GoPro Settings Explained

GoPro display showing Protune menu settings

Learn what settings are recommended per activity so you can achieve the best possible results every time you shoot.

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Filming With Your GoPro

two guys filming motorcycle ride with GoPro

Learn GoPro specific filming tips & techniques so that you can use to improve your videos.

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Editing Your Footage

close up of computer screen with editing timeline

Learn how to edit more professional looking GoPro videos with easy to follow workflows and tips.

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GoPro Tutorials

GoPro Protune: Advanced Settings Explained

GoPro on top of professional camera

Learn how to use Protune’s advanced features to unlock better image quality and more settings.

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GoPro Time Lapse: Beginners Guide (step by step tutorial)

images taken at an interval throughout the day (sunrise to sunset) displayed next to each other

Learn how to shoot and edit beautiful time lapse sequences in this detailed guide.

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How to Edit GoPro Videos: 13 Step Workflow

person editing GoPro video on laptop

Learn how to edit full GoPro videos with this simple 13 step editing workflow.

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GoPro Resources

The GoPro Handbook

The perfect beginners guide for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot quality GoPro videos.

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GoPro Editing Course

editing academy

An over the shoulder video series teaching the basics of how to edit GoPro videos from start to finish.

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GoPro LUTs Pack

gopro luts

A professional collection of GoPro filters powerful enough to transform any GoPro video.

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