Are you curious about the GoPro sensor size and resolution, and how these factors influence the quality of your videos and photos?

In fact, even the latest GoPro models differ in their resolution, aspect ratio, and aperture settings. That’s why I’ve prepared this article.

Today, you’ll learn about the sensor size for all the GoPro recent models, including the GoPro Hero 12, and how these parameters determine the quality of your videos and still images.

To begin with, watch my tutorial where I explain what is Resolución GoPro and how to use it:

¿Qué resolución de GoPro y relación de aspecto debería usar? 5 consejos


GoPro Sensor Size & Resolution: Comparison Table

Here is the comparison table of GoPro sensor size, resolution, aspect ratio for the recent GoPro models.

Modelo GoProEl tamaño del sensorResolución de videoResolución fotográficaRelación de aspectoAbertura
GoPro Hero 12 Negro1/1.9″5.3K6027MP16:9, 9:16, 8:7, 4:3f/2.5
GoPro héroe 11 negro1/1.9″5.3K6027MP9:16, 8:7, 4:3f/2.5
GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini1/1.9″5.3K6024.7MP (no Photo mode, only photo-frame grabs from video)9:16, 8:7, 4:3f/2.5
GoPro Hero 10 Negro1/2.3″5.3K6023MP4:3, 16:19f/2.5
GoPro Hero 9 Negro1/2.3″5K3020MP4:3, 16:19f/2.5
GoPro Max1/2.3″ (Dual)5.6K30Spherical: 16.6MP, HERO: 5.5MP, Panoramic: 6.2MP16:9f/2.0
GoPro Hero 8 Negro1/2.3″4K6012MP4:3, 16:19f/2.8
GoPro Hero 7 Negra1/2.3″4K6012MP4:3, 16:19f/2.8


Does Sensor Size Matter?

An image sensor is an electronic device that captures and converts light into an image. The two main types of digital image sensors are CMOS and CCD, with GoPro cameras utilizing CMOS sensors for their functionality.

Common image sensor sizes for GoPro:

  • 1/2.3″, which is typically found in GoPro cameras.
  • 1/1.9″, introduced in the Hero 12 Black, Hero 11 Black and Black Mini models.

close up of GoPro camera image sensor

The importance of sensor size varies. To illustrate, imagine a sensor as a window. The larger the window, the more light it can let in, enhancing the image’s brightness and clarity. This analogy suggests that a larger sensor can capture more light, improving image quality.

sin embargo, el optimal sensor size strikes a balance between image quality, cost, and practicality. For action cameras, manufacturers often opt for smaller sensors to achieve a compact and robust design.

GoPro’s choice of a smaller image sensor enables the production of cameras that are both lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for on-the-go shooting.


Which Action Camera Has 1-inch Sensor?

El Insta360 One Inch 360 Edition is equipped with dual lenses and dual 1-inch sensors, a collaboration with Leica that enhances the existing system for One RS owners. This model maintains the core module of the action camera while introducing a larger battery and a housing that accommodates both the battery and core module. 

insta360 one rs-1 pulgadas

This configuration results in the highest quality 360-degree video footage I’ve encountered. 

It’s important to highlight that this is not actually an action camera. It’s small, but way bigger and bulkier than GoPro, and it is really heavy, so forget about using selfie sticks with it.

I would’t recommend this camera for the action shots due to its large lenses that are prone to scratchessu inability to be waterproof without an additional case, and the absence of the high frame rates necessary for capturing slow-motion footage.



Is GoPro Sensor Good Enough?

Firstly, it’s essential to remember that GoPro is designed as an action camera, not specifically for vlogging, so you don’t need one-inch sensor.

So yes, GoPro sensor is absolutely good for action shots.

Drawbacks of a Big Sensor

One major concern in action footage is avoiding a shallow depth of field that could render your key moments out of focus. With the current sensor size, there’s already feedback about objects close to the camera appearing blurry; this issue would only be exacerbated with a one-inch sensor unless autofocus is introduced.

However, incorporating autofocus introduces its own set of challenges, and for the sake of this discussion, let’s consider the one-inch camera to have a fixed lens.

gopro hero 12 soporte para casco

Smaller sensors benefit from quicker sensor readouts. While there are larger global shutter sensors available, they are significantly more expensive and typically found in cinema-grade cameras. Therefore, in the context of GoPro’s price range, the advantage of faster sensor readouts remains relevant.

This speed helps eliminate the “jello effect,” which occurs when the bottom part of a sensor is read much later than the top due to the rolling shutter nature of CMOS sensors.

Another point to consider is that smaller sensors are easier to cool. Their reduced size means less copper is used, leading to less electricity being converted into heat.

My conclusion is that incorporating a one-inch sensor in an action camera presents several limitations without offering substantial benefits.



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