In the highly competitive action camera market, GoPro is gearing up to introduce its latest innovation, the GoPro Hero 13. Dealing with numerous rumors about GoPro Hero 13 release date, features, and possible price, we’ll try to distinguish truth from falsehood.

With competitors like DJI and Insta360 advancing at breakneck speeds, GoPro is pushed to further innovate, heightening anticipation for the Hero 13.

In this article, you’ll find our predictions for the GoPro Hero 13 release date, its price, and all the rumors surrounding this exciting new launch.


GoPro HERO 13 Release Date

The highly awaited GoPro Hero 13’s launch is just around the corner, maintaining GoPro’s yearly tradition of unveiling new products. For the past five years, September has been a month of excitement for GoPro fans, with the company introducing innovative models like the GoPro Hero 12, GoPro Hero 11 Schwarz, und GoPro Hero 11 Mini in 2023 and 2022.

Get ready for September 2024, when the groundbreaking GoPro HERO 13 Black is expected to have its release date. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, this newest member of the GoPro lineup promises to take your action-filled escapades to unprecedented levels.

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GoPro Hero 13 Potential Features

Vertiefen wir uns in die GoPro Hero 13 potential features that could elevate the Hero 13’s performance and versatility to unprecedented levels.

HyperSmooth 7.0

Given GoPro’s tradition of yearly updates, it looks like HyperSmooth 7.0 will be making its debut with the GoPro Hero 13 Black.

HyperSmooth technology has really evolved, becoming more impressive with each update. Remember when HyperSmooth 5.0 hit the scene in 2022? It brought us the game-changing AutoBoost and Horizon Lock. AutoBoost cleverly adjusts stabilization based on how fast you’re moving and what you’re doing, while Horizon Lock keeps your shots steady and level, no matter how much you tilt the camera.

And then came HyperSmooth 6.0, upping the ante with its next-level AutoBoost and the ability to keep your horizon perfectly level, even when you’re spinning the camera all the way around. 

GP3 Processor

On the exciting front of the GoPro GP3 processor, we’re all buzzing about what’s next. While we’re pretty sure we’ll see the fantastic HyperSmooth 7.0, there’s a bit of a question mark around whether 2024 is the year we’ll get to meet the major upgrade, the GP3 processor.

GoPro rolled out the GP2 back in 2021, and if history is any guide (the GP1 from 2017), we might be leaning towards another year of anticipation before the GP3 makes its grand entrance.

Yet, there’s this thrilling possibility that this next-gen powerhouse could sneak its way into powering the GoPro Hero 13 Black.

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We are really concerned about GPS not coming back to the GoPro Hero 13. After it was eliminated in the Hero 12, causing significant disappointment, especially among bike riders, GoPro claimed this feature wasn’t used enough. However, we found completely opposite user opinions.

The GoPro Hero 13 possibly won’t have GPS again, so they can release the GoPro Hero 13+ with GPS later. This strategy allows them to maximize their offerings.


We might also witness an enhancement in video resolution.

Ever since the GoPro Hero 9 in 2020, GoPro has offered up to 5.3K resolution, making it our go-to camera for shooting under normal lighting conditions. Seeing an improvement in this image quality in 2024 would be fantastic.

With more and more mirrorless cameras and smartphones now capable of recording in 8K, it’s an exciting prospect to think of GoPro stepping up to this standard. This is particularly true considering competitors like Insta360 have already entered the 8K arena with the launch of their Insta360 Ace Pro action camera in late 2023.

Längere Batterielebensdauer

While the Hero 12 made notable strides in power efficiency, further extending battery life is essential for users engaging in extended activities.

GoPro has the opportunity to delve into advancements in battery technology or fine-tune optimization techniques to provide increased operational times. This would enable users to record every moment of their adventures without the worry of running out of power.

AI-Powered Creative Tools

Considering that GoPro has already integrated AI into its updated Quik editing tool, we can anticipate AI functionalities within the new GoPro.

AI could potentially enhance features like Bildstabilisierung, object recognition, and automated editing capabilities.

GoPro has the potential to unveil new creative tools and features, enhancing users’ ability to showcase their creativity. This might include incorporating sophisticated AI-editing functions directly into the camera or launching novel shooting modes that open up fresh creative avenues.

Improved Bluetooth Audio Support

Although the inclusion of Bluetooth audio support in the HERO 12 is a positive step, there’s room for GoPro to further improve connectivity options.

This enhancement could involve broader compatibility with diverse Bluetooth accessories and more stable wireless connections, facilitating smoother integration with an array of devices.


GoPro Hero 13: Expected Price

The Hero 12 Black was launched at a recommended retail price (RRP) of €399.99, which represented a significant €100 reduction from the Hero 11 Black’s €499.99 price point. It is anticipated that the Hero 13 will maintain this trend towards more accessible pricing.

Industry analysts project that the GoPro Hero 13 Black will likely be positioned around $475, reflecting the incorporation of advanced technology and enhanced features. However, there exists the potential for a more competitive pricing strategy, approximately $425, particularly for customers who opt for a GoPro subscription service.

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