Even thought the GoPro Hero 12 boasts improved audio qualities compared to its predecessors, there’s still room for enhancement.

Today, I’ll guide you through tweaking audio settings and using an external microphones to boost audio performance. These settings may also apply to previous camera models other than the Hero 12.

GoPro Hero 12 Audio: What’s New?

Here’s a closer look at GoPro Hero 12 audio capabilities:

De GoPro HERO 12 gebruiken [Beginnershandleiding 2024]

Bluetooth Headset Integration

The Hero 12 Black makes it super easy to connect a Bluetooth headset for a hands-free, immersive audio recording experience.

It’s compatible with headsets supporting HFP or HSP Bluetooth standards, ensuring a smooth connection.

Wireless Audio Options

You can connect up to four Bluetooth devices at once with the Hero 12 Black.

This means you can use devices like Apple Airpods or other Bluetooth headphones with mics to input audio wirelessly and even control your GoPro remotely. It’s a game-changer for creative content creation.

Dual-Channel Audio Recording

A cool feature of the Hero 12 Black is its dual-channel recording.

It lets you record audio from both a wired mic and a Bluetooth headset at the same time. This means you get separate audio tracks, giving you tons of flexibility in post-production to pick the best sound for your project.

How to Improve Built-In Mic Quality

The GoPro Hero 12 has some audio settings that you can adjust to get the best sound for your videos.


  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap on “Preferences.”
  3. Select “Audio.”

Here are some of the audio settings you can tweak:

Audio Input

This setting lets you choose the audio source for your videos.

  • Auto: Automatically switches between the built-in microphone and an external microphone.
  • Standard Mic: Uses only the built-in microphone.
  • Standard Mic+: Uses the built-in microphone with wind noise reduction.
  • Powered Mic: Uses only an external microphone.
  • Line In: Uses an external microphone with line-level input.

Audio Processing

Kies “High” for the best overall audio quality. This setting enhances the audio clarity and reduces background noise.

If you prefer a more natural sound, select “Medium” or “Low,” which apply less processing.

Ruwe audio

Schakel in. “Raw Audio” to capture a separate .wav file alongside your video. This file will have higher quality audio and more detail, useful for post-production editing.

Choose the level of Raw Audio (Low, Medium, High) based on your needs.

“High” provides the best quality but results in larger file sizes.

You can later adjust your raw audio when editing.

How to Improve External Microphone Quality

Here are my tips on how to enhance your audio recording experience:

Quality Connections

Ensure a top-notch connection by using a high-quality cable to link your microphone to your device.

Avoid physical damage or interference, as these can significantly impact the overall sound quality.

A reliable connection is the foundation for clear and crisp audio capture.

Strategic Mic Placement

Before recording, listen to your sound source and experiment with the position and distance of the microphone.

Adjusting these parameters allows you to capture the best possible sound, optimizing the performance of your microphone for various scenarios.

Noise-Free Environment

To get the cleanest sound, eliminate background noise, echoes, or feedback during the recording process.

A quiet environment minimizes the need for extensive editing later on and ensures that your microphone captures the intended audio without interference.

Mic Selection and Understanding

Familiarize yourself with your microphone’s features and capabilities.

Kies de right microphone for each situation, considering factors such as the type of recording and environmental conditions. 

Utilize Audio Enhancement Software

Explore tools such as Adobe Podcast (this is amazing), Audacity or another audio enhancement software to fine-tune your microphone settings, apply desired effects, remove background noise and more.


Veel Gestelde Vragen

manieren om de microfoonkwaliteit te verbeteren voor hero 12

Hier zijn enkele korte FAQ's over GoPro Hero 12 audio en hoe je de microfoonkwaliteit kunt verbeteren:

How do I connect an external microphone to my GoPro Hero 12?

You need to use the GoPro Media Mod of de GoPro 3,5 mm microfoonadapter to connect an external microphone to your GoPro Hero 12. These accessories allow you to use a variety of microphones, such as wireless, lavalier, or shotgun mics, depending on your needs.

This video explains it better:

GoPro microfoonadapters die werken + beste microfoons voor kwaliteitsvolle GoPro-audio

What are some of the best external microphones for GoPro Hero 12?

Enkele van de beste externe microfoons voor de GoPro Hero 12 zijn de Rode Wireless Go, de Rode VideoMicro, de Sennheiser MKE 400, de Shure VP83 en de Sony ECM-GZ1M. Deze microfoons bieden geluid van hoge kwaliteit, draagbaarheid, duurzaamheid en compatibiliteit met de GoPro Hero 12.

More options in the following article>>>

How do I use a windscreen to reduce wind noise on my GoPro Hero 12?

To use a windscreen, simply attach it to your microphone and make sure it covers the entire mic head. A windscreen can significantly improve your audio quality in windy conditions.


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