Thinking of building your own drone? A good drone kit will come in handy as it will make things a lot easier for you. The best DIY drone kits have all the components you need to build your drone and are easy to assemble.

Today, there are plenty of drone build kits available on the market. However, there are many cheap and sub-standard products too, which can make your buying decision a bit hard. That’s why I’ve come up with this article.

Here, you’ll discover the ten best DIY drone build kits that you can get.


10 BEST Drone Build Kits

Here are the ten best drone build kits that you can get:


Strong Rack, Beautiful Appearance & Stable System

Hobbypower F450 ATF Quadcopter Frame Kit

Hobbypower F450 ATF Quadcopter Frame Kit & X2212 980KV Brushless Motor & SimonK 30A ESC
  • This is a DIY HJ-F450 Quadcopter kit , it is ATF (not ready to fly), This is a very...
  • Please be note this kit does not include remote control, flight controller and...

The Hobbypower F450 Quadcopter Kit is a highly rated drone build kit that comes with a lightweight frame, high-quality motors, and all the necessary components for building a custom drone. It’s a great option for those who want a high-performance drone at an affordable price. This drone build kit is easy to assemble and customize, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced drone builders alike.

With its impressive flight capabilities and customizable features, the Hobbypower DIY F450 Quadcopter Kit is a great way to experience the thrill of building and flying your own drone.

Perfect For Kids and Beginners

GILOBABY Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners

GILOBABY Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners, DIY Drone Kit, RC Nano Quadcopter Drones with 3D Flip, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Indoor Outdoor Flying Toys Gifts for Boys and Girls
  • Flexible Control Movement: The mini drone have 360-degree all angle flexible movement...
  • Multiple Mode Makes Easier Flight: The RC nano quadcopter drones with 3 speeds mode,...
  • Skills Development: The DIY drone kit will spark hours of kids of imagination in...

Built for 360-degree flexible movement, this RC nano quadcopter offers a wide range of motions including upward/downward flight, forward/backward movement, rotation, and drifting. It features three speed modes, allowing it to cater to different flight proficiencies, from beginner pilots just learning the ropes to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a quick, nimble drone for agile maneuvers.

Boasting user-friendly modes such as one key take-off/landing/return, headless mode, and emergency stop, this mini drone is designed to ensure a safe and effortless flight experience. It comes with a detailed manual, offering clear instructions and tips on how to maximize its capabilities – an especially useful tool for beginners.

Beyond the fun and adventure, the GILOBABY DIY Drone Kit is also an exceptional educational tool. It sparks hours of imaginative play, while nurturing essential STEM skills. Children get to improve their hand-eye coordination, creativity, logical thinking, and gain a practical understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – a tremendous boost to their self-confidence and intellectual development.

Small 5-in-1 Builable Drone with HD Camera

Thames & Kosmos Robotics 

Thames & Kosmos Robotics: Smart Machines 5-in-1 Buildable Drone with HD Camera | Build a High-Tech Drone & 4 Camera-Enabled Robotic Models | Innovative STEM Kit | Includes free App for iOS or Android
  • Build a high-tech, flying camera drone and four other camera-enabled robotic models.
  • Control your robots using the remote-control interface or write your own programs...
  • Live-stream and record HD video and take 4K pictures

The primary attraction of this kit is the high-tech, camera-enabled drone. Utilize the easy-to-use visual programming app, available for both iOS and Android, to pilot your drone with precision, perform stunning one-button 360-degree flips, or program pre-determined flight patterns. The drone can live-stream and record in crisp HD video, and capture stunning 4K images, providing a bird’s eye view like never before. With a 30 meter WiFi range and 8 to 10 minute flight time, you have the freedom to explore from a unique perspective.

For your peace of mind, the drone features propeller shield rings for safe operation and comes with extra propellers to keep you flying. But the fun doesn’t stop at the drone – this kit also allows you to build and control four other camera-enabled robotic models: a driveable camera car, a 360-degree camera, a turntable camera, and a hands-free camera. These additional models expand the scope of exploration, allowing for a broader understanding of robotics and their real-world applications.

The kit includes a full-color experiment manual, four electric motors, a central controller unit, and over 100 durable, reusable plastic building pieces. It’s all packaged in a durable storage case that not only provides protection but also portability, so you can take your robotic adventures anywhere.

Educational Building Toy Science Kit for Kids and Adults

REMOKING R605 RC DIY Drone Toys 

REMOKING R605 RC DIY Drone Toys Mini Racing Quadcopter Headless Mode 2.4GHz 360°flip 4 Channels Altitude Hold Indoor and Outdoor Game Educational Building Toy Science Kit for Kids and Adults
213 Reviews
REMOKING R605 RC DIY Drone Toys Mini Racing Quadcopter Headless Mode 2.4GHz 360°flip 4 Channels Altitude Hold Indoor and Outdoor Game Educational Building Toy Science Kit for Kids and Adults
  • 6-AXIS GYRO QUAD-ROTORCRAFT FLIGHT---strong stability,can easily implement various...
  • ONE BUTTON TO TAKE OFF/LAND---Press one of the buttons on the remote to achieve...
  • GREAT FOR TEACHING CURRICULUM---Our DIY drone kit helps teach and encourage kids to...

