GoPro action cameras provide pretty decent audio quality for casual use. But, if you’re looking for professional audio quality for the videos shot on GoPro, you need some extra accessories with it. There are also some settings in the recent GoPro cameras that let you achieve the desirable audio quality of your GoPro footage.

Let’s take an example of fast-paced activities, like motorcycling. While GoPro is capable of providing exceptional footage of your action, when it comes to audio, the wind noise on the footage can be very rough! So, how do you stop wind noise or other undesirable factors that distort the audio on your GoPro? You’ll get your answer in this post which has detailed information on this subject. This tutorial will guide you with the three easy tips for better GoPro audio.

3 Easy Tips for Better GoPro Audio

Aquí están los three easy tips that will let you capture better quality audio for the footage shot on your GoPro:

  1. Connect an External Audio Accessory (Microphone)
  2. Use a Windscreen
  3. Tweak the GoPro Audio Settings

This was the short version. Now, let’s get to the details:

Tip #1: Connect an External Audio Accessory (Microphone)

For enhanced audio quality, you should use an external audio accessory, like a micrófono with your GoPro. However, please note that almost all GoPro cameras (especially all the recent ones) have no dedicated audio input port. Therefore, you’ll need an audio adapter to connect a mic to your GoPro.]

Aquí está el GoPro Official Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Black)

Adaptador de micrófono GoPro Pro de 3,5 mm para...
5,617 Reviews
Adaptador de micrófono GoPro Pro de 3,5 mm para...
  • Permite la captura de audio de alta calidad cuando se utiliza un micrófono externo de nivel profesional
  • Alimentación Usb-c y extensión de datos con conector de 90 grados
  • Conecta un amplio rango de 3 externos. micrófonos de 5mm

Mic Recommendations for GoPro cameras:

– Rode Wireless Go – Compact Wireless Microphone

With no bulky wires to get in the way and clever portability, the Rode Wireless Go guarantees smooth audio capture with your GoPro.

Rode Wireless Go - Compacto inalámbrico...
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Rode Wireless Go - Compacto inalámbrico...
  • Micrófono combinado de pinza o transmisor de petaca para micrófono de solapa/de diadema...
  • El audio proporciona un sonido cristalino en cualquier condición/ hasta 70M de alcance pero...
  • Power TX y RX tienen baterías recargables USB-C incorporadas/ hasta 7 horas con una...

– Rode VideoMicro – Compact On-Camera Microphone

This compact microphone plugs right into your camera and comes with a windscreen. So, you can say goodbye to a windy, crackling voice and achieve great audio with your GoPro.

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera...
  • Micrófono compacto diseñado para mejorar la calidad de audio de sus vídeos: sólo 80...
  • No necesita batería (se alimenta de la alimentación de la cámara - mínimo 3V)
  • Incluye soporte de amortiguación de lira Rycote y parabrisas de piel de lujo

– Vidpro XM-L – Wired Lavalier Condenser Microphone

This budget lavalier microphone also comes with a windscreen to let you capture crystal clear sound without any interference from background noise.

Vidpro XM-L Condensador de solapa...
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Vidpro XM-L Condensador de solapa...
  • Micrófono de solapa con cable Vidpro XM-L - Cable de audio de 20 pies
  • Incluye clip de solapa y parabrisas de espuma
  • Sensibilidad -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB = 1V/Pa, 1kHz

Tip #2: Use a Windscreen

A windscreen is a sure-shot way of eliminating wind noise and filtering out undesirable background sounds on your GoPro footage. It does so by absorbing the sound of air moving around the mic. So, you get quality audio without any interference. Windscreens usually come cheap and are very convenient to install and remove.

Windscreen Recommendations for GoPro cameras:

All these windscreens are made of quality sponge material and are very effective in reducing the noise, especially the wind noise from your GoPro footage.

– Taisioner Windslayer Cover (for GoPro Hero 5, 6, & 7 Black)

Taisioner Windslayer Cover Housing...
897 Reviews
Taisioner Windslayer Cover Housing...
  • ☆ Compatible with GoPro Hero 5 Hero 6 Hero 7 Black action camera ( It need to be...
  • ☆ It could reduce the noise effective when you recording the video.
  • ☆ Made of special sponge material, which is very soft, lightness, portable &...

– VGSION Windslayer Housing (for GoPro Hero 8 Black)

VGSION Windslayer Housing Wind...
183 Reviews
VGSION Windslayer Housing Wind...
  • This case can protect the camera and also reduce wind noise when recording audio and...
  • Made of special sponge; It is soft, lightweight, portable and flexible
  • Precise hole; will not affect the quality of video and sound

– VGSION Windslayer Foam Housing (for GoPro Hero 9 Black)

VGSION Windslayer Foam Housing Wind...
  • This case can protect the camera and also reduce wind noise when recording audio and...
  • Made of special sponge; It is soft, lightweight, portable and flexible
  • Precise hole; will not affect the quality of video and sound

Tip #3: Tweak the GoPro Audio Settings

If you want to get the best audio quality out of your GoPro, make sure that you’ve adjusted the settings accordingly. Here are some GoPro audio settings that you need to look at:

– Manual Audio Control

By default, the Manual Audio Control setting is turned off. It means that your camera automatically detects the scenario and switches between recording in stereo y filtering wind noise.

Puedes turn on Manual Audio Control for a greater level of customization. If you are capturing a windy outdoor scene with lots of gusts coming through, it’s best to select the Wind Only option to filter the unwanted wind noise. But, if you are recording indoors, like a club, theatre, or a concert hall where consistent stereo audio is a priority and wind is not an issue, you might want to select Stereo Only.

– RAW Audio

This Protune setting creates a separate .wav file for your GoPro footage in addition to the standard .mp4 audio track. It is especially useful if you want to edit or enhance the audio in post-production.

You can select from various levels of processing in the RAW audio track, which include Off (default), Low, Med, and High.

  • Off: When the RAW audio setting is turned off, no separate .wav file is created.
  • Low: This setting applies minimal processing to the audio. It’s ideal if you’re looking to do audio processing in post-production.
  • Med: This setting applies audio processing based on the Manual Audio Control setting (wind and/or stereo) as discussed above. If Manual Audio Control is turned off, the camera automatically switches between wind filtering and stereo audio.
  • High: This setting applies a high level of audio processing, with automatic gain and AAC encoding.

Palabras finales

Follow all the above-mentioned tips, and you’re sure to achieve better audio quality on your GoPro footage. To help you understand these tips better, let’s imagine a scenario of shooting a motorcycling scene on GoPro. In such a situation, you should use an external mic along with a windscreen and set the manual audio control to ‘wind only’. This will help you get super-smooth audio of your GoPro footage with all the unpleasant wind noise eliminated.


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