The mainstream drones, like the ones from DJI, Parrot, or Autel are great options and provide amazingly smooth aerial shots. But, the problem with these drones is that they might feel boring after a certain point. So, if you’re looking for epic, cinematic, or even close-up aerial shots of your subject, you should try a cinewhoop drone.

Cinewhoop drones can shoot footage in such a way that they have an interesting look and feel, unlike their DJI counterparts. These drones are small and incredibly stable. The propellers on cinewhoop drones are protected in ducts which makes them much safer too. Also, since these drones fly low, it’s very easy to fly them close to objects without worry. Overall, cinewhoop drones are super fun to fly if you like the experience of cruising around.

Therefore, if you’re a filmmaker, vlogger, or just an avid traveler, you’ll love how cinewhoop drones make the footage stand out from the crowd. Therefore, I’ve come up with this list of the best cinewhoop drones available on the market as of 2022.

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Top 5 Cinewhoop Drones in 2022

Here are the five best cinewhoop drones you should try in 2022:

#1. iFlight BumbleBee

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The BumbleBee cinewhoop drone by iFlight is one of the most capable cinewhoops on the market by specs. Made for angle mode cinematic flying, the drone is incredibly steady and smooth while flying. And, as soon as you start some complex maneuvers with it, it very well takes all orders and executes them.

With a one-piece frame design, this lightweight cinewhoop drone is also very durable. It is built in such a way that no props or frames come in view. With DJI FPV Air Unit, you get breathtaking, high-quality footage recorded in 1080p/60FPS. It also offers 720p/120FPS video in your Goggles. Also, if you want 4K videos with this compact drone, you can always mount your GoPro on it.

#2. Diatone Taycan

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Built with a full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe, and protective TPU, the Diatone Taycan is another great cinewhoop drone that you can buy. Its compact size and lightweight frame ensure stable and uninterrupted operation, even after taking a few hits. The included prop guards help protect the environment too.

This drone features a Runcam Nano 2 camera, which provides pretty decent shots. With the Mamba F405Mini MK3 flight controller, you’re ensured of a safe, stable, and smooth flight experience.

#3. iFlight ProTek35

The iFlight Protek35 cinewhoop drone features a fresh-looking yellow design which makes it appear stylish and pleasing. It’s built with high-quality materials that give you maximum efficiency, durability, and top-notch performance.

What’s more, a basic PID and Filter tuning is pre-applied to ensure a great flight experience for you! While some additional products, like the FPV Remote Controller for DJI, and FPV Goggles for DJI are recommended to be used with this drone, they are not included in the package. You can buy them separately to enhance your drone flights.

#4. HappyModel Cine8

The HappyModel Cine8 drone kit includes parts that you need to assemble. But, it’s incredibly easy to build without any soldering needed. This cinewhoop drone comes at a budget price, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on quality or performance. The components used in this product ensure a stable & high-performance flight experience.

The frame of the Cine8 drone is built with TPU, carbon fiberboard, and integral foam which helps prevent potential collisions while flying. And, you get a readily fixed mount compatible with the Insta360 action camera for high-quality shots. Overall, this cinewhoop drone is super reliable and resistant to drops, therefore offering you a smooth and stable flight.

#5. BetaFPV Beta75X

BETAFPV Beta75X HD Digital VTX 3S Cinewhoop Drone Frsky FCC with F4 AIO 12A FC 8000KV 1103 Motor Nebula Nano Camera XT30 Connector for CineWhoop Drone FPV Racing
4 Reviews
BETAFPV Beta75X HD Digital VTX 3S Cinewhoop Drone Frsky FCC with F4 AIO 12A FC 8000KV 1103 Motor Nebula Nano Camera XT30 Connector for CineWhoop Drone FPV Racing
  • 【HD Digital VTX Whoop】It is an ultralight HD Digital VTX cinewhoop drone, weighs...
  • 【Nebula Nano Kit】Equipped with the modified Nebula Nano kit to further lose the...
  • 【New Canopy】Installed with the specially designed HD digital VTX canopy looks...

The BetaFPV Beta75X is an ultra-light cinewhoop drone that’s powerful at the same time. It lets you pull off amazing FPV freestyle stunts effortlessly. Equipped with the Nebula Nano kit, the drone offers super stable FPV footage and has a long transmission distance, thus ensuring a great flight experience.

This drone features a specially designed HD VTX camera with an adjustable tilt angle of 25-45 degrees so you can capture the surroundings perfectly. With powerful brushless motors, you can achieve amazingly high speeds while flying.

The Best Cinewhoop Drone

With their superb speeds, stability, compact size, and the ability to perform interesting maneuvers, the cinewhoop drones can prove to be a wonderful budget alternative to the mainstream drones. So, if you’ve made up your mind to buy a cinewhoop drone, choose any of the above-mentioned options for the best experience. All these products provide great results.

If you ask me which one I’d recommend the most, I’d say the iFlight BumbleBee. It’s a very reliable drone with great specs. Plus, you can also mount a GoPro on it for high-quality footage.


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