A dedicated app for DJI handheld devices, DJI Mimo App offers intuitive, powerful editing tools for users to enhance their photos and videos.

This comprehensive app comes with tools like HD live video feeds during recording, unique and easy-to-use intelligent modes.

It empowers you to capture, edit, and share the best of your moments, right from your fingertips.

In this post, you’ll learn how to download the DJI Mimo app on your device – Apple as well as Android.


How to Download DJI Mimo App on Your iPhone

The process of downloading and installing the DJI Mimo app on your iPhone is straightforward. Here are the steps to download the app on your iOS device:

Step #1: Go to the App Store and search for DJI Mimo. Alternatively, you can visit this link – DJI Mimo on App Store

Step #2: Click the ‘Get’ icon to download the app.

That’s it! The app will get downloaded and installed. Once it’s downloaded, just open it and log in.

How to Update the DJI Mimo App on iOS

For updating the Mimo app on your iOS device, you need to open the App Store and click on your profile at the top right. A list of apps due for an update will appear. Click ‘update’ on ‘DJI Mimo’. That’s it! The app will get updated in no time.

Compatibility Information

To download the DJI Mimo app, your iPhone requires to have iOS 12.0 or above. The app is compatible with all models of these iPhone Series: iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, and iPhone 8.


How to Download DJI Mimo App on Your Android Phone

Downloading the DJI Mimo app on an Android phone is not as simple as it is on an iOS device. That’s because the DJI Mimo app is no longer available for download through the Google Play Store.

Why Mimo App Isn’t on Google Play Store

According to DJI, “Because the compatibility strategy between the DJI App and Google Play Store is changing, you currently cannot finish downloading and updating using Google Play.”

How to Download Mimo App on Your Android Phone Today

Although DJI Mimo is no longer available on the Google Play Store, you can download it through the DJI website.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to download the DJI Mimo app on your Android device:

Step#1: Visit DJI’s website on your Android device – DJI Mimo via DJI’s website

Step #2: Click the ‘Download for Android’ button, and give your browser permission to download, if required. This will download the app’s apk.

Step #3: After the APK is downloaded in the browser, please find the installation package in the download list and manually click to install.

Step #4: You’ll be asked whether you want to allow installs from a third party. Hit ‘Accept’.

That’s how you can download the DJI Mimo app on your Android phone. Once it’s downloaded, open the app and log in.

Note: If you get a prompt that the app cannot be installed or it fails to install, please uninstall the original Android application and reinstall the new version by following the same steps.

Compatibility Information

To download the DJI Mimo app, your Android device requires to have Android 8.0 or above. The app is compatible with these Android phones: HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro+, HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, HUAWEI Mate 4o, HUAWEI P40 Pro, HUAWEI P40, HUAWEI P30 Pro, HUAWEI P20 Pro, HUAWEI P20, HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro, HUAWEI Mate 30, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 10 Pro, HONOR 30 Pro, HONOR 20, SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10, Mi 9, Redmi K30 Pro, Vivo X30 Pro, Vivo X30, Vivo X27, OPPO RENO 3 Pro, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 2, LG V40.

DJI also facilitates you to download the app even if your Android version is older than 8.0. Here are the app download links:


 Highlights of the DJI Mimo App

DJI Mimo app has been made specifically for the following DJI handheld devices:

  • DJI Osmo Pocket handheld gimbal,
  • Osmo Action camera,
  • Osmo Mobile 3,
  • DJI OM 4, and
  • DJI Pocket 2.


DJI Fly app

Now that you know how to download and update the DJI Mimo app on your device, here are a few highlights of the DJI Mimo app:

  • The app supports HD live view and 4K video recording.
  • It controls Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action, or Osmo Mobile 3 via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or Wireless (Wi-Fi) Module.
  • You get ready ‘My Story’ video templates designed by professionals to edit your videos with a single tap.
  • DJI Mimo offers precise face identification and real-time Beautify mode to enhance your photos and videos instantly.
  • It lets you upload and share videos with just a tap.
  • Advanced video editing functions: Trim and split clips, adjust playback speed, reverse, and more.
  • You can tune image quality as per your needs: Brightness, saturation, contrast, color temperature, vignette, and sharpness.
  • Other features: Multiple filters, music templates, and watermark stickers to finish your videos with a unique flair.

So, download the app, and get started with the world of advanced photography using some awesome DJI handheld devices.



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