Are you looking for a suitable case for your DJI Ronin S gimbal?

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While DJI Ronin gimbal is a great gimbal that lets you shoot some amazingly stabilized shots, to protect it from damage or wear & tear, you should keep it inside a good case that’s built for the gimbal.

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the best cases available on the market for your DJI Ronin S. You can use these cases to secure your gimbal as well as its various accessories.


5 BEST Cases for DJI Ronin S

Here are the five best cases that you can buy for the DJI Ronin Gimbal:

HPRC ROS2500-01 Case for Ronin S

HPRC ROS2500-01 Case for DJI Ronin S Ronin, Black
  • -Gimbal with focus wheel
  • -Extended grip/tripod
  • -Camera mounting plate

Another waterproof hard case for DJI Ronin S – the HPRC ROS2500-01 Case is specifically designed to easily transport the DJI Ronin S. It features a pre-cut foam interior that’s customized to hold the gimbal as well as other accessories that comes in the box with your Ronin S. So, you can be assured that the gimbal and all the other related equipment is securely placed in one container.

Thanks to its light weight and ergonomic handle, this case by HPRC is super portable and handy. What’s more, it is impact, drop, and corrosion-resistant. Plus, it also features a Neoprene seal that, when properly closed, keeps the case watertight and your gear protected even if submerged in shallow water.

PGYTECH Hardshell Carry Case Box for Ronin S

The PGYTECH Hardshell Carrying Case for Ronin S is designed to store the Ronin S, an SLR camera, and other relevant accessories in customized spaces. This durable case is built with high-impact engineering plastic injection molding that is strong enough to ensure normal performance even in extreme temperatures (-25 to +90 degrees). The EVA shockproof lining ensures protection and a proper fit for all the equipment.

The case is waterproof, and its breathable pressure balance valve effectively balances the internal and external pressure of the box caused by the altitude and temperature changes.

Anbee Ronin RS3 Portable Carrying Case for Ronin-S 3

Anbee Ronin RS3 Portable Carrying Case, Storage Shoulder Bag Travel Hard Shell Box Compatible with DJI Ronin RS3 Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Compact Hard Carrying Case for DJI Ronin RS 3 Handheld Gimbal. [NOTE: DJI RS3 Mini /...
  • Hard shell with EVA One-piece molding inner tray, soft EVA material interior,...
  • Made of high-class snowflake cloth, nylon and EVA, durable and shock-proof; with...

This is a superb option for you if you’re looking for a case for your Ronin S 3 gimbal, this hard case by Anbee features a water-jet precision cut with closed cell foam to resist water and dust infiltration. This case is built with such a configuration that you would require the least amount of assembly or balancing. All you need to do is attach the quick release plate to the camera and snap it on!

The Anbee Ronin RS3 Portable Carrying Case for Ronin-S 3 has ample to store the Ronin-S 3, battery handle, tripod, quick release clip, chargers (Ronin-S 3 & many cameras), DJI tool case, 2 lenses, and 2 camera batteries. It also features a camera cavity that’s large enough to ideally store the most common cameras.

Lykus RS1 Travel Backpack for DJI Ronin-S, Camera, and Lens

This backpack by Lykus is the unique one on this list as it is the only backpack that can store the whole foam box that you get in the DJI Ronin package plus many additional items. Its top compartment can fit a camera and one or two lenses, as well as camera accessories. Plus, you can also store more items such as keys, your wallet, and snacks in the pockets on the top and in the front.

The Lykus RS1 Travel Backpack for DJI Ronin-S features soft back pads and wide shoulder straps that help minimize the pressure so you can work on your shoots while carrying the backpack. What’s more, there’s also an enclosed anti-water cover to protect the backpack from getting wet.

Nanuk 923 Ronin S Waterproof Hard Case

Nanuk 923 Ronin S Waterproof Hard Case with Custom Foam Insert for DJI Ronin-S Gimbal Stabilizer System - Yellow
  • Nanuk 923 hard case fitted with a custom foam insert to safely and efficiently store...
  • Waterproof (IP67 rated), dustproof, Shockproof | automatic Purge valve equalizes...
  • Nk-7 resin is incredibly impact resistant | Nanuk cases are designed to survive the...

An ideal case for DJI Ronin S and all its accessories, this waterproof hard case by Nanuk is our top pick when it comes to the best cases you can have for your gimbal. The Nanuk 923 hard case is fitted with a custom foam insert that lets you store the gimbal and its accessories safely and efficiently. In addition to being waterproof (IP67rated), this case is also dustproof and shockproof. It’s designed to withstand even the toughest journey.

The Nanuk 923 Case for Ronin S features two power claw triple action latches that are equipped with key locks. These latches are molded in super-tough nylon so that the case is always securely closed. All in all, this one is a great case and a must-buy for your Ronin-S gimbal.


Which Case is the Best for Ronin S?

As mentioned above, my personal favorite is the Nanuk 923 Ronin S Waterproof Hard Case for Ronin S. I like this case particularly because it is highly durable, IP67 waterproof, and can withstand even the toughest journey!

However, you can choose any case from the above list as per your liking because all of these cases are top-notch when it comes to quality and durability.



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