It’s important to know how to block a neighbors security camera without breaking any laws.

If you discover that a neighbor’s security camera is more focused on your space than theirs, you are well within your rights to address this potential privacy concern.

However, before you take any steps, it’s worth reading up on how to properly handle this situation.

This article will guide you through finding a respectful and effective solution to the privacy issues that come with CCTV cameras.

7 Ways to Block Neighbors Security Camera Legally

The goal of blocking a security camera is to protect your privacy in a lawful manner.

Here are some legal ways to address concerns with a neighbor’s security camera:

Check if the Security Camera is Real

Before taking any steps to block a CCTV security camera, first confirm if it’s actually real. Sometimes, to save money or deter burglars, neighbors might install fake cameras. If the camera is fake, there’s no need to worry about blocking it.

A quick tip: real infrared security cameras usually have visible red lights at night.

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fake vs real security camera

Have a Friendly Chat with Your Neighbor

It might seem daunting, but often a simple conversation can resolve the issue. Approach your neighbor calmly and inquire about the purpose of their cameras, especially if they’re aimed at your property. Explain your concerns and suggest working together to find a solution that respects everyone’s privacy. Many times, neighbors are unaware of the discomfort their cameras cause and are open to making adjustments.

Block the Camera’s View Creatively

Examine the camera’s angle and think of ways to obstruct its view without causing conflict. Planting hedges, extending fences, or installing blinds are all effective yet diplomatic ways to shield your property. Consider any home improvement projects you’ve been pondering that could also serve this purpose. Just ensure all modifications are within your property boundaries.

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Seek Mediation

If discussions with your neighbor don’t lead to a resolution, consider seeking help from a local mediation service. These organizations specialize in resolving disputes amicably before they escalate.

Use Objects to Distract the Camera

To counteract cameras with motion detection, place objects like flags or windmills around your property that move in the wind. This can make the camera record these objects instead of your movements, potentially encouraging your neighbor to disable the motion detection feature.

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Identify Camera Blind Spots

Not all security cameras cover as wide an area as you might think. Observe the camera over time to determine its range and any blind spots. If parts of your property are outside its view, you can adjust your activities accordingly.

security camera blind spots.

Consult Legal Advice or Law Enforcement

In cases where a neighbor’s surveillance crosses the line into harassment or voyeurism, it’s wise to seek advice from a lawyer or the police. If a camera invasively captures the interior of your home, you may have grounds for legal action based on privacy invasion.


How Not To Block Neighbors Security Camera

Let’s talk about some methods you might come across online for blocking security cameras that I don’t recommend.

These methods are not advisable for blocking a security camera.

Engaging in such actions could lead to criminal charges due to their illegal nature. It’s always best to seek legal and respectful solutions to privacy concerns.

Using Spray Paint

Attempting to block a camera’s view with spray paint or similar substances is highly impractical. You’ll likely trigger the camera’s motion sensors and be recorded before you can block the lens.

Cutting Wires and Cables

Cutting a camera’s wires might seem like a direct approach to jamming it, but besides the risk of electric shock, it’s considered vandalism and destruction of property.

security camera cut wires

Using LEDs to Blind Cameras

The idea of disabling cameras with LED hats or flashlights might seem clever, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. You’d need to aim the light precisely at the camera’s lens and maintain that position, which is impractical.

Shining IR Lights

While it’s true that many security cameras are sensitive to infrared radiation, pointing IR lights directly at them can prevent the camera from capturing images at night. However, using overly strong IR lights can damage the cameras.

Pointing a Laser Pointer

Although a laser pointer might temporarily block a camera’s view, it also risks damaging the camera permanently. Plus, you’re likely to be recorded while trying to align the laser accurately.

laser security camera

Employing Camera Jammers

Using a camera jammer or a HERF Generator to disrupt security cameras involves knowing the camera’s broadcast frequency and having the equipment to jam it. This method is complex and requires specific technical knowledge.

Hacking into the Camera

Learning to hack a security camera might seem like a solution, but it’s illegal and only leads to legal problems rather than stopping the camera from working.


Legal Base

It might feel intrusive, but legally, your neighbor has the right to install security cameras on their property, even if these cameras capture part of your property. The key factors here are their reasons for installing the cameras and your own expectations of privacy.


Like you, your neighbor owns their property and has the right to secure it against potential intruders. This could mean installing an alarm system, smart locks, or, in this case, security cameras. As long as their main goal is to enhance security, they’re generally allowed to set up cameras as they see fit.

meilleure caméra espionne d'extérieur

In Public

When you’re in a public space, your expectation of privacy is practically non-existent. This means anyone can record you, provided it doesn’t infringe on your rights. So, if your neighbor’s cameras are pointing at a part of your property that’s visible from the street, like your front yard, legally, there’s not much you can do.

Enregistrement audio

Audio recording laws might offer a loophole. Some states require consent from both parties for audio recordings. If you’re in such a state and haven’t agreed to be recorded, your neighbor’s audio recording could be crossing a legal line. Remember, though, we’re security buffs, not legal experts. There are gray areas.

For instance, if your neighbor positions a camera high enough to peer over your fence into your private backyard, that’s a different story. That kind of surveillance likely violates your privacy and doesn’t serve a legitimate security purpose. If you can prove such an invasion of privacy, you might have a legal basis to request the camera’s removal.



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