If you’re someone who likes to observe marine life from close, then an underwater drone is the perfect equipment for you.

Also known as Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Underwater Drones are like submarines that are remote-controlled. These drones let you shoot footage underwater.

You can use it in the sea or any other water body you want to capture on camera from inside. These drones are also used to collect scientific data for research and for military applications.

In this article, you’ll learn about the five best underwater drones with a 4K camera.


5 Best Underwater Drones with Camera

Here are the five best underwater drones with a 4K camera that you can buy:

PowerVision PowerRay | All-in-one Underwater Drone

  • Camera: 4K / 12 Megapixel
  • Max Depth: 30m (98ft)
  • Speed: 4 knots
PowerVision Powerray Wizard Underwater Drone for Exploration, Diving, and Boating - High Definition Camera, Equipped with 4K Ultra HD Video Camera, Remote Control, and Live Stream Capability
  • 【Immersive underwater exploration】: Equipped with a 4K high-definition camera and...
  • 【Easy and intuitive controls】: The remote control makes it easy to pilot the...
  • 【Live stream capability】: Share your underwater adventures with the world in...

Equipped with a 70m (230ft) umbilical cable for live video feed since radio signals aren’t very reliable underwater, the PowerVision PowerRay is a wonderful drone for underwater use. The drone features two 450 lumen headlights too, just in case it gets dark underwater. The camera on the PowerRay Underwater Drone captures some great-looking 4K/30fps shots.

There are two options to choose from – PowerRay Explorer drone for basic video shooting drone, and an advanced PowerRay Wizard edition which includes a bait drop, a PowerSeeker sonar device to detect the underwater landscape, and a fish finder to identify fishing hotspots. The Wizard option costs about $100 more than the Explorer drone. Overall, the PowerRay 4K underwater drone is ideal for fishing.

 Geneinno Titan | Professional 4K Underwater Camera Drone

  • Camera: 4K
  • Max Depth: 150m (492ft)
  • Speed: 13 Knots
150M Tether Titan Professional Underwater Drone ROV AUV Robot with 4K UHD Action Camera Remote Control Real-time Steaming Undersea Detection for Viewing, Recording, Fishing, Salvage Work (150M Titan)
  • Deep Diving Underwater Drone— Dive up to 150m(492ft). With its high...
  • Innovative Technology with 4K UHD Camera— Integrated with professional deep see...
  • Motion & Still— 6 thrusters (4 vertical + 2 horizontal), replaceable propellers,...

With two 1500-lumen headlamps, the Geneinno Titan is a pretty good option for professional underwater explorers. It features an amazing 4K camera with an impressive 160-degree FOV and 120 degrees up/down tilt. This underwater drone is equipped with six thrusters that let you navigate even through hard marine environments easily. In addition to this, a range of accessories is also available, which include FPV goggles, a robotic arm, a sonar system, and a waterproof microphone.

Titan is a highly durable underwater drone that can even take a few bumps without issues. It can run for up to 4 hours on a single charge, so you can explore the ocean without worrying about your battery dying. What’s more the camera on this drone is capable of accepting filters, which is definitely great news for the photographers around!

Gladius Mini | A Smart Submersible Drone that Offers Great Value for Money

  • Camera: 4K / 12 Megapixel
  • Max Depth: 100m (330ft)
  • Speed: 4 knots

Featuring a great 4K camera, the Gladius Mini is a smart submersible drone that can be operated both in seawater as well as freshwater. It comes with a nice backpack in which you can carry the drone as well as other accessories. This drone is highly durable and can be safely dropped into the water down to 100 meters. It is also very easy to spot because of its bright yellow color.

The Gladius Mini has five thrusters which you can use to control it the way you like. You can tilt it up or down pretty easily as these thrusters are incredibly quick to respond.  The included 1200 lumen lights are also great and very useful in murky waters or dark spots. All in all, the Gladius Mini is a superb product that’s very competitively priced too.

FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone | Portable Robot with VR Control

  • Camera: 4K / 12 Megapixel
  • Max Depth: 100m (330ft)
  • Speed: 3 Knots
FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone with AI Vision Lock, QYSEA 360° Omnidirectional Movement Underwater ROV with 4K Camera, Portable Robot with VR Control, 166° UWA, App Control, Depth Hold (330ft Dive)
  • FIFISH Disruptive AI Vision Lock: Vision Lock integrates a series of intelligent...
  • 360° Omnidirectional Movement: Able to swim in any direction while shooting 4K video...
  • Outstanding Image Quality: Ultra-wide 166° field of view, fast f/2.5 aperture,...

Another great drone equipped with a superb 4K/12MP camera and a 130-degree wide-angle lens, the FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone also has VR Immersive Experience. Meet the world’s first underwater robot that realizes somatosensory control. You’ll find virtual reality headset and will be able to control the ROV’s movements intuitively, by turning your head.

With a wonderful battery life of up to 4 hours, the FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone has another great feature that I specifically like – its AI object-tracking. Its two headlights have 1380 lumen power. Plus, you can also control the drone from your smartphone via the Dive App (available on both iOS & Android).

ThorRobotics Underwater Drone ROV | Underwater Drone With a Grabber Arm

  • Camera: 4K / 12 Megapixel
  • Max Depth: 30m (98ft)
  • Speed: 1.5 Knots
ThorRobotics Underwater Drone ROV 4K View HD Camera Drones FPV Lite Version with Mechanical Arm Claw,KIT Type
  • Mechanical Arm Claw can catch underwater rubbish,bottle,etc.
  • Great for Fishing, Exploring, Mapping, Treasure Hunting, Studying Marine Life or...
  • Ways of connection : Either Wired or WIFI Wireless, FIT for ISO or Android system....

This Underwater Drone ROV from ThorRobotics is equipped with a 4K camera for top-notch 4K UHD videos. It offers 1080p real-time footage via a 100m control cable and can go down to 30 meters underwater. With the included grabber arm, you can also grip objects underwater.

Housing four thrusters, the body of this drone is super sturdy. These thrusters ensure that the drone has enough power to let the robotic arm lift up objects weighing up to 10kg. Also, the drone can also work well in dark spots underwater, with its two 300 lumen LEDs that can illuminate the surroundings very well.


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What Underwater Drone You Should Get?

All the underwater drones mentioned in the above list are top-notch products that can be used by professionals as well as beginner enthusiasts with a little bit of practice.

You can choose any one of these drones as per your own preferences. If you want an all-in-one drone that works great features, go for the product that tops our list – the PowerVision PowerRay. For those who need a budget option that still offers some great features and a 4K camera, the Gladius Mini underwater drone is a perfect choice!



Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide helped you learn about some of the best underwater drones with a 4K camera  🙂


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