The new (2021) DJI Action Camera, which will probably be named the DJI Osmo Action 2, is likely to grab the limelight from the yet-to-launch GoPro Hero 10 action camera. Just like the previous Osmo Action model, the main attraction of DJI Osmo Action 2 is expected to be its amazing core specifications and an attractive price tag.

This post aims to guide you with all that we know so far about the DJI Osmo Action 2 – its expected release date, rumored features, specs, and price.

Osmo Action 2

DJI Osmo Action 2 – Expected Release Date

Earlier, the new DJI Osmo Action 2 camera was expected to arrive in March 2021. However, it got delayed due to unspecified reasons.

If everything goes on schedule, the DJI Action 2 will arrive before 2021 ends. More specifically, the DJI Action 2 will arrive in the fourth quarter (probably, September) of 2021.

DJI Osmo Action 2 – Expected Core Specs

Here are the rumored core specs of the new DJI Osmo Action 2.

First, let’s talk about what’s expected to be upgraded from the previous (2019) model of the Osmo Action camera.

Bigger Sensor / Better Low-Light Performance

We’ve seen that some of the action camera brands including GoPro have implemented larger sensors in their latest action cameras with pretty good results. DJI is also expected to follow suit. The new Osmo Action is likely to sport a bigger sensor which would result in better quality shots and improved low-light capabilities.

RockSteady Digital Video Stabilization V2.0

Just like GoPro has consistently improved its HyperSmooth stabilization in its successive models, the DJI is also expected to launch the new Osmo Action 2 with an improved V2.0 of its RockSteady stabilization. In the new model, we’d also love to see stabilization working in 4K HDR mode.

Better Battery Life

The new version of Osmo Action is expected to sport a bigger battery and some software tweaks which would result in considerably better battery life than its predecessor.

Upscaled Built-in Audio Quality

Although the Osmo Action camera’s in-built mics are good enough, you still need to use external microphones for some situations like while vlogging. The new Osmo Action 2 may change that. DJI is expected to upscale the audio quality of the new action camera with improved built-in microphones.

Now, we’ll discuss some features of the current Osmo Action that are likely to remain as a standard in the new generation (2021 model) too:

Front Display

Like Osmo Action, the new (2021) action camera by DJI is also likely to sport a full-color screen on the front. The screen will show the same live view display with shooting information overlayed.

Removable Lens Cover

We know that Osmo Action has a removable lens cover. Similarly, the new version of this camera is also likely to sport one. A removable lens cover comes in handy in certain situations where you may need to replace the lens port – for example, if it’s broken and you need to replace it with a new one. Or, you may want to switch it out for a filter such as ND filters.


Whether you’re navigating the touchscreen or the DJI Mimo app, Osmo Action’s basic operations can be easily mastered. DJI is likely to retain this ease of use in the new Osmo Action 2021 model.

Modestly Priced

Priced at just $199 (as of today), the DJI Osmo Action camera is known for its attractive price tag. Similarly, the Osmo Action 2 is also expected to be modestly priced so that the new action camera maintains its appeal to the end-user.

So, Will the Osmo Action 2 be Worth Buying?

Everything that we’ve discussed in this post about the new DJI action camera is based on rumors and speculations. Based on these speculations, the new Osmo Action model definitely looks attractive! Whether it will be worth buying or not is a question that I’ll have a clear answer to once we get an official word from DJI.

Therefore, when it’s clear what the new Osmo Action 2 camera brings to the table, I’ll be in a position to let you know whether you should buy it or not.


Thanks for reading! ?

I hope this guide helped you learn about the expected release date, rumored features, specs, and price of Osmo Action 2.  🙂


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