GoPros are synonymous with outdoor adventure and exploration. These rugged action cameras offer you a great opportunity to document your action in high resolution. Using these cameras underwater allows you to capture some amazing shots while you explore the underwater mysteries.

Dive & Snorkel mask with GoPro mount is the solution to let you take your GoPro camera underwater. With a GoPro mount on your mask, you can remain hands-free while you enjoy the experience of the awesome underwater views and record your unforgettable diving or snorkeling memories.

In this article, we have listed and reviewed 7 best dive and snorkel masks with GoPro Mount for underwater shots.

Best Dive Masks with GoPro Mount

Diving is in itself a relaxing experience. It makes you happy and lets you enjoy the wonders of the water. Dive Masks with GoPro mounts enhance your diving experience by letting you remain hands-free and keeping your GoPros secure to capture some superb shots.

Let’s have a look at the best Dive Masks that feature a GoPro mount available on Amazon.

#1: Frameless Dive Mask for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving

If you are looking for a comfortable, super adjustable and durable diving mask, then the frameless dive mask by Octomask is a suitable option for you.

OCTOMASK - Frameless Dive Mask w/Mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving (Black)
  • WORKS WITH ALL GOPRO MODELS including the new GoPro Hero 10, in addition to all other...
  • 100% MASK FIT GUARANTEE to ensure you have the best possible diving experience with...
  • FEATURES AN ULTRA SOFT SILICONE SKIRT made from the highest quality silicone to...

 What we like:  Compatible with all GoPro cameras including the latest Hero 8, this frameless dive mask is made of high quality silicone. It is ultra-soft and ensures a highly comfortable fit for an amazing diving or snorkeling experience! The quality of the included aluminum thumbscrew for mounting your GoPro is also top-notch. Plus, you get a decent sized travel bag in the kit for easy storage of camera and accessories.

 What we don’t like:  A few users have complained of fogging when using this dive mask while scuba diving for long durations.

#2: Dive Mask w/ Mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras

This gear is a stylish yet versatile option for capturing high quality diving videos from unique perspectives.

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 What we like:  The soft and comfortable design and a flexible fit is an attractive feature for this mount. It securely holds the cam at its position. The strap is made of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, soft silicon material and the glass lens is shatter-proof which can withstand high pressures underwater. It is also equipped with anti-fog treatment for clear underwater vision.

 What we don’t like:  The mount is strong but the mask can be a little brittle when subjected to sudden high pressures.


GoPro Scuba Diving Mask Adapters

If you already own a diving mask, then you will probably need just a GoPro mount or adapter to attach your camera on your mask. They allow you to wear your GoPro on the forehead area of your current mask mask. So you can film some stunning hands-free POV footage while enjoying your dive.

#1: Scubapro GoPro Mask Mount for Dual Lense Masks

As the name suggests, it is a dual lens mask mount which enables us to capture some amazing shots from varied angles keeping our GoPros completely safe.

Scubapro Go Pro Mask Mount for Dual Lense Masks
  • Must be a dual lensed mask with frame to be compatible.
  • Secure mounting so you can enjoy the dive without worrying about losing your GoPro.
  • Low volume, lightweight and easy to attach to the mask.

 What we like:  It is a highly compatible, lightweight, low profile mount. This stylish mount fits all double lensed masks very easily without any hassle and is compatible with all GoPros. The mount ensures a strong grip for the cam to capture stable, smooth POV videos without the fear of the camera falling off.

 What we don’t like:  This mount is not compatible with mono or frameless masks.

#2: Dive Mask Strap for GoPro

The dive mask strap for GoPro is popular for its compatibility with almost all dive masks and GoPros.

Dive Mount - Mask Strap Action Camera Mount
  • GO PRO COMPATIBLE: Fits most popular brands and models of action cameras
  • UNIVERSAL: Works with any dive mask
  • ERGONOMIC: Comfortable form fitting neoprene pads

 What we like:  This highly stable mount with two strap brackets keeps the cam secure even in high pressures and it can be attached on either side of the mask. The mount is constructed with comfortable padded design to make the diving experience all the more enjoyable. It lets you record high quality, bubble-free videos due to its side mounted design.

 What we don’t like:  I have received negative feedback from some users that the mount gets a bit heavy with the GoPro on and it becomes difficult to keep it upright.


Snorkeling Masks with GoPro Mount

While you are out there in the water snorkeling, you wouldn’t want to miss a single magical moment. The Snorkeling Masks with GoPro Mounts enhance your overall experience and let you capture some great POV diving footage.

