GoPro is known for capturing the best moments during all the action sports including surfing. You can now take your surfing experience to next level! To record those thrilling moments of your life, you need just four things – your body, a surfing board, a wave and your GoPro.

GoPro Mouth Mounts are very easy to use and brilliant in filming first-person perspective (POV videos). You can easily carry this gear along with you for skiing, surfing, skating, paddling etc. without the fear of your camera falling off. You would be more than happy to check the final outcome. It is a treat, especially for the beginners!

GoPro Mouth Mounts are strong, durable and let you remain hands-free while you capture some stunning POV footage. This is essential if you want to fully focus on your sports activity while capturing some great footage.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the 3 best GoPro Mouth Mounts in the market…

#1: GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty | Official GoPro

This mount is popular for being comfortable and for capturing smooth, stabilized videos. Official GoPro Mouth Mount is the best option for capturing footage from first person perspective on your next surfing trip. As the product is by GoPro itself, there is no doubt about the amazing quality and durability which it has to offer.

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (All...
  • Includes Floaty, an easy to spot device that keeps your GoPro afloat
  • Easy to use for hands free POV capture in any environment
  • Integrated mounting Buckle Makes it easy to capture new POV angles and quickly change...

 What we like:  I found this mount to be a really strong gear, compatible with all GoPro cameras. It is comfortable to wear and supports the camera well. This versatile Bite Mount lets you record some stunning, hands-free POV footage. In addition to the stability, the in-built mounting buckle slides prove to be helpful in filming from different angles resulting in good, shake-free output. It comes with an easy to spot floaty device which keeps the GoPro afloat.

 What we don’t like:  I have received feedback from some that the floaty isn’t sized correctly to the waterproof housing of this mount.

#2: GoPro Mouthpiece | TELESIN

GoPro Mouthpiece by Telesin is an amazing choice for you to take on your next adventure like skating, paddleboarding and most importantly surfing. It is highly eco-friendly: made of soft food-grade silicone material. This mount is compatible with almost all GoPro cams and provides stability and comfort during your outdoor activities.

TELESIN Surfing Skating Shoot Dummy...
  • The mouthpiece is made of soft Food-Grade silicone,green & environmentally friendly,...
  • Suitable for surfing, skating, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and other water...
  • Compatible for GoPro Hero1, Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4,Hero 4 Session,Hero 5...

 What we like:  I like this mount due to various reasons including the fact that it is designed from such comfortable, non-poisonous, environment friendly material. It is tasteless, soft and flexible. Apart from being compatible with almost all GoPro cams, it is efficient in capturing mesmerising moments with great stability. It comes along with a safety strap and extra floating sponge which is very impressive and gives extra protection to your camera while surfing.

 What we don’t like:  I haven’t faced any such major issues with this mount until now. It is a fine choice but a small issue is that the mount is a bit too soft which makes the GoPro feel a little shaky at times.

#3: Mouth Mount for GoPro Cameras | GoPole

This mount is a strong, comfortable mouthpiece made of highly breathable material. It lets you capture hands-free, POV footage from unique perspectives. This Mouth Mount by GoPole is a good pick for you if you are looking for a hands-free, quality output. It lets you re-live that perfect wave over and over again.

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 What we like:  GoPole Mouth Mount is comfortable yet stylish. The electric green colour makes it visible even to the farthest of eyes. It is designed from soft silicon material and the dual side vents allow easy breathing while in use. It is compatible with all GoPro cams and the assembly is easy and quick. It is very helpful in capturing varied angle shots.

 What we don’t like:  Though I found it to be good in use as it allows easy breathing but it is a bit unstable. The quality could have been better. At times, I found my cam to be wobbly resulting in blur footage in certain slots.


How to use a GoPro Mouth Mount

Always carry your GoPro with you because you never know which moment you would want to capture. You’ll be glad later when you re-visit those stunning shots!

GoPro Mouth Mount lets you remain hands-free and capture those epic shots with utmost ease while doing various sports activities like surfing, skiing and skating to name a few. The biggest advantage of bite mount is that you can put it in your mouth securely while taking the waves on head, and out of mouth for different angle shots later.

GoPro Mouthpiece is Very Easy to Assemble:

  1. Take the frame and unclip it
  2. Attach the GoPro to the frame and fix well
  3. Remove the back film from the backdoor floaty and stick the GoPro on it.
  4. Add Anti-fog inserts so that the lens doesn’t fog and camera tether for added security (if you wish to).
  5. Attach the assembled part to Mouth Mount with the help of the screw and tighten it well.

Bam!! You are all set to hit the waves…

Go and experience the joys of life with the GoPro Mouth Mounts and feel the difference!


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