With the introduction of GoPro Quik, it has now become easier than ever to transfer and edit the GoPro footage. It is a free, basic app used for editing the data on spot to share with family and friends. You can use multiple features to make the video look more appealing like adding music, stickers or using filters, and many more.

In this article, you will get to know how long can you record and edit GoPro videos using the Quik App.

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How Long Can GoPro Quik Videos Be?

The Quik app is easy to install and can be used with all GoPro devices. When you are using the Quik for Desktop, the edit time is limited to one minute (60 seconds). If you want a video of longer length, there are multiple other apps available in the market to choose from. The Quik for mobile application, however, has a maximum duration that is equivalent to the maximum duration of the song chosen. As the preloaded songs restrict the capabilities of the Quik Desktop app, hence the Quik app restricts video editing to one minute.

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You can choose to change the duration of the video from the dropdown menu. It is located mid-screen, under the Media section. The available time limits are 15, 30, or 60 seconds. Quik will automatically change the length of each clip to suit the overall duration of the video. By purchasing a GoPro Plus membership, you can add more benefits to your videos and photos.

GoPro Quik helps you create a polished, professional-looking video. Before you can use the Quik app, make sure your photos and videos are stored on your tablet or phone. There are several pros and cons of using this app.

Plus Points

Some of the brownie points are as below :

  • Automatically imports and organize your photos and videos
  • Viewing and sharing are compatible with videos captured in select modes only
  • Uses Highlight tags to find your best moments
  • Trim, Frame, Filter, Speed & more options available for editing
  • Video trimming is compatible with videos captured in select modes only
  • Wireless camera updates are compatible with GoPros using this App


Some of the main drawbacks are as below :

  • Only GoPro content can be used in the Quik App.
  • Smartphone or DSLR footage cannot be easily edited on the App.
  • Only 10 free songs are available in the free version.
  • You can only tag 10 Highlights in a 30-second video.


How To Edit a Video Using GoPro Quik?

GoPro Quik is an easy-to-use app that lets you transfer and edit the GoPro footage in no time. Below mentioned are the steps using which you can edit the videos on your Mobile or Desktop.

  1. Connect your device to the GoPro camera to transfer the footage.
  2. Import the data.
  3. Once the data is imported, select the best moments using which you want to make the video.
  4. Start editing. Different features are available for you to create a stunning final video.
  5. Be ready to share the same with your friends and family on social media.

For more detailed information on how to edit videos using Quik App, check out the below article :

GoPro Quik: Free GoPro Video Editing App [Mobile & Desktop]


How To Combine GoPro Videos on Quik?

You can combine GoPro videos by dragging and dropping them in a video folder according to the way you’d like them to be placed on a GoPro screen.

Below are some simple steps that you can follow:

  1. After the editing is complete, launch the GoPro editor and run the file into the application.
  2. The next step is to import all the GoPro videos into the application.
  3. Merge all the video clips to form the final video.
  4. Add transitions between the videos.
  5. Finally, export or save the video to share later.

For a tutorial on how to edit your GoPro video using Quik, check out the below video.

I Let GoPro EDIT My Video! NEW Quik App Video Editing Tutorial


Is GoPro Quik For You?

If you are a GoPro user and enjoy editing your footage simultaneously to share with your loved ones, then Quik is an instant solution to all your worries. This basic app lets you create short clips and stories highlighting your best moments. The different features make the final result all the more beautiful and fun. In case, you are looking for a more refined level of editing then, there are multiple paid applications available in the market.

So, get your creative side out and start creating stories that will amaze the world. 🙂


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