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#1: Full Face Adult Snorkeling Mask with Camera Mount and Earplug

This is a very simple to use and easy to assemble foldable mask with easy breathability and thus it is easy to carry, store and helps in filming stable, stunning underwater shots for adults.

X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask Upgrade Version Safer Lightest Foldable Easybreath 180° Panoramic View Double Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Gear Bag Camera Mount Base Earplugs Snorkel Set for Adult Youth
2,099 Reviews
X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask Upgrade Version Safer Lightest Foldable Easybreath 180° Panoramic View Double Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Gear Bag Camera Mount Base Earplugs Snorkel Set for Adult Youth
  • 🌊 Separate Breathing Chamber is Safer & Minimizes Fog 🐟 The snorkel is...
  • 🌊 Lighter Weight & Easier Snorkeling 🐟 The mask structure is optimized,...
  • 🌊 Non-distorting Lens & Shatterproof Material 🐟 The curved lens that...

 What we like:  As the name suggests, it is a full face snorkeling mask with a flat lens which enables us to capture a wide view with easy breathing. The construction is strong, leak-proof and it is equipped with easy airflow and fog eliminating design. This mount is strong and secure and made of durable, high quality material which also prevents gagging.

 What we don’t like: It lacks padding at some points. So, sometimes it does feel a little rough on the head.

#2: Full Face Kids Snorkeling Mask with Camera Mount and Earplug

This is the kids version of the previous mount. The snorkeling mount is a real treat for the kids who enjoy underwater activities. You can now see the underwater world from your kid’s unique perspective.

Ezire Kids Snorkel Mask Full Face,Snorkeling Gear for Kids 2-14 with Camera Mount, 180 Degree Panoramic View Snorkeling Set Anti-Fog Anti-Leak
39 Reviews
Ezire Kids Snorkel Mask Full Face,Snorkeling Gear for Kids 2-14 with Camera Mount, 180 Degree Panoramic View Snorkeling Set Anti-Fog Anti-Leak
  • 🐬👍【180 PANORAMIC VIEW】Ezire kids snorkeling set uses professional...
  • 👧👦【ANTI-FOG & ANTI-LEAK】Ezire snorkeling gear for kids, Separate inhaling...
  • 🧒👶【FOOD-GRADE SAFETY】Our kids snorkel mask have CPC test report(US...

 What we like:  It is a simple, comfortable gear with a strong, durable mount and ensures easy flow of air. The mask is leak-proof and makes sure that the salty water does not hinder the experience. This full face snorkeling mask with a flat lens is far better than the curved ones which are rather uncomfortable in use. It is highly adjustable and offers a 180 degrees panoramic view.

 What we don’t like:  It is overall a good product but with kids you just need to make sure that it is properly fitted else a little loose end can cause trouble.

#3: Action Cameras Snorkeling Mask with GoPro Mount

This is a complete set with flushing valve and splash guard along with flexible corrugated hose to support smooth breathing underwater.

PATALACHI Action Cameras' Diving Glass Silicone Diving Glass Dry Top Scuba Glass, Impact Resistant Tempered Glass Panoramic Freediving Glass for GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5,5/4 Session,DJI Osmo Action (Black)
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: This adult snorkeling suit features a fully adjustable headband...
  • High-transparent anti-fog glass: High-transparent and impact Resistant tempered glass...
  • Broad field of view: The one-piece wide-angle glass lens withstands deep water...

 What we like:  It is a pocket friendly snorkeling mask with GoPro mount withstanding deep water pressures and at the same time it is impact-resistant to protect your eyes. The mask comes with an anti-fog glass to provide an unhindered view underwater. This gear has high compatibility and is adjustable to almost all head sizes.

 What we don’t like:  It is not of supreme quality but is a good option at a reasonable price.


Dive Masks with GoPro Mount – Our Opinion

There are a number of GoPro Mounts which you may consider carrying along for your next underwater adventure like the hand-held mounts or the arm/hand mounts which do serve the purpose but I personally like the Mask Compatible Mounts. They attach easily to your masks and can give you varied angle shots with the movement of your head. They are comfortable, convenient and keep your hands free while you are in the water.

No matter which mount you choose, just focus on it being a super smooth fit for you and capturing stable footage. I personally find Frameless Dive Mask for Scuba Diving by Octomask to be a good option.

gopro dive mask


More GoPro Underwater Accessories for Epic Shots

To make your diving/snorkeling experience even better you must carry GoPro underwater accessories with you for your next adventure. If you are interested in reading more about some amazing tips on filming underwater videos, including settings, red filters and accessories, please read GoPro Underwater Tutorial.

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