If you use one of the best gimbals for Canon 80D, you’ll be able to capture some awesome, professional-looking shots.

But which one should you choose?

You must carefully consider compatibility, performance, and functionality.

In this post, you’ll discover some of the best gimbals for the Canon 80D camera.


7 BEST Gimbals for Canon 80D

Here are the seven best gimbals for the Canon 80D:

Zhiyun Crane 3S

Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless DSLR Cinema Cameras Camcorder for Sony Canon Panasonic Nikon Camera, Blackmagic 6K 4K, Modular Design, Max Payload 6.5kg (Smartsling Handle)
43 Reviews
Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless DSLR Cinema Cameras Camcorder for Sony Canon Panasonic Nikon Camera, Blackmagic 6K 4K, Modular Design, Max Payload 6.5kg (Smartsling Handle)
  • 【MAX 6.5KG PAYLOAD】CRANE 3S is constructed with brand new SUPER motors which...
  • 【 UNBLOCKED VIEW】The properly 55° tilted roll axis is designed for unblocked...
  • 【EXTENDABLE ROLL AXIS】For larger cinema camera combos, users can attach an...

The Zhiyun Crane 3S is an awesome gimbal that’s fully compatible with the Canon 80D. Featuring a friendly user interface and an advanced control system, this gimbal is consistently rated amongst the most liked gimbals by videographers. Crane 3 is a 3-axis gimbal that can easily handle a payload of up to 6.5 kgs. It has a unique sling mode & latch design to ensure comfort and stability.

Furthermore, the Zhiyun Crane 3S also features an all-inclusive control panel for easier control over the camera movements. It comes with a tactical wheel to control the zoom and focus adjustment simultaneously. 

canon 80d gimbal

DJI Ronin-S

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The DJI Ronin-S is one of my favorite gimbals in general, and an equally wonderful choice for Canon 80D specifically. It boasts premium quality and performance. The powerful motor of this gimbal ensures the smooth functioning of your camera and the capture of stable shots. It offers excellent image stabilization as well as long battery life.

What’s more, the DJI Ronin-S offers direct access to onboard focus and shutter controls of your Canon 80D. This ensures easy accessibility and stable shots. 

Zhiyun Crane 2S

Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers for DSLR &Mirrorless Camera
107 Reviews
Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers for DSLR &Mirrorless Camera
  • Upgraded Algorithm. Dynamic Stabilization: Highly optimized in motor control...
  • Stay Focused All the Way: Together with TransMount Image Transmission System, fous...
  • Bigger Screen to Boost Your Productivity: The new 0.96" OLED screen offers a bigger...

Another superb choice for the Canon 80D, the Zhiyun Crane 2S offers great functionality and features that make it one of the top-rated gimbals for filmmakers. It features a 9th Instune Algorithm to ensure better control over each axis and greater stability. With a powerful motor, the gimbal is capable of handling large and heavy cameras easily.

Another great thing about the Crane 2S is that it offers extended battery life for extended hours of shooting. The gimbal also has a large OLED screen and multiple modes to switch between. Lastly, the two-phase locking mechanism guarantees ultimate stability even while you’re moving or traveling.

Zhiyun Weebill 2

Zhiyun Weebill 2 Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera with 2.88” Flip-Out Touchscreen
108 Reviews
Zhiyun Weebill 2 Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera with 2.88” Flip-Out Touchscreen
  • 【Powerful Chip with Dynamic Stabilization】Introducing the revolutionary Infineon...
  • 【Innovative Flip-Out Touch Screen】Integrated 2.88" full-color touch screen with...
  • 【Effort-Saving Sling Grip Design】An innovative effort-saving sling grip to make...

Featuring a huge LCD touchscreen display for easy accessibility, the Zhiyun Weebill 2 is a strong gimbal with a maximum payload capacity of 8.8 Pounds. This makes it a perfect fit for the Canon 80D DSLR. This gimbal offers great ergonomics, especially for underslung, low-angle shooting.

Additionally, the Zhiyun Weebill 2 also features a customizable focus control wheel for roll axis control, aperture, ISO, electronic focus or focus motor adjustment via the touch screen. 

DJI Ronin-SC

DJI Ronin-SC - Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Up to 4.4lbs Payload, Sony, Panasonic Lumix, Nikon, Canon, Lightweight Design, Cinematic Filming, Black
  • Lightweight and Compact - Opening possibilities for filmmakers and content creators...
  • Tracks the Action - The Ronin app, and Ronin-SC work together seamlessly to achieve...
  • Dynamic Stability - Even in action-packed scenes, Ronin-SC gives a perfectly stable...

An affordable yet highly superior choice for your Canon 80D, the DJI Ronin-SC  gimbal offers easy accessibility owing to its flexible control buttons. It comes with automated features and an unlimited pan axis. This gimbal lets you experiment with different angles and modes without worrying about the stability of the output footage.

The anti-skid body of the DJI Ronin-SC gimbal ensures that you have a strong grip, therefore keeping the camera in its place at all times. Overall, it is a complete value-for-money gimbal for 80D users.


DJI RS 2 Combo - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, 10lbs Tested Payload, 1.4” Full-Color Touchscreen, Carbon Fiber Construction, Black
  • 10lb Tested Payload – At a weight of 2.3 lbs and 10lb tested payload, DJI RS 2...
  • Carbon Fiber Construction – Monocoque carbon fiber axis arms add incredible...
  • 1.4” Full-Color Touchscreen – An integrated LCD screen allows you to adjust...

The DJI RS2 is one of the most loved gimbals by the brand. It’s fully compatible with the Canon 80DThis compact and lightweight gimbal features an integrated LCD screen and is packed with some amazing features. You can easily carry it anywhere and everywhere which makes it a perfect gadget for your travels.

The DJI RS2 is amongst the best when it comes to ergonomics and design. It offers stable output at all times. What’s more, this gimbal also comes with professional mounting options for even greater stability.


DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Fujifilm, 6.6 lb Payload, Foldable Design, Vertical Shooting, OLED Screen, Black
  • Foldable Design - DJI RSC 2’s foldable design means easy transportation and...
  • 2.6 lb Weight / 6.6 lb Tested Payload - Titan Stabilization Algorithm captures...
  • 1" OLED Screen - A 1-inch built-in OLED screen gives you complete control, right at...

One more amazing gimbal by DJI – the DJI RSC 2 features an automatic 360-degree roll and excellent focus. It lets you shoot some excellent quality films with your Canon 80D. The gimbal is compact and has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry. What’s really great about this gimbal is its superb battery life – it allows you to shoot uninterrupted for hours!

The DJI RSC 2 gimbal features a built-in OLED screen for easy access and movement of the camera. This makes it a superb choice for your camera, overall.


What Gimbal For Canon 80D Do You Prefer?

The Canon 80D DSLR is a remarkable model by the brand. And, if you pair it with the right gimbal, you’ll surely get some stunning results. Ultimately, the best choice for your 80D comes down to your own budget and personal preferences. If you consider the overall performance and features, the DJI Ronin S is the best gimbal to use with the Canon 80D.

Other than that, the results with Zhiyun Crane 3 are great as well. Its build quality, design, advanced user interface, and control system together make it highly desirable even for professional filmmakers.

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