Do you wonder how to format Sony A7 sd card?

Formatting an SD card is easy and requires a few steps to be followed. Whenever you buy a new SD card, it is recommended to format it before using the same in your camera.

Also, the data once formatted is not recoverable so, only if you want to clear all the previous images and videos, then proceed.

In this article, you will get to know all the steps to format a Sony a7 SD card in the camera, on Mac and Windows.



5 EASY Steps to Format SD Card Using Sony a7

Formatting an SD card is a simple 5 step procedure.

Below mentioned is the sequence in which you may proceed if you wish to clear the card:

Go To Format Menu

Once the card is in the camera, switch on the camera and press the Menu Button. Scroll down and choose the option “Format”. As warned in the above article, proceed with formatting when you want to clear the SD card completely and you do not require the data anymore as the footage is almost unrecoverable.

Format SD Card Using Sony a7

Choose The Slot

After you have selected the option to Format the SD card, you will be directed toward the page to choose between the two slots. Dual Slot cameras have two SD cards, you can format one card at a time. Choose the card/slot that you wish to format.

choose the slot. Format SD Card Using Sony a7

Select Quick or Full Format

Now different cameras have different options, you may be directly directed towards a message asking you to confirm. Click Enter to Format or you can choose between Quick Format and Full Format. If you choose Quick Format there is a section of data that can be recovered but in Full Format, the entire card is whitewashed.

select format. Format SD Card Using Sony a7

Start Formatting

Once you click Enter, the card will start formatting. It may take a few seconds for the SD card to clear completely.

start formatting. Format SD Card Using Sony a7

Repeat The Steps For The Other Slot

And that’s all. You have completed the formatting procedure successfully. If you want to format the SD card in the other slot as well, then all you need to do is repeat the above steps. Select the other Slot Number and Format it in the same way.


5 EASY Steps to Format SD Card Using Windows

You can also format the SD card using a Windows System. Follow the below-mentioned steps to proceed.

format sd card windows

Connect the Card to the Computer

Take out the SD card from the Sony camera which you wish to format. Insert the card into the external card reader and connect it with your system.

Open File Explorer

Once the USB reader is connected to your computer. Open the File Explorer and search for your SD card from the given devices list. Click on the card, this will open the card on your system.

Select Quick Format/Full Format

At the top of the File Explorer window, click the tab labeled “Manage,” then click “Format.” A pop-up window will appear. Choose Quick Format or Full Format.

Start Formatting

Once you are done selecting, the system will ask you to confirm your choice. Click Enter or OK to continue. The formatting may take a few seconds.

Repeat the procedure for the other SD card

Once the procedure is complete, you can eject the SD card and then remove it from your SD card reader. Repeat the same procedure for the SD card in the other slot of the camera.


5 EASY Steps to Format SD Card Using Mac

Follow the below steps to format your SD card using a Mac device.

format sd card with mac

Connect the SD card to the system

Insert the SD card into your Mac’s SD card slot or USB card reader and connect it to your system.

Open Finder

Once the device is connected to the system, Open “Finder,” then click on the “Go” tab. In its sub-menu, click “Utilities.”

Choose your SD card

Now the next step is to find your SD card so, double click on the “Disk Utility”. It will direct you to a new window, click on the SD card under the “External” header.

Start formatting

Next, choose the button “Erase” and click on Format. A drop-down menu will open. If your SD card is 64 GB or larger, pick “ExFAT”. If it’s 32 GB or smaller, pick “MS-DOS (FAT)”. Finally, click “Erase” to start formatting.

Repeat the procedure

Once the card is fully formatted, you can extract the card from the card reader and repeat the same procedure for another card.



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