Doorbell Cameras without subscription are a great invention mainly for security purposes.

They provide the convenience of two-way communication and are not that heavy on the pocket as well.

In this article, you will learn about the best and most affordable doorbell cameras available without a subscription and understand their disadvantages.

Also, I’ll compare wired and wireless doorbell cameras for you, so you can make an informed decision.


7 BEST (Affordable) Doorbell Cameras Without Subscription

A good doorbell camera features high-resolution for quality footage, excellent night vision, integration with Alexa and Google Home, or should be able to work without a WiFi connection.

It should be easy to install, have ample storage, and have good battery life. Considering all these factors, you can make your pick, choosing the style and design that you like the best.

Below mentioned are seven such amazing options.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K Wireless

eufy Security, Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Kit, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, Fingerprint Scanner, Keyless Entry Door Lock, Smart Wi-Fi Lock
  • 2.5x the Clarity: See every detail of the activity in picture-perfect 2K resolution...
  • No Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security...
  • Dual Power Options: Gain half a year coverage from one charge or experience a...

One of the best subscription-free video doorbells is the Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K. Not only does it looks cool on the outside but is packed with amazing features. With a slightly fish-eyed lens that has a 160-degree horizontal field-of-view, it can record footage at 2K resolution. Eufy is a premium quality camera. With superior night vision combined with snappy motion detection, this doorbell camera would keep your home secure in all possible ways. A superb plus is that it opens with your finger print.

AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless

AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless, Battery-Powered Video Doorbell with Chime, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, 166° Ultra Wide Angle, 180-Day Battery Life, AI Detection, Work with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • See the Whole Picture in 2K Resolution: With 166°wide viewing angle, 4:3 aspect...
  • No Subscription Required: aosu video doorbell includes 8G Micro SD card, supports 2...
  • Get Accurate Alerts with Smart Human Detection: Adopted latest AI algorithms to...

The Aosu doorbell camera offers a 166° wide viewing angle with a 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing you to see visitors from head to toe or packages left on your doorstep in crystal-clear 2K resolution. The doorbell camera also comes with an 8GB Micro SD card, providing you with 2 months of secure local storage without the need for a monthly subscription.

The Aosu video doorbell utilizes advanced AI algorithms to accurately detect human movement and reduce false alarms caused by animals or other moving objects. To ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection, the doorbell is equipped with a signal-enhanced base station repeater. The doorbell also features quick reply and voice changer options, allowing you to answer or hang up video calls directly, choose from preset voice replies, or even use the voice changer to protect your privacy when speaking with visitors.

Hikvision DS-HD1

With a 3-year warranty and a classy black and white design, the Hikvision DS-HD1 is another amazing choice of doorbell camera. It comes with 2 additional interchangeable faceplates in grey and black to change the look as per your choice. Though it is a bit more pricey than the other models, it comes with a 32 GB micro-SD card that can be expanded to a maximum of 128 GB to store the footage locally. It offers excellent video quality and features a fish-eyed ultra-wide-angle lens covering an impressive 180 degrees. The Hikvision doorbell is extremely fast. You get an alert almost immediately after a subject appears in the frame. Also, there are no privacy concerns related to cloud services as the Hikvision DS-HD1 can integrate with an NVR.

Remo+ Remobell S Doorbell

Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video, Motion Sensor, 2-Way Talk, and Alexa Enabled (No Monthly Fees) (Free Cloud Storage)
2,828 Reviews
Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video, Motion Sensor, 2-Way Talk, and Alexa Enabled (No Monthly Fees) (Free Cloud Storage)
  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring (16 –24 VAC) and provides 24/7 surveillance of...
  • No monthly subscription fees; records and stores all motion activity for up to 3 days...
  • Streams all your live videos in high quality HD with 180º wide angle and infrared...

