To find the best SD card for GoPro Hero 7, you should pay special attention to its SD card speed and capacity.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the most used memory cards for GoPro HERO 7 that work well with any video settings (including the demanding 4K at 60fps!).

You’ll also find here what SD card speed class is recommended for the GoPro Hero 7, plus I’ll answer the most common questions.


5 Best SD Cards for GoPro Hero 7

After experiencing lots of GoPro recommended SD Cards, these 5 are the best for GoPro Hero 7 among all. These SD Cards performed really well in all my GoPro projects:

Samsung Pro Plus microSD Card

SAMSUNG PRO Plus microSD Memory Card + Adapter, 512GB MicroSDXC, Up to 180 MB/s, Full HD & 4K UHD, UHS-I, C10, U3, V30, A2 for Android Phones, Tablets, GoPRO, DJI Drone, MB-MD512SA/AM, 2023
  • YOUR NEW GO-TO CARD: Capture seamless 4K videos¹ on your compatible phone or drone,...
  • TAKE YOUR BURST SHOT: Fast U3, Class 10 rated read/write speeds up to...
  • ADD SPACE, KEEP IT ALL: Huge capacities of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB give you plenty of...

The SAMSUNG PRO Plus microSD Memory Card stands out as the ideal selection for those looking to enhance their digital gear. It’s perfectly suited for capturing smooth 4K videos on compatible devices like action cameras and drones.

Boasting impressive U3, Class 10 read/write speeds of up to 180/130MB/s, this card facilitates quick photo shooting and smooth 4K video viewing, supported by its UHS-I, V30, and A2 ratings for top-notch performance and additional app storage space.

Samsung EVO Select 100MB/s (U3)

SAMSUNG (MB-ME128GA/AM) 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Full-Size Adapter
  • Ideal for recording 4K UHD video: Samsung MicroSD Evo is perfect for high-res photos,...
  • Durability rugged & lightweight; 2 meter drop test rated; IP54
  • Built to last reliability: Shock proof memory card is also water proof, temperature...

This is a GoPro suggested SD Card and it’s a popular one. It’s reliable and speedy at the same time. It can read and write up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. Also, this Samsung EVO is well-acknowledged for its durability. It’s waterproof certified and can survive in extreme temperatures too. Additionally, Samsung provides an SD Card adapter for laptops, and desktop computers uses. Samsung gives a 10-years of limited warranty facility. Good price point for its value.

Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB V60

Lexar 128GB Professional 1066x SDXC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card 2-Pack Bundle with Microfiber Cloth
  • LEXAR 128GB Professional 1066x SDXC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card 2-Pack Bundle
  • SPEED RATING: UHS-I / V30 / U3 / Class 10 - 1066x.

This professional SD Card is also using High-speed performance – leverages UHS-II technology (U3). It claims to write and read data at 150MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. Additionally, this is not only designed for UHS-II supported devices but also it runs well in UHS-I supported devices.

This product has gone through extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs to ensure quality, performance, compatibility, and reliability. Lexar is providing a lifetime limited warranty across the world.

Lexar 1066x V30 UHS-I

Lexar 256GB Professional 1066x micro SD Card w/ SD Adapter, UHS-I, U3, V30, A2, Full HD, 4K, Up to 160/120 MB/s, for Action Cameras, Drones, Smartphones, Tablets, Nintendo-Switch (LMS1066256G-BNANU)
  • Professional-level performance for action cameras, drones, Android smartphones,...
  • Leverages UHS-I technology to deliver read speeds up to 160MB/s
  • Quickly capture high-quality images and extended lengths of Full-HD and 4K UHD with...

Lexar has been a top flash memory card maker for many years. A few years ago, they went through some changes and their cards were hard to find. But now that they are under new ownership, their cards seem to be more available. They have also made some changes to their lineups of microSD and SD cards.

When marketing their cards, Lexar has always put more emphasis on the read speeds of their cards–in this case, 1066x or up to 160MB/s (that’s the read speed; the rated write speed is up to 120MB/s)–but several of their cards have write speeds fast enough for GoPros shooting 4K and 5K video.

Delkin Select V30 UHS-I

Delkin Devices 256GB Select microSDXC UHS-I (V30) Memory Card (DDMSDR500256)
229 Reviews
Delkin Devices 256GB Select microSDXC UHS-I (V30) Memory Card (DDMSDR500256)
  • Supports Full HD 1080p Video Recording
  • Time-Lapse, Photo-Burst, Protune & HDR Ready
  • Read/Write Speeds: 100/80 MB/s

Delkin Devices makes good memory cards. They have recently simplified their product lines to make it easier to understand the differences between the cards. The Select line is not as fast as their Power V90 line, but it is still a good choice for the HERO7 Black. This card is rated for V30 and has a UHS-I interface. It is available in sizes from 16GB up to 512GB and comes with an SD adapter.

Also check out: 7 High-Speed GoPro Memory Cards for more memory card reviews.

3 Best micro SD Cards for GoPro Hero 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12


SD Card Class Required for GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7 writes 4k video files onto the SD card at about 12MB/second while shooting. This means that you need an SD Card that can support the same writing speed. These cards fall into the V30 category, like detailed below:

Memory Card Type: MicroSD V30 (writing speed of 30MB/s) or V60
Memory Card Speed: UHS-1
Recommended Capacity: 32GB-64GB / SDHC or SDXC

Learn more: SD Card Size For GoPro Hero 7

Best GoPro Hero 7 HD Card

Although lower classes SD cards could be used to record lower resolutions videos (eg. 720p), I still recommend you to get a compatible v30 class (or above) card for your GoPro Hero 7. This will prevent your GoPro from any data loss. And trust me, the last thing you’d want is to realize that you lost all your best memories captured with your camera. Those moments will never come back… so make sure you get the right SD card.



What is the size limit of GoPro Hero 7 SD Card?

Latest GoPro models (including GoPro Hero 7) accept SDXC cards with a size limit up to 512MB. However, we always recommend to use GoPro compatible SD cards for best performance.

How to format GoPro Hero 7 SD Card?

Make sure you backed up all your valuable data before formatting the SD card. With your GoPro on, swipe down on the camera display to access the Dashboard. Then, tap Preferences > Reset > Format SD Card.

How to insert an SD Card into GoPro Hero 7?Open Latch to insert GoPro Hero 7 HD Card

a) Hold down the Latch Release button on the battery door, then slide to open.

Insert GoPro Hero 7 SD Card
b) With your camera off, insert the SD Card into the card slot with the label facing the battery component.

You can eject GoPro Hero 7 SD Card by pressing it into the slot with your fingernail when needed.


Which SD Card Would You Choose?

I hope that the list above will help you in choosing the best SD card for your GoPro Hero 7. You can use any of the SD cards from the list above as all of them work pretty well with the GoPro Hero 7. But, if you ask me which one would I recommend the most, I would say SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I Card. I’ve personally used it with my Hero 7 and found it to be fast and reliable, even when shooting at higher resolutions and fps. Also, as mentioned before, GoPro officially recommends this card in their “Works with GoPro” certification program.

However, keep one thing in mind: Don’t go for cheap memory cards available in the market. It might cost you dearly. And in worst case scenario, you may even end up losing your photos altogether!