The REMOKING R605 RC DIY Drone Toys is a highly-rated drone build kit that provides an easy and fun way to build your own drone. It comes with all the necessary components, including a remote control, to get you started. This kit is perfect for those who want to experience the excitement of building and flying their own drone without any prior experience. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of drone building and customization.

With its durable design and beginner-friendly features, the REMOKING R605 RC DIY Drone Toys is an ideal option for anyone looking to have fun building and flying their own drone.

Best RTF Quadcopter Kit with GPS

QWinOut 450mm DIY Drone Build Kit

QWinOut 450mm Airframe 2.4G 6CH GPS APM2.8 Flight Control RC Quadcopter ARF Combo DIY Full Set Drone with 920KV Motor (Unassembly RTF)
  • Pls note: from January 2023, this DIY drone is not include Camera Gimbal Mount...
  • APM2.8 APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller Built-in Compass. 920KV Brushless Motor...
  • Flysky FS-i6 2.4-G AFHDS 2A LCD Transmitter iA6 Receiver Mode 2

Our top pick as the best build kit for quadcopters – the QWinOut 450mm kit is a hassle-free way to build your own drone without needing to buy any additional parts. All parts included in the kit are of solid build quality. A GPS module and battery are also there in the package. In addition, the kit includes an APM 2.8 Multicopter flight controller, which is one of the best drone controllers for beginners.

The QWinOut 450mm DIY Drone Build Kit is super easy to build despite having minimal instructions. I would highly recommend this product because it comes with all the components you need to start flying and comes at a reasonable price.

Best Cheap Quadcopter Kit

QWinOut 330mm DIY RC Drone Kit

QWinOut 330mm DIY RC Drone Kit F330 Frame RC Quadcopter 4-Axle UFO Unassembly Kit 6M GPS APM2.8 Flight Control for Beginners (No Battery and Remote Controller)
  • Already set the programe and welded all pieces. You just need to assemble to fly.
  • Colored arms for orientation to keep you flying in the right direction, and large...
  • 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller For RC Quadcopter Hexacopter. Before Producing,...

Another great drone kit from QWinOut, the QWinOut 330mm DIY RC Drone Kit is meant for building smaller quadcopters. The kit comes with motors, a frame, propellers, a flight controller, and GPS.

However, please note that you don’t get a ready-to-fly package in the QWinOut 330mm DIY RC Drone Kit. There’s no transmitter, camera mount, and battery in the package. So, in case you already own a transmitter, it’s fine; otherwise, you’ll need to get a transmitter separately. In case you need to build a camera drone, you’ll have to buy a camera mount too. Also, make sure to buy your own battery for the drone to work.

Best to Build Mini Drones (For Kids)

SainSmart Jr. Kit

SainSmart Jr. Mini DIY Drone Kit STEM Remote Control Quadcopter, Build Your Own Drone with Electronic Kits, RC Helicopter with 2 Rechargeable Batteries, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode for Kids
  • DIY DRONE KIT: Build your own drone with DIY electronic kit within 30 mins, it’s...
  • SEXTUPLE FUN AND TRICKS: The attractive mini drone Good to fly in an office or house...
  • DOUBLE PLAYING TIME: The small drone comes with two rechargeable batteries, extending...

The SainSmart Jr. Kit is a fun and educational way to introduce children to the world of drones. With an easy-to-assemble electronic kit, kids can build their own drone in just 30 minutes. The level of difficulty is rated 3 out of 5 stars, making it a great option for kids who enjoy building and flying things. Recommended for children over 14 years old, the kit is also a great educational tool for technology classes or a perfect Christmas gift for young technology enthusiasts.

Once assembled, the mini drone is perfect for flying indoors, practicing basic aerobatics, and having fun with kids. With two rechargeable batteries, the drone has a flight time of up to 20 minutes, providing twice the amount of flight time compared to other drones of similar size. The drone also has a cool LED light effect that makes it stand out as a bright star in the dark, making it an attractive remote-controlled toy at night. In conclusion, the Kit de dron de bricolaje is not only a fun toy, but also an excellent STEM educational tool that will spark the creativity and imagination of young minds.


Another Great Drone Build Kit

Hobbypower DIY F550 Hexacopter Kit

Hobbypower DIY F550 Hexacopter Kit with APM2.8 Flight Controller 7M 920KV Brushless Motor Simonk 30A ESC 1045 Props
  • This action is a DIY F550 Hexacopter kit, it is unassembled.
  • Come with high quality electronic accessories, only need a 3S Lipo battery and a 6CH...
  • This F550 quadcopter is a very popular machine, it has a strong rack.This F550...

