You might be considering purchasing a GoPro and wondering, “does GoPro record sound?”

The quick answer is ! GoPro comes with a built-in mic.

Is it a good quality mic? Well, not so much.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about GoPro sound and how to improve it.


GoPro Sound

GoPro cameras come with micrófonos incorporados.

While GoPros do a decent job at recording sound, you might find the audio isn’t quite up to professional standards, especially in noisy or windy spots.

adaptador de micro para hero 12

When you’re using your GoPro’s built-in microphones, you might run into a few hiccups here and there. For instance:

  • Sometimes, they might pick up sounds you weren’t aiming for, like the whoosh of the wind, the splash of water, or even the noise from moving the camera around.
  • The way your camera is set up, with features like Protune or if you’re using a Mod. de medios de comunicación, can also affect how your built-in mics work.
  • If you’re trying to capture sound in a loud place or from far away, you might notice the mics don’t catch everything as loudly or clearly as you’d hoped.
  • And, in some cases, the overall sound quality and clarity might not be quite as sharp, especially if you’re indoors or in a dimly lit area.

Don’t worry, though! You can boost your audio game by hooking up an external mic, slapping on a windshield, or tweaking the sound during your video editing process. In the next section, you’ll find all the possible ways to improve your audio quality.


How To Improve GoPro Sound

Here are some practical tips to enhance the audio quality of your GoPro recordings:

Opt for an External Microphone

To significantly improve your audio capture, consider using a micrófono externo de alta calidad, which can greatly reduce unwanted ambient noise, such as wind.

External mics tend to capture sound more effectively.

gopro hero Adaptador de 12 micrófonos

Here are some of the best GoPro compatible external mics:

Rode inalámbrico GO II 

Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico monocanal Rode Wireless GO II, negro
  • Sistema de microfonía inalámbrica ultracompacto y extremadamente versátil
  • Transmisión digital Serie IV a 2,4 GHz, cifrado de 128 bits: audio nítido a...
  • Salida analógica TRS de 3,5 mm, USB-C y salida digital iOS: compatibilidad universal....

For enthusiasts seeking top-notch wireless audio for their GoPro, the Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone offers a flexible and mobile option. Featuring a robust 200-meter range, this system includes both a transmitter and receiver that pair through 2.4GHz digital transmission.

Equipped with an integrated omnidirectional microphone, the transmitter can also accommodate an external lavalier mic. The receiver boasts a convenient clip, allowing for straightforward attachment to either your camera or apparel.

Rode VideoMicro

Micrófono compacto para cámara Rode VideoMicro con soporte amortiguador Rycote Lyre, auxiliar, negro
  • Micrófono compacto diseñado para mejorar la calidad de audio de sus vídeos: sólo 80...
  • No necesita batería (se alimenta de la alimentación de la cámara - mínimo 3V)
  • Incluye soporte de amortiguación de lira Rycote y parabrisas de piel de lujo

Presentación de un Micrófono de cañón compacto y ligero: Sonido nítido y direccional sin complicaciones. Este micrófono de cañón solución de audio portátil que da en el clavo. Diseñado para ofrecer una calidad de sonido direccional excepcional, garantiza que sus grabaciones sean nítidas, lo que lo convierte en la opción ideal para content creator, vloggers y filmmaker en movimiento.

Completo con soporte antichoque para una grabación estableEste micrófono, con su parabrisas de pelo para minimizar el ruido del viento en exteriores y su cable en espiral para mayor flexibilidad, ofrece versatilidad en un paquete compacto. Y lo que es más, no tiene complicaciones... no necesita pilas! Simply plug and play, ensuring uninterrupted recording sessions. 

However, it’s important to remember that most GoPro cameras, especially newer models, lack a direct audio input. You’ll need an audio adapter  o un Mod. de medios de comunicación to connect a microphone to your GoPro.

Media Mod itself has a built-in microphone, so it will improve your audio quality. Either you can use it as an adaptor for another external mic.

