With the DJI Osmo Action 4 hitting the market, many are curious about whether it’s a worthy upgrade from the Osmo Action 3. Today, I’ll dive into the details of the DJI Osmo Action 4 vs Osmo Action 3.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed comparison of both models to help you decide if the upgrade is worth it.


  • Osmo Action 4 has better low-light performance
  • Osmo Action 4 introduces RockSteady 3.0, offering smoother footage at higher frame rates like 4K 120fps
  • Osmo Action 4 introduces a magnetic quick-release mounting system 

Specs Comparison

Here is a comparison table between DJI Osmo Action 4 vs DJI Osmo Action 3:

SpecificationsDJI Osmo Action 4DJI Osmo Action 3
Sensor Size1/1.3-inch CMOS1/1.7-inch CMOS
Video ResolutionUp to 4K 120fps (16:9)Up to 4K 120fps (16:9)
StabilizationRockSteady 3.0RockSteady 3.0
Invisistick FeatureYes (Snowy Conditions)No
Battery LifeUp to 160 minutes Up to 160 minutes
Front Screen1.4-inch1.4-inch
Rear Screen2.25-inch2.25-inch
Waterproof DepthUp to 18 metersUp to 16 meters


DJI Osmo Action 3

The DJI Osmo Action 3 is a powerful action camera designed to capture thrilling moments in extreme environments.

Check Current Price of DJI Osmo Action 3:

DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo, Waterproof Action Camera with 4K HDR & Super-Wide FOV, 10-Bit Color Depth, HorizonSteady, Cold Resistant & Long-Lasting, Vlogging Camera for YouTube
1,855 Reviews
DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo, Waterproof Action Camera with 4K HDR & Super-Wide FOV, 10-Bit Color Depth, HorizonSteady, Cold Resistant & Long-Lasting, Vlogging Camera for YouTube
  • 4K HDR Video, 1 Billion Colors - HDR video delivers vivid yet natural details, even...
  • Smooth, Level, Incredible - Whether you're skiing, skydiving, or biking around on...
  • Built to Endure - With a 160-min max battery life, and even 150 minutes of continuous...

With its compact and rugged design, the Osmo Action 3 is waterproof up to 16 meters, making it perfect for underwater adventures.

Equipped with a 12MP 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, the camera delivers impressive image and video quality, including 4K video recording at 120fps for smooth and detailed footage.

The RockSteady 3.0 electronic image stabilization ensures steady shots even during intense action.

The Osmo Action 3 features dual full-color touchscreens, one on the front and a larger one on the back, allowing for easy framing and intuitive controls.

With an extreme battery life of up to 160 minutes and quick charging capabilities, the camera ensures you never miss a moment of your adventure.

dji osmo action 3

DJI Osmo Action 4

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is the latest model in DJI’s action camera series, and it’s packed with impressive features and enhancements.

Check Current Price of DJI Osmo Action 4:

DJI Osmo Action 4 Standard Combo - 4K/120fps Waterproof Action Camera with a 1/1.3-Inch Sensor, Stunning Low-Light Imaging, 10-bit & D-Log M Color Performance, Long-Lasting 160 Mins, Outdoor Camera
  • Impeccable Image Quality, Day or Night - Experience stunning image clarity and...
  • Vivid, True-to-Life Colors - Elevate your footage using 10-bit and D-Log M Color...
  • Long-Lasting Power, Even in Extreme Cold - Tackle low temperatures of -20°C (-4°F)...

This versatile action camera offers stunning 4K video recording at 120fps, capturing every moment with exceptional clarity and smoothness.

The Osmo Action 4 boasts a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, allowing for improved low-light performance and better detail capture.

One of the standout features of the Osmo Action 4 is its advanced RockSteady 3.0 electronic image stabilization, ensuring steady footage even during fast-paced action or challenging terrains.

The camera also introduces a magnetic quick-release mounting system, making it easier to attach to various accessories for creative shooting angles.

With dual full-color touchscreens (front and back), the Osmo Action 4 is perfect for vloggers and content creators, offering easy framing and touch control.

The camera’s extreme battery delivers up to 160 minutes of continuous recording, and it supports 30W fast charging for quick power-ups.

dji osmo action 4


Detailed Comparison

Here are the key differences between the two models.

Design and Build

The DJI Osmo Action 4 and Osmo Action 3 share a similar design language, which draws inspiration from the popular GoPro Hero series.

Both cameras feature compact and rugged bodies, making them suitable for various outdoor activities. One of the standout features of their design is their waterproof capability, allowing them to be submerged in water up to a certain depth without the need for additional housing.

This makes them ideal for underwater adventures, swimming, and water sports.

While the overall design remains familiar, the Osmo Action 4 introduces some notable upgrades.

One significant improvement is the enhanced heat handling system, which helps prevent overheating during prolonged shooting sessions.