The Hobbypower DIY F550 Hexacopter Kit is a complete package that includes all the necessary hardware you’ll need to build your own hexacopter drone. The package includes GPS, a flight controller, and plenty of spare parts to ensure a solid build of your drone. However, there’s no battery or remote in the kit. Therefore, you’ll need to buy your own 3S lipo battery and a remote controller.

All in all, the end result that you get with the Hobbypower DIY F550 Hexacopter Kit will have a highly durable build, and it will look great too! However, I felt that the assembly part can get a bit tricky. You’ll need to find help online from other drone users.

Cheapest Option on This List

Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Kit

Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Frame 5 Inch Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit with 4mm FPV Frame Arms+Lipo Battery Strap
164 Reviews
Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Frame 5 Inch Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit with 4mm FPV Frame Arms+Lipo Battery Strap
  • ★Stable - 4mm carbon fiber frame arms and shock absorber cottons.
  • ★Convenient - Plenty of space is reserved on multiple layers so that you can easily...
  • ★Shockproof - Equipped with rubber damper: AV shockproof ball, high quality and...

For those who are looking for exceptional value for money, the Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Kit is a great choice. This one is a highly affordable kit that also supports attaching an FPV camera. At 6.3 ounces, it is extremely lightweight but is incredibly well-designed at the same time. You don’t need to worry about durability or the risk of injury from flying into something hard like trees or other buildings.

Therefore, if you don’t want to spend too heavily but still want quality craftsmanship in your drone, the Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Kit is for you.


Customize Your DJI Drone With Flame Wheel Kit

DJI F550 Flame Wheel ARF Kit

Dji F550 Flame Wheel Arf Kit
  • Ultrastrength Material Frame Arms adopt PA66+30GF ultrastrength material design,...
  • Attractive Frame Arms Provide different color frame arms: red, white, black, which...
  • Integrated PCB Wiring The use of high strength compound PCB frame board, makes wiring...

The DJI F550 Flame Wheel ARF Kit stands out as one of the best drone building kits in the market, complete with a sturdy frame and all the vital parts required for creating a bespoke drone. It’s an outstanding selection for individuals desiring to tailor their drone’s functionalities and features. The ease of assembly and personalization that this drone building kit offers make it an excellent choice for both beginner and advanced drone enthusiasts.

Regardless of your interest in aerial photography, drone racing, or simple sky exploration, this drone building kit provides a remarkable combination of quality and worth.


 Parts and Cost of Drone Kits

Building a DIY drone can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone interested in flying drones. I recommend checking out the article: How to Build a Drone Step by Step if you’re interested in building your own drone. 

Drone Kit

It’s important to understand what parts are necessary to assemble a drone.


The essential parts required to build a DIY drone are:

  1. Frame: The frame serves as the backbone of the drone and provides stability and support for the other components.
  2. Flight Controller: The flight controller is the brain of the drone that controls its movement and stability.
  3. Motors: The motors provide the necessary thrust to lift the drone off the ground and control its movements.
  4. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC): The ESC controls the speed of the motors and translates the signals from the flight controller into motor movements.
  5. Propellers: The propellers are the wings of the drone that generate the lift required for flying.
  6. Battery: The battery powers the drone and provides the necessary energy for the motors to operate.
  7. Radio Controller: The radio controller is used to remotely control the drone’s movements.

If you are looking for drone propellers, click here to find 9 BEST Drone Propeller Replacements for Your UAV Drone.

And don’t miss 5 Best FPV Camera for Racing Drones to customize your drone.

In case of needing a motor read: 5 Drone Motors to Build Your Own Quadcopter.


The cost of building a DIY drone can vary depending on the quality of the components used. On average, a basic DIY drone can cost around $200 to $500, while a more advanced build can cost over $1000.


The level of difficulty involved in building a DIY drone can vary based on a few different factors. One of the most important factors is the individual’s prior experience and knowledge of electronics and drone technology. Those who are already familiar with these areas may find the process easier, while those who are new to the field may face a steeper learning curve.

Another factor that can impact the difficulty level is the complexity of the build itself. There are many different types of drones, ranging from simple and basic models to more advanced and intricate designs. Beginners may want to start with a basic build that uses simpler components and requires fewer advanced skills, while more experienced builders may enjoy the challenge of a more complex build.


Here are some important insights regarding drone building:

  1. Research is key: Before starting a DIY drone build, it’s essential to research and understand the components and their functions.
  2. Quality components matter: Investing in quality components can ensure a smoother and more reliable build.
  3. Safety first: It’s important to follow safety guidelines and precautions while building and flying a drone.
  4. Practice makes perfect: Building and flying drones is a skill that requires practice, patience, and persistence to master.


 Which Drone Build Kit Should you Buy?

Building a drone is really entertaining and educational. Whatever you build from this list, all of these options are going to provide you with a great drone. But, if you want to know which one is the best of all, then I’d say the QWinOut 450mm DIY drone build kit. That’s because it has all you need to build a durable and high-quality drone.

However, the best drone kit for you may vary, based on your own requirements. For example, if you want a drone kit that’s super cheap but works great, then Readytosky 250mm FPV Racing Drone Kit is probably the best bet for you. 



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