If you want to keep a secret watch on your property to tackle any potential threat, then you’ll need to install a the best spy camera with a longest battery life.

In this post, I’ve picked the best options when it comes to spy cameras – both indoor and outdoor.


5 BEST Spy Camera with Longest Battery Life

Here are the five best spy cameras that offer really long battery life:

Blink Indoor – Wireless, HD Security Camera

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • IR Vision: Yes
  • Battery Life: 2 Years
Blink Indoor (3rd Gen) – wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life, motion detection, and two-way audio – 1 camera system
  • Blink Indoor is a wireless, battery-powered security camera that helps you check in...
  • With long-lasting battery life, Indoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium...
  • Store video clips and photos in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan and save...

As the name suggests, the Blink Indoor security camera is a spy camera meant for indoor use. Featuring a full 1080p HD view, this spy camera has infrared night vision that gets activated during nighttime. The in-built motion detection feature adds an extra layer to the security offered by this spy cam. And, to avoid getting unwanted false motion detection alerts, you also get a customization feature by Blink to ignore such incidents.

The Blink Indoor Spy Camera is super easy to set up, and anyone who has basic tech knowledge can set it up without any hassle. You can either place it on a desk or mount it on the wall. The two-year battery life offered by the Blink indoor camera is pretty awesome! What’s more, you can also control the camera with voice commands. The only drawback to this spy camera is that it does not offer a continuous live-feed function.

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Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • IR Vision: No
  • Battery Life: 6 Months
Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera - Wireless Security, 1080p Video, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, White - VMC2030,1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Capture clear details in full high definition - Arlo's Essential security camera...
  • Coverage from every corner - Fast, wireless setup, the Essential Spotlight...
  • See more at night - See important features like faces or license plates in full...

This one is a dome shape outdoor spy camera. Designed to work even in the harshest conditions, be it rain, cold, or heat, the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is the perfect weather-resistant spy camera to continue surveillance in all environments. This camera features a pretty decent 6-month battery life. With an integrated spotlight at the top of the camera, you get an incredibly detailed view even on the darkest night.

The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera also features an AI motion sensor with which it can detect people, packages, vehicles, animals, and more. What’s more, you just need to tap on your phone to activate the siren for security. This feature is highly useful to keep your loved ones safe and secure from any potential threat.

Alpha Tech Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • IR Vision: No
  • Battery Life: 2 Weeks
Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View - HD 1080P - Spy Camera Charger - Spy Camera Wireless - USB Hidden Camera - Nanny Camera - Premium Security Camera - Hidden Cam - iOS Android
  • Superior ALPHA TECH technology - Your undetectable wifi security camera in a small...
  • Unlimited Possibilities - Easily keep an eye on your landlord, roommate, children,...
  • Quick Start - Just plug your hidden spy camera into an outlet, download TuyaSmart App...

A spy camera in the true sense, this device by Alpha Tech features a disguise design. It looks so much like a phone charger that you won’t be able to differentiate it from a regular charger. Therefore, it will merge well with the surroundings thus making it hard to recognize. At 2 weeks, the battery life of this hidden WiFi camera is remarkably long too. The camera also features motion detection with an in-built smart sensor that detects even the simplest movement in your place. It sends a real-time notification whenever a movement is detected.

All you need to do for setting up this camera is connect it to WiFi and complete a simple setup on the app. You can easily control the camera using the app. You can view the live video feed using your smartphone from any distance.

Aidowocam 2024 

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • IR Vision: Auto Night Vision

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The Aidowocam 2024 boasts advanced PIR motion detection capabilities, ensuring timely and accurate alerts for all human movements, with live streaming available 24/7. Setting up is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design, enabling anyone to get the camera running in just three quick steps. Concerned about data storage? Aidowocam 2024  offers secure cloud storage, ensuring your data remains safe even if your device goes missing.

Its encrypted Cloud service permits remote video playback, ensuring you never miss a significant moment. Whether it’s immediate alerts or secured storage, this camera has got you covered.

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Alternatives for Your Security

Spy cameras can be hidden in various objects or locations to monitor specific areas or people without their knowledge. On the other hand, another cameras serving security purposes are the doorbell ones.

Video doorbells are typically installed at the front door of a house and are used to monitor visitors, deliveries, and potential intruders. If you are interested in buying yourself one, take a look at the following article: 7 BEST (Affordable) Doorbell Cameras Without Subscription.


Which One Do You Prefer?

All the spy cameras on the above list are considered some of the best options available on the market today. But, if you want simply the best when it comes to battery life, then the Blink cameras – both indoor and outdoor are the best you’ll get. Generally, Blink is considered to be the leading spy camera brand on the market that offers premium quality cameras.

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