This is a welcomed addition, especially for action-packed filming scenarios or in warm weather conditions. The better heat management ensures the camera can maintain its performance and reliability throughout extended use.

Another notable upgrade in the design of the Osmo Action 4 is the introduction of a magnetic quick-release mounting system.

This feature allows users to easily attach the camera to various accessories, such as bike mounts, selfie sticks, and tripods. The magnetic connection ensures a secure fit, and it streamlines the process of switching between different mounting setups, making it more convenient for users on the go.

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Image and Video Quality

Both the DJI Osmo Action 4 and Osmo Action 3 deliver impressive image and video quality, thanks to their high-quality sensors and advanced processing capabilities.

The Osmo Action 3 is equipped with a 12MP 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, while the Osmo Action 4 features an improved 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor with 10 megapixels.

While the Osmo Action 4 has a slightly lower resolution, the larger sensor size allows for better low-light performance and improved overall image quality, particularly in challenging lighting conditions.

In terms of video capabilities, both cameras support up to 4K video recording at 120fps, providing smooth and detailed footage for capturing action-packed moments.

The ability to shoot in 4K resolution at high frame rates makes these cameras suitable for capturing fast-paced sports, adventure activities, and cinematic sequences.

However, one notable difference between the two models is the aspect ratio for 4K videos. The Osmo Action 3 shoots in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, while the Osmo Action 4 uses a 4:3 aspect ratio, which requires cropping or stretching to fit the standard 16:9 format.

Content creators who prefer shooting in the standard format may find this aspect ratio difference important in their decision-making process.


Stabilization is a crucial feature for action cameras, as it helps capture smooth and steady footage, especially in dynamic or shaky environments.

Both the DJI Osmo Action 4 and Osmo Action 3 are equipped with RockSteady electronic image stabilization, which is known for its effectiveness in reducing camera shake and producing professional-looking results.

The Osmo Action 4 takes stabilization to the next level with the introduction of RockSteady 3.0.

This updated stabilization system provides even smoother footage, especially at higher frame rates, such as 4K 120fps.

This enhancement is particularly useful for action sports, fast-paced activities, and scenarios where the camera is subjected to intense movements or vibrations.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is important for action cameras, as users often engage in extended outdoor activities where access to charging outlets may be limited.

The DJI Osmo Action 3 already had a respectable battery life, but the Osmo Action 4 takes it a step further with its extreme battery, which can last up to 135 minutes of continuous recording at 1080p/30fps with RockSteady enabled.

This significant improvement ensures that users can capture more content and prolong their shooting sessions without the need for frequent battery changes.

Like Action 3, the Osmo Action 4 supports 30W fast charging, allowing users to recharge the camera quickly and get back to filming in a short amount of time.

The fast charging capability is especially valuable for users who are always on the move or engaged in time-sensitive projects.

With the Osmo Action 4’s fast charging feature, users can spend less time waiting for the battery to charge and more time capturing their adventures.

Touchscreen and User Interface

Both the DJI Osmo Action 4 and Osmo Action 3 feature dual full-color touchscreens, which is a major advantage for vloggers and content creators.

The front screen on both cameras allows users to easily frame themselves for selfies or vlogging shots, while the larger rear screen provides a convenient view for framing and reviewing footage.

The touchscreens are responsive and user-friendly, making it effortless to navigate through settings and access various camera functions.

The dual touchscreen design also offers the flexibility to shoot in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

When the camera is switched between the two orientations, the user interface adapts accordingly, ensuring a seamless experience for users who regularly switch between shooting styles.

Other Features

Both the DJI Osmo Action 4 and Osmo Action 3 come with various features that enhance the overall shooting experience.

They both offer voice control functionality, allowing users to operate the camera hands-free for tasks like starting and stopping recordings, capturing photos, and changing shooting modes.

Voice control is particularly useful in situations where manual operation may not be practical or convenient.

Both cameras support live streaming in 1080p at 30fps, enabling users to share their adventures with friends, family, and followers in real time.

The Osmo Action 4 introduces a fun and creative feature called Invisistick. This feature digitally removes the selfie stick from the frame, creating a third-person view effect.

However, this feature works best in snowy conditions, and while it may not be a critical feature, it can add a unique and playful touch to the footage for certain scenarios.

The introduction of a new 10-bit D-Log M color mode and upgraded microSD slot capable of supporting larger card sizes makes Osmo Action 4 more desirable.


 Worth The Upgrade?

The Osmo Action 4, despite its higher initial price tag, wins my vote for its advanced features and upgrades.

It’s a star performer in low-light situations, and its stabilization is a step up from the Osmo 3.

I’m also a big fan of its magnetic quick-release mounting system – it’s super handy!

So, if you’re looking for a professional-grade action camera, you should definitely upgrade.


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