Drone chargers are essential for drone pilots, as these chargers help increase the flight time of your drone and manage the overall health of your battery packs.

There are different types of chargers available on the market, which include single, dual, and quad-output chargers.

This post will provide you with full information about some of the best drone battery chargers available on the market to power your drone.


5 Best Drone Battery Chargers

Here are the five best drone battery chargers you can buy nowadays:

Venom Pro Quad | Best Quad Output Charger

Venom Power - Pro Quad LiPo Battery Fast Charger with LCD Screen - 4 Ports at 100W Each - AC DC 7A Fast NiMH LiHV LiPo Balance Charger Discharger 1S to 6S, Drone, RC Car Battery Charger
  • BALANCE CHARGE FOUR BATTERIES AT ONCE: The Venom Pro Quad is a multi-chemistry...

Featuring a vertical layout and four charging circuits, each with 100W power, the Venom Pro Quad is capable of charging four batteries at once. It’s remarkably compact in size, considering that you get four charging ports. It occupies only as much space as any other single output charger out there. The package includes charging cables and two convenient USB charging ports on the back so you can power your USB devices.

The Venom Pro Quad is designed to always provide a safe voltage so that you can balance charge your drone batteries again and again without worry. The charger also prevents overcharging to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of your drone batteries. 

Smatree Drone Battery Charger | Compatible With Mavic Pro/Platinum

Smatree Battery Charger Compatible for Mavic Pro/Platinum, Mavic Pro Charge Hub with 80W Rapid Battery Power Adapter(Not Fit for DJI Mavic 2 Pro/2 Zoom/Mavic Air 2)
  • Rapid Charging: 40-50 mins/battery; About 140 mins for 3 batteries. Shorten 30%- 40%...
  • 【Note: Only one battery is charged at a time, NOT charging all three batteries at...
  • Multi Battery Charging Hub:4 in 1 charger, 3 batteries ports for Mavic Pro ,one...

The quick-charge drone charger provides an efficient and convenient solution for recharging your drone batteries. With a fast charging time of 40-50 minutes per battery, and approximately 140 minutes for three batteries, this charger cuts down the charging time by 30% – 40% compared to the OEM charger. However, it’s important to note that this charger is not compatible with DJI Mavic 2 Pro/2 Zoom/Mavic Air 2 models. Also, it charges one battery at a time, prioritizing the battery with the highest power level before moving on to the next one.

This 4-in-1 charger is a versatile hub that includes three battery ports specifically designed for Mavic Pro, and one 5V/2.4A USB port for charging your remote controller or smartphone. The charger doubles as a portable power bank, allowing you to transform your Mavic battery into a power source for charging your remote controller, mobile phone, and other electronic devices. Please note that batteries and remote controller are not included. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use only original batteries with this charger.

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DJI 30W USB-C Charger | Official Accessory

DJI 30W USB-C Charger
  • 30W fast charging, for only 64 mins to charge one DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight...
  • Compatibility: DJI Mini 4K, DJI Mini 2 SE, Osmo Pocket 3, DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI Mini 3,...
  • Tips: The charger does not include a power cable.

The DJI USB-C charger offers an efficient and reliable charging solution for your drone batteries and other compatible devices. With 30W fast charging capabilities, it takes just 64 minutes to charge a DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery. This versatile charger is compatible with a wide range of DJI products, including DJI Mini 3, Osmo Action 3, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub, DJI Mini SE, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub, DJI Mavic Mini Charging Display Dock, Mavic Mavic Mini Two-way Charging Hub, and Mini Mavic Mini Charging Dock.

It is important to note that the charger does not include a power cord, which must be purchased separately. This DJI USB-C charger provides a convenient and effective way to keep your drone batteries and other DJI devices charged and ready for use. Its fast charging capabilities ensure that you can spend less time waiting for your batteries to charge and more time enjoying your aerial adventures.

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BGUAD 100Wx4/10Ax4 AC/DC Drone Charger | Versatile

BGUAD 100Wx4/10Ax4 AC/DC 4 Port RC LiPo Charger Discharger Intelligent Balance Charger Quad Multi-Functions for NiMH NiCd LiHV Pb Batteries for Hobby Rc Car Boat Airplane Racing Drone FPV
  • 【Suitable for All Battery Types】The lipo battery charger is ideal for all...
  • 【AC/DC RC Quad】100Wx4/10Ax4 AC/DC 4 port lipo battery charger/discharger delivers...
  • 【Multiple Functions】The lipo battery /charger discharger features numerous...

The versatile Lipo battery charger is perfect for all types of hobbies, such as RC cars, boats, airplanes, racing, and FPV drones. This balanced charger is suitable for all RC battery packs, charging a wide variety of chemical configurations such as LiPo 3.7V-22.2V (1-6S), LiFepo 3.2V-19.2V, LIHV 3.85V-23.1V (1-6S), NiMH/NiCd 1.2V-18V (1-15cells), PV b/SLA, SLA, and smart batteries. With an AC/DC quad capability, the 100W x 4/10A x 4 charger offers the power you need to charge your batteries quickly, eliminating the need for an external power source.

Featuring multiple functions, the Lipo battery discharger includes rapid charging, data storage, LIHV and LiPO balancing, cyclic charging, delta sensitivity discharge, time limit function, and storage of 10 data profiles. The balanced charger has an excellent LCD screen that displays the charging and discharging status of the device. The RC car battery charger allows the user to set charging and discharge ending voltages. Intelligent protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, leakage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection ensure the safety of your batteries. The high-quality RC balance charger includes additional cooling features like an internal fan and a metal casing to reduce internal heat and extend the charger’s lifespan. With a one-year warranty, this charger includes a backlit blue LCD screen, an XT60 plug, a US AC power cord, four T plugs, and four JST-XH x 4 connectors.

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Mavic Mini 2 Two-way Charging Hub | For DJI Mini 2 Drone Only

Mavic Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub and Two Pack Original Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries (for DJI Mini 2 Drone ONLY)
743 Reviews
Mavic Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub and Two Pack Original Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries (for DJI Mini 2 Drone ONLY)
  • Original DJI brand Charging Hub and batteries
  • Accessories only for DJI Mini 2 Drone
  • Charging hub Enhance efficiency by charging three batteries in sequence

The DJI Charging Hub is a must-have accessory for the DJI Mini 2 Drone, specifically designed to enhance the charging efficiency of your drone batteries. As an original DJI-branded product, you can trust the quality and compatibility of this charging hub with your DJI Mini 2 Drone.

This charging hub allows you to charge three batteries sequentially, ensuring that you always have a fully charged battery ready for your next flight. The built-in DJI intelligent battery management system guarantees safer flights, providing you with peace of mind while you enjoy your drone adventures. The convenience and efficiency of this charging hub make it an essential accessory for any DJI Mini 2 Drone owner.

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What is The Best Drone Battery Charger?

After reading the above list, you should be well aware of some of the best chargers you can get for your drone batteries. It is always beneficial to carry multiple batteries along while going out to shoot with a drone because the last thing you want is to end up with a drone battery that’s out of juice.

All the battery chargers mentioned above are top-notch products and are highly recommended to use for charging your drone. The best one is, undoubtedly, the Venom Pro Quad Output Charger. But that comes with a higher price range. So, for those who are okay with having a quality dual-port charger, the BGUAD 100Wx4/10Ax4 AC/DC Drone Charger with full-color LCD touchscreen is a powerful and highly user-friendly charger that you can get.

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