Are you dreaming of capturing professional action or sports shots with your iPhone? Then a telephoto lens is your go-to choice. I’ve researched various telephoto lenses and I’m thrilled to share with you my list of the best telephoto lenses for iPhone photography.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top telephoto lenses for iPhone photography, any drawbacks they might have, and which one I personally recommend.


  • Telephoto lenses create a shallow depth of field for dramatic, focused images
  • Le Moment Tele 58mm Lens is my top choice as a high quality distortion free lens
  • Le Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit is a great affordable kit for its versatility 


7 meilleurs téléobjectifs pour la photographie sur iPhone

La section ci-dessous mentionne 7 options si étonnantes à choisir.

MIAO LAB HD 20-40X Zoom Lens

MIAO LAB HD 20-40X Zoom Lens with Tripod Telephoto Mobile Phone Lens Telescope for iPhone13 Samsung Other Smartphones Hunting Camping Sports
  • Meilleur téléobjectif à zoom:Le téléobjectif à zoom 20-40X est doté d'un nouveau...
  • Portable et polyvalent : Cet objectif zoom est pratique à transporter dans le sac EVA....
  • Appareils compatibles : Cet objectif zoom fonctionne avec 99% des smartphones disponibles....

Libérez la puissance de la photographie au zoom grâce à cet objectif polyvalent, qui offre une résolution de 1,5 mégapixel. grossissement impressionnant de 40x that transforms your iPhone into a wildlife and sports photography powerhouse.

With a manual focus ring, you can fine-tune the sharpness and clarity of your shots, ensuring breathtaking image quality. The included tripod provides stability, eliminating those pesky camera shakes that can spoil your shots.

De plