When the camera is attached to the camera slider and fixed on a tripod, it not only ensures superb stability but also unfolds many different angles and movements that will surely surprise you and your viewers.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best camera sliders to attach to the tripod for your DSLR.


7 Affordable Camera Sliders with Tripod for DSLR

There are a lot of options available in the market today when comes to choosing a camera slider for your DSLR.

All the following camera sliders require one or two tripods for the setup:

Manfrotto Slider MVS100A Camera Slider

Manfrotto Slider MVS100A is known as the best traditional style DSLR camera slider. Manfrotto is known for its make and durability. This 100cm long camera slider is strong and built to last. It is ideal for recording cinematic scenes that benefit from a big, broad pan due to the high precision steel ball bearings. It is a little heavy as compared to the other sliders but a definite treat for all professionals. With the proper adjustment, you can be ready to shoot some of your best shots. 

Edelkrone SliderPLUS v5 PRO Long Camera Slider

edelkrone SliderPLUS v5 Long
  • Dual-Length Slider with Movable Rails
  • 1.3' with 40 lb Payload Surface Mounted
  • Up to 22.5° Incline with Slide Module v3

Another great option for all professionals out there is the Edelkrone SliderPLUS. It is designed in a way that the rails of SliderPLUS move with the camera which gives you extra travel distance while keeping the slider compact. This camera slider is ideal in situations where you have limited space or you want to shoot while traveling. They are compact and yet give you twice the amount of dolly in/out range. The quick setup and amazing portability make it one of the best options for all cinematographers.

Moza Slypod

MOZA Slypod Pro Slider Motorized Monopod Camera Sliders Made of Light-Weight Carbon Fiber Vertical Payload 13Lb Extend Out 520mm 5.5H Running Time with Pan and Tilt Head & Tripod
  • 📷【3 IN 1 MOTORIZED SLIDER】This new motorized monopod perfectly combines the...
  • 📷【REACH FURTHER MOVE FASTER】With the new upgrade, the Slypod Pro can extend...
  • 📷【POWERFUL ROBUST & LIGHTWEIGHT】Slypod Pro is made of sturdy and light-weight...

Moza Slypod is the World’s First 2-in-1 Motorized Slider & Monopod. It is a lightweight slider made with carbon fiber and is super easy to port with shooting in different locations. What makes it special is the 5-axis Camera Robotic Movement with Inception Vertigo Follow Focus Modes. Once you set it up with a steady tripod, all you need to do is get your creative side out and start shooting. The fact that this camera slider can be controlled by a smartphone makes it all the more appealing. 

Zecti Portable Camera Slider

Zecti Camera Slider, Adjustable Carbon Fiber Camera Dolly Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail for Camera DSLR Video Movie Photography Camcorder Stabili (15.7” Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Dolly Track)
  • 15.7 inch portable size,lightweight 600g/21.16oz,coming with a scratch-resistant...
  • The camera tracking slider featured with four precision bearings and double interior...
  • Universal 1/4"male threads to mount DSLR camera or ball Head,Multiple 1/4" & 3/8"...

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your DSLR, then the Zecti Portable Camera Slider would serve the purpose well. This lightweight, 15.7 inches long slider can easily fit in your backpack. It is not only easy to port but also, will give you striking results while shooting photos of landscapes. Setting it over a tripod is easy and the double interior carbon fiber rail system ensures good stability and smooth movement. 

PROAIM Sway Pro Extendable Video Camera Slider 

PROAIM Sway Pro Extendable Video Camera Slider for DSLR, GoPro & Smartphone. Covers Up to 4× Linear Motion on Tripod. Smooth & Consistence Glides, Lock for Static Shots. 10kg/22lb Payload (SL-051-01)
  • A NEW AGE IN CAMERA SLIDER – Smart design and well thought-out Features; 4 TIMES...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE Slider, Constructed from CNC Aluminum for cameras up to 10kg...
  • Get smooth consistent shots with FRICTION ADJUSTMENT KNOB

Proaim Sway Pro Camera Slider is a new age Camera Slider that is not only durable and portable but the hinged design quadruples the camera’s traveling distance to 1.5 ft. It ensures flawless, stable footage while attached to a tripod and ball head via the standard 3/8″ thread. You can easily carry this compact expandable slider on all your adventures. The manual design and friction adjustment knob ensure steady and stable footage in all scenarios. A perfect fit for all photographers and videographers who wish to experience efficiency along with easy portability.

Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

The Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider is a lightweight slider built with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy materials. It ensures super steady footage at all times due to the U-shaped ball bearings under the slider. The slider is super flexible and can help shoot in multi-angle positions. It can be mounted on a tripod for varied angle shots. The gear-shaped joint interface and locking knobs allow you to shoot even when the surface is bumpy. A brilliant choice of camera slider known for its seamless performance. 

GVM GT-60D Professional Video Camera Slider

GVM Great Video Maker Motorized Camera Slider Video Rail Track Dolly with Controller Video Shooting Time-Lapse Aluminum Alloy Video Slider for Interview Film Photography
  • Smooth and multifunction: GVM motorized slider is made of aluminum alloy. It is very...
  • Multiple flexible uses: Multiple 1/4and 3/8screw holes on both sides and middle. The...
  • More compatibility: The Camera slider fits multiple photography equipment's, such as...

Lastly, I have a great option for Camera Slider for your DSLR and that is GVM Professional Video Camera Slider. It is known for its high quality and versatility. You can switch between the electric modes using the red knobs present on both sides of the camera slider. The slider lets you shoot stable time-lapses, panoramas, etc. with the utmost ease. It is compatible with several tripod stands. The easy setup and solid build make it a fine choice. An interesting plus to this device is the motion tracking that will make the camera move together with the chosen subject. An excellent pick for your DSLR shoots.


Which One Are You Going To Choose?

If you are new to choosing a camera slider, then the checkpoints to keep in mind are – the budget, weight, and functionality. It all depends on your preferences and priorities.

Mostly the camera sliders are made of either carbon fiber or metals such as steel and aluminum. If you prefer a more portable slider then you should choose the ones made with carbon fiber. The length of the camera slider is also an important criterion to look for. The Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider is my top pick. 

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