A GoPro mouth mount is primarily designed for capturing hands-free, point-of-view (POV) footage during surfing paddling and another sport activities.

It allows you to secure a GoPro camera in your mouth, giving you a unique first-person perspective without using your hands or attaching the camera to a helmet or chest harness.

In this blog post, you’ll find the 3 best GoPro Mouth Mounts on the market, along with clear instructions on how to use them.


4 Best GoPro Mouth Mounts

Here comes a list of the 4 Best GoPro Mouth Mount available on the market right now:

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty | Official GoPro

This mount is popular for being comfortable and for capturing smooth, stabilized videos. Official GoPro Mouth Mount is the best option for capturing footage from first person perspective on your next surfing trip. As the product is by GoPro itself, there is no doubt about the amazing quality and durability which it has to offer.

Bite Mount + Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory (ASLBM-003)
523 Reviews
Bite Mount + Floaty (HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory (ASLBM-003)
  • Easy to use for hands-free POV capture in any environment
  • Includes Floaty, an easy-to-spot accessory that keeps HERO11/HERO10/HERO9 Black...
  • Wraparound design of Floaty allows convenient access to the front LCD screen and the...

 What we like:  I found this mount to be a really strong gear, compatible with all GoPro cameras. It is comfortable to wear and supports the camera well. This versatile Bite Mount lets you record some stunning, hands-free POV footage. In addition to the stability, the in-built mounting buckle slides prove to be helpful in filming from different angles resulting in good, shake-free output. It comes with an easy to spot floaty device which keeps the GoPro afloat.

 What we don’t like:  I have received feedback from some that the floaty isn’t sized correctly to the waterproof housing of this mount.

Mouth Mount for GoPro Cameras | MyGo

This mount is a strong, comfortable mouthpiece made of highly breathable material. It lets you capture hands-free, POV footage from unique perspectives. This Mouth Mount by GoPole is a good pick for you if you are looking for a hands-free, quality output. It lets you re-live that perfect wave over and over again.

Mouth Mount for GoPro®
478 Reviews
Mouth Mount for GoPro®
  • #1 Mouth Mount, Used by GoPro Athletes Kelly Slater and Anthony Walsh
  • Breathable Scuba Style Mouthpiece AND Bite Supports for stable footage
  • Big Air Channel for easy breathing. Neck Lanyard Included to Keep Your GoPro Close.

 What we like:  GoPole Mouth Mount is comfortable yet stylish. It is designed from soft silicon material and the dual side vents allow easy breathing while in use. It is compatible with all GoPro cams and the assembly is easy and quick. It is very helpful in capturing varied angle shots.

 What we don’t like:  It’s slightly wide so maybe not comfortable for everyone.

Bite Mount | Taiping Lake

GoPro Mouthpiece by Taiping Lake is an amazing choice for you to take on your next adventure like skating, paddleboarding and most importantly surfing. This mount is compatible with all GoPro cams and provides stability and comfort during your outdoor activities.

No products found.

 What we like:  I like this mount due to various reasons including the fact that it is designed from such comfortable material.  It has a striking orange floating block, so you are not going to loose it. Apart from being compatible with almost all GoPro cams, it is efficient in capturing mesmerising moments with great stability.

What we don’t like:Fragile.

Mouth Mount for GoPro Cameras | Fantaseal

Made of soft, ergonomic, food-grade silicone that is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless this mount ensures comfort and safety during use. It is easy to use and provides ultra-stable footage, making it perfect for capturing first-person POV videos.

No products found.

 What we like:

  1. Ventilation holes on both sides allow for easy breathing during activities.
  2. Sturdy, anti-lost safety lanyard prevents accidental drops and provides extra security.

 What we don’t like:

  1. May be uncomfortable for some users to bite down on for extended periods of time.
  2. It may not be suitable for users with dental issues or sensitivities


How to Use a GoPro Mouth Mount

Always carry your GoPro with you because you never know which moment you would want to capture. You’ll be glad later when you re-visit those stunning shots!

GoPro Mouth Mount lets you remain hands-free and capture those epic shots with utmost ease while doing various sports activities like surfing, skiing and skating to name a few. The biggest advantage of bite mount is that you can put it in your mouth securely while taking the waves on head, and out of mouth for different angle shots later.

GoPro Mouthpiece is Very Easy to Assemble:

  1. Take the frame and unclip it
  2. Attach the GoPro to the frame and fix well
  3. Remove the back film from the backdoor floaty and stick the GoPro on it.
  4. Add Anti-fog inserts so that the lens doesn’t fog and camera tether for added security (if you wish to).
  5. Attach the assembled part to Mouth Mount with the help of the screw and tighten it well.

Bam!! You are all set to hit the waves…

Go and experience the joys of life with the GoPro Mouth Mounts and feel the difference!


How Does GoPro Bite Mount Work

The Bite Mount typically has a built-in mounting point that allows you to attach your GoPro camera directly to it. This mounting point is usually compatible with standard GoPro mounting systems, so you can easily connect your camera and adjust the angle to capture the desired footage.

When you want to record hands-free, POV footage, simply place the mouthpiece between your teeth and bite down gently. This will hold the camera securely while allowing you to perform your activity without any hindrance. The mount is designed to be comfortable and safe to use, even during extended periods of recording.

Some GoPro Bite Mounts also come with a built-in air channel, which enables you to breathe comfortably through your mouth while the mount is in use. This feature is especially helpful for water-based activities like surfing or snorkeling.

To stop recording or make adjustments, you can simply release the bite mount from your mouth and hold it in your hand or attach it to another mounting system, if necessary.

how does gopro mouth mount work


How Do You Surf With a GoPro Mouth Mount?

To surf with a GoPro mouth mount, follow these steps:

Set your GoPro settings

Before getting in the water, set your GoPro to the desired settings for video or photo capture. It’s a good idea to enable loop recording or burst mode to ensure you capture the best moments without running out of storage space.

Attach the GoPro camera to the mouth mount

Connect your GoPro camera to the mouth mount using the included thumbscrew or mounting buckle. Ensure that it is securely fastened and properly aligned.

Attach the safety lanyard

Fasten the safety lanyard (if included with your mouth mount) to your wetsuit or life jacket. This will prevent the GoPro and mouth mount from being lost in case you accidentally drop it while surfing.

Wear the mouth mount

Place the mouthpiece of the mount in your mouth and bite down gently but firmly on the silicone part to hold it in place. Make sure it feels comfortable and secure in your mouth.

Breathe and balance

Remember to breathe through your nose while the mouth mount is in place. Practice maintaining your balance while holding the mouth mount in your mouth, as it may take some getting used to.

surf with gorpo mouth mount


More Surfing Mounts

To achieve surprising results on your water adventures, all you need is the company of your GoPro. It never lets you down. GoPro Mounts are the perfect way to capture memories while you speed through the waves. You wouldn’t have to care a second about the safety of your cam.



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