If you are looking for a doorbell camera that is a complete value for money then, the Remo+ Remobell S Doorbell is your calling. Available at an affordable price with solid functionality and easy installation,  the Remobell S is easily one of the best-looking video doorbells out there. This camera does not offer local storage but you have the access to the last 3 days of cloud footage. It offers a 180-degree horizontal field of view and a pretty good night vision with visibility of 7.5 meters at night which is amazing given the price. The Remobell S is a wired doorbell, so there is no concern regarding the battery. Though, it cannot work without WiFi.

Nooie Cam

Nooie 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera with Chime and Local Storage, 10000 mAh Removable Battery, 2.4GHz/5G Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection, Night Vision, Motion Detection with PIR/Radar/Human Detection
  • 2K Resolution and Night Vision: Day or night, the built-in 2K sensor and IR LEDs...
  • Wireless Doorbell Camera: Easy to install and powered with a rechargable 10,000mAh...
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Nooie Video Doorbell Camera supports 2.4GHz & 5G Wi-Fi...

Bringing you next is the Nooie Cam which features a 2K resolution camera to provide you with a clear and stable view. The Nooie Cam Doorbell uses an advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor and Human Detection algorithm so that you can be alerted regarding any movement instantly. It is a battery-powered doorbell and requires no wiring or professionals. The Nooie Cam is easy to install and simple to use. This beautiful-looking, waterproof doorbell supports both MicroSD cards and cloud storage.

Eufy Video Doorbell 1080p

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, HD 1080p-Grade, No Monthly Fee, Local Storage, Human Detection, Wireless Chime - Requires Existing Doorbell Wires and Installation Experience, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA
4,152 Reviews
eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, HD 1080p-Grade, No Monthly Fee, Local Storage, Human Detection, Wireless Chime - Requires Existing Doorbell Wires and Installation Experience, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA
  • HD Video for Clear Viewing: 1080p-grade resolution, combined with our advanced HDR...
  • No Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy security...
  • Respond in Real-Time: Speak directly to anyone who approaches your front door via...

Another superb model by Eufy is the Eufy Video Doorbell with 1080p resolution. The camera ensures great stability and clarity due to advanced HDR and Distortion Correction. Eufy doorbell cameras are known for their quality and performance, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly choice then, this camera would be your perfect companion. It supports 8 fun and holiday-themed ringtones and with the brilliant algorithm, the camera can easily detect body shapes and face patterns. Eufy doorbell sends alerts instantly and offers clear two-way communication.

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell - HD Video, 180° View, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, DIY Installation (wiring required), Security Camera, Doorbell Camera, Home Security Cameras, White - AVD1001
15,130 Reviews
Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell - HD Video, 180° View, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, DIY Installation (wiring required), Security Camera, Doorbell Camera, Home Security Cameras, White - AVD1001
  • Important installation requirements - Wired doorbell and doorbell chime requires...
  • See more at your front door - Arlo's security front door camera and door security...
  • Get a clearer picture - HD with HDR quality footage from your video door camera...

Lastly, the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell is a sleek and stylish-looking, black and white colored doorbell camera available at a reasonable price. It offers HD Video Quality and excellent night vision ensuring crisp and clear footage. With two-way audio and easy installation, the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is a fine choice. The Motion Detection system is fast and accurate, it sends alerts immediately and with the built-in siren, you can be at peace as far as security is concerned. It is a wired doorbell so there is no concern regarding the battery. 


What Are The Disadvantages of Doorbell Camera?

Doorbell cameras offer several benefits, such as increased home security, remote monitoring, and convenient communication with visitors. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider before installing one:

Privacy concerns

Doorbell cameras can capture footage of neighbors or passersby, raising privacy concerns. It is essential to position your camera to focus on your property and be aware of local laws and regulations regarding video recording in public spaces. If you want to hide your doorbell camera read: How To Hide A Camera In A Wall (Easy Guide).

Data security

Doorbell cameras are connected to the internet, making them potentially vulnerable to hacking or data breaches. Choose a reputable brand with strong security measures, keep your device’s firmware up-to-date, and use strong passwords to minimize risks.