Media Mod for Hero 12,11,10,9

GoPro Media Mod (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Accesorio oficial GoPro
  • El micrófono direccional incorporado resalta el audio de la voz y reduce el ruido ambiental
  • Su construcción robusta y resistente a la intemperie soporta los elementos
  • 2 soportes de zapato frío para fijar tus luces, micrófonos o pantallas LCD favoritas

GoPro Media Mod for Hero 8

GoPro HERO8 Black Camera Mountable Media Mod with Built-in Directional External Microphone - Compatible for use Display Mod and Light Mod for HERO8 Black (Accesorio oficial GoPro)
  • El micrófono direccional incorporado ofrece un audio cristalino y reduce el viento y la...
  • 2 soportes de zapato frío para fijar tus luces, micrófonos o pantallas LCD favoritas
  • El puerto de micrófono de 3,5 mm le permite añadir un micrófono externo para mejorar el audio

Aquí está el Adaptador de micrófono GoPro Official Pro de 3,5 mm (Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Black)

Adaptador de micrófono GoPro Pro de 3,5 mm para (HERO8 Black/HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) - Accesorio oficial GoPro
  • Permite la captura de audio de alta calidad cuando se utiliza un micrófono externo de nivel profesional. Tipo de montaje:...
  • Extensión de alimentación y datos USB-C con conector de 90°
  • Conecta una amplia gama de micrófonos externos de 3,5 mm

Record in Quiet Surroundings

Aim to record in environments with minimal background noise. Shut off any unnecessary sound sources to ensure your primary audio is captured clearly. This approach helps avoid audio clipping and distortion during playback and reduces the intrusion of ambient noise.

Use a Windscreen or Dead Cat

 gopro windscreen

For recordings in windy conditions, using a GoPro Audio Windscreen or a dead cat for your microphone can make a world of difference.

These accessories are designed to minimize wind noise and filter out background disturbances, ensuring your audio is crisp and clear. Windscreens are affordable and easy to attach or detach.

Funda cortavientos Taisioner (para GoPro Hero 12,11,10,9)

Taisioner Windslayer Cubierta Wind Muff para GoPro Hero 9 Hero 10 Hero 11 Hero 12 Negro Carcasa Marco Funda Vídeo Reducción de ruido Accesorios
  • Diseño especial compatible con GoPro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Negro cámara de acción. ( Es...
  • Podría reducir el ruido efectivo al grabar el vídeo.
  • Hecho de material de esponja especial, que es muy suave, ligereza, portátil y flexible.

Position Yourself Close to the Sound Source

To achieve the best audio quality, try to stay as close to the sound source as possible. Using montajes o trípodes can help maintain an optimal distance. Ensure that there are no other competing noise sources near your recording area.

gopro héroe 5 micrófono

Dual-Audio Setup

Another approach you could explore is setting up a dual-audio system. This means you’d capture your video with your GoPro while simultaneously recording audio with a different device, like a condenser mic or another camera you trust for its sound quality.

El tricky part of using a dual-audio system often comes down to syncing. Sometimes, the audio might lag or lead a bit, making it a challenge to align it perfectly with your video.

However, there’s a workaround for this. When editing, you can use the audio track recorded by your GoPro as a reference. Align its waveform with that of your external audio recording to sync them up. Alternatively, a visual cue like a clapboard snap or a simple hand clap at the beginning of your recording can serve as a clear sync point!

Adjust Your GoPro’s Audio Settings

Fine-tuning your GoPro’s audio settings can lead to superior sound quality.

gopro hero protune

Here are some settings to consider:

Control de audio manual

By default, this feature is off, allowing the camera to auto-select between stereo recording and reducción del ruido del viento. Activating Manual Audio Control gives you more flexibility to choose the appropriate setting based on your environment.


Este Protune feature generates a separate .wav file alongside your video, which is ideal for post-production editing. You can choose the level of audio processing from Off, Low, Medium, and High, depending on your editing needs.



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