 7 or above. If you have a motor with low efficiency, it will result in voltage sags for the battery and lower flight time with higher energy consumption.

#4. Torque

The torque range defines the ability of the motor to shift between RPM values. If the motor has a high torque value, it means that it’s capable to run much heavier props.

In such a case, the drone will give a faster response and lesser propeller wash. However, the motor will also suck more current.

#5. Pole Count

Another thing that you need to consider is the motor pole count. There are two options for this: quadcopter motors with a higher pole count, and other motors with a lower pole count.

Note that if you want to get rid of an additional gearbox, then it is essential that you start with a higher pole count.

#6. Brushed VS Brushless Motors

You should decide in advance whether you need a brushed DC motor or a brushless DC motor. If the motor of the drone is expected to be used for very little time, it is recommended that you connect a brushed DC motor as it will provide great as well as cost-effective output.

However, in case the motors are to be used continuously, then using a brushless motor would be a good idea for long flights.

How to Build a Drone?

Building a drone can be a challenging and rewarding process for those who enjoy DIY projects and have an interest in drones and aviation. To build a drone, you will need to select the appropriate components, such as motors, propellers, flight controllers, and batteries, and assemble them according to the instructions or design specifications.

Building a drone can be a great way to learn about the technology and mechanics behind drones and can provide a unique and customized flying experience. However, it’s important to note that building a drone requires knowledge of electronics, programming, and aviation, and can be a complex and time-consuming process

Learn how to build your drone: How to Build a Drone Step by Step.

5 Best Drone Motors

Here are the five best drone motors that you can buy:

#1. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Motor and Controller

Efficient, Easy-to-Install Motor with High Performance

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Motor and Controller
266 Reviews
Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Motor and Controller
  • The motor has a power of 15 Watts and completes 28,000 revolutions per minute (RPM)...
  • The motor is attached to its electronic controller which has been specially designed...
  • This kit includes one motor with its controller card, 3 short metal screws and 3 long...

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Motor has a power of 15 Watts and is capable of completing 28,000 RPM when hovering. It also features an electronic controller specifically designed for the AR Drone 2.0.

Although it’s a bit expensive as compared to some other options on this list, you get guaranteed high performance with this motor. It’s also highly efficient and convenient to install.

#2. HobbyPower 1000KV Brushless Motor

Another Great Budget Option!

Hobbypower A2212 1000kv Brushless Motor + 30a ESC for Multicopter 450 X525 Quadcopter
247 Reviews
Hobbypower A2212 1000kv Brushless Motor + 30a ESC for Multicopter 450 X525 Quadcopter
  • Max Efficiency: 80%
  • Max Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ27.5 x 30mm

With an amazing maximum speed of 2100000 RPM with a 2-pole BLM and about 70,000 RPM with a 6-pole one, the HobbyPower 1000KV Brushless Motor adds more power to your RC drone unit. It comes with 30A advanced speed controller unit.

The motor is built in such a way that it stays cool even during tough flights. However, it causes annoying vibrations during motor acceleration.

#3. HobbyPower CW Emax 935KV 2212 Brushless Motor

High-end Motor with Impressive Multi-Rotor Design

A great option for multi-rotor copters such as Tri, Quad, Hexa, and Octo, the HobbyPower 935KV 2212 Brushless Motor offers classic response performance with a maximum thrust of up to 860G.

The motor is easy to install and features a solid design. However, it is a bit heavy and expensive.

#4.iFlight 4pcs XING 2208 1800KV Brushless Motor 6S for QAV FPV Racing Drone

Pack of 4

iFlight 4pcs XING 2208 1800KV Brushless Motor 6S for QAV FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter (unibell)
58 Reviews
iFlight 4pcs XING 2208 1800KV Brushless Motor 6S for QAV FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter (unibell)
  • New version unibell XING 2208 1800KV Motor provides the most incredible power and...
  • The iFlight XING series motor is characterized by support 6S. The 4mm Titanium alloy...
  • These 4 pack 2208 brushless motor used standard M3 16mmx16mm mounting pattern at the...

iFlight Motor is highly durable, you can fly even hard style with it! It will never let you down, when pulling out of maneuvers. Its overall performance is rated to be as high as stock motors, it’s powerful as well as light.

The motor offers superb quality and goes incredibly smooth.

#5. HOBBYMATE Quadcopter Kit Motor

Great Choice for FPV QAV Quadcopters with 250, 210, 180, or Smaller Size Range.

The HOBBYMATE Quadcopter Kit Motor is a lightweight and super-efficient motor with rapid cooling and a wonderful air suction system. This results in a longer flight time.

The motor works great with FPV QAV quadcopters having 250, 210, 180, or smaller sizes.

What is The Best Drone Motor?

You must have noticed that the motors described in the above list are quite different when it comes it their specs, design, and compatibility. That’s because there are many different kinds of drones out there. So, before deciding on which one to buy, you should consider all the factors mentioned here. Always prefer to pick the one product which meets all your requirements, and fits your budget too.


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