Subscription fees

Many doorbell cameras offer advanced features like cloud storage, facial recognition, and advanced motion detection through subscription-based services. These fees can add up over time, increasing the overall cost of your doorbell camera.

Installation and compatibility

Some doorbell cameras may require professional installation or be incompatible with your existing doorbell system or wiring. Research the installation requirements of the doorbell camera you are interested in and ensure it is compatible with your home.

Battery life

Some doorbell cameras are battery-powered, requiring periodic recharging or battery replacement. This can be inconvenient and lead to gaps in your home’s security coverage if the battery runs out without your knowledge.

Limited field of view

Depending on the model and placement, doorbell cameras may have a limited field of view, potentially missing important activity occurring outside the camera’s range.

False alarms

Some doorbell cameras may generate false alarms due to motion detection sensitivity or environmental factors like swaying branches or shadows. This can be annoying and may cause you to miss actual security threats.

Durability and weather resistance

Doorbell cameras are exposed to the elements, so it’s essential to choose a model with adequate weather resistance and durability. Poorly constructed cameras may not withstand harsh weather conditions, leading to potential damage and reduced lifespan.

Legal issues

In some jurisdictions, recording audio without consent is illegal. Ensure you are aware of the local laws and regulations regarding audio recording when using a doorbell camera with audio capabilities.

doorbell camera arlo


Is it Better to Have Wired or Wireless Doorbell Camera?

Both wired and wireless doorbell cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages. Deciding which is better for your specific situation depends on your preferences, budget, and home setup. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between wired and wireless doorbell cameras:

Wired Doorbell Cameras


  1. Reliable power supply: Wired doorbell cameras are connected to your home’s electrical system, ensuring a consistent power supply and eliminating the need for battery replacements or recharging.
  2. Stable connection: Wired cameras typically offer a more stable connection compared to wireless cameras, resulting in fewer signal drops or interference issues.
  3. Integration with existing doorbell systems: If your home already has a wired doorbell system, it may be easier to integrate a wired doorbell camera into the existing setup.
  4. Higher video quality: Wired cameras often provide higher video quality and faster video streaming due to the direct connection to your home’s electrical system.


  1. Installation: Wired doorbell cameras usually require professional installation, which can be more complicated and costly compared to wireless cameras.
  2. Less flexible placement: Since wired cameras depend on your home’s electrical system, they may be less flexible in terms of placement and positioning.

Wireless Doorbell Cameras


  1. Easy installation: Wireless doorbell cameras are generally easier to install, as they don’t require any wiring. Many wireless cameras can be installed using basic tools and without professional help.
  2. Flexible placement: Wireless cameras offer more flexibility in terms of placement, as they don’t rely on your home’s electrical system. This can be helpful if you want to change the camera’s position or move it to a new location.
  3. Portability: If you move to a new home, it’s generally easier to uninstall and reinstall a wireless doorbell camera compared to a wired one.


  1. Battery life: Most wireless doorbell cameras are battery-powered, requiring regular battery replacements or recharging, which can be inconvenient.
  2. Wi-Fi dependency: Wireless doorbell cameras rely on a stable Wi-Fi connection to function correctly. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or inconsistent, the camera’s performance may be negatively impacted.
  3. Potential for interference: Wireless cameras can be more susceptible to signal interference from other electronic devices or obstacles, which can affect video quality and connection stability.
using doorbell camera


Which One is The Best Doorbell Camera Without a Subscription?

Doorbell cameras are like your best friend, informing you regarding your deliveries, and guests and keeping your house secure from any kind of danger. Our top pick would be the Eufy Security Video Doorbell for its sleek design and for recording high-quality videos.

Doorbell cameras come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on your interest, you can choose the one that compliments your house the best. Field of View, Video Quality, Motion Detection, Battery, etc. should be kept in mind before making the final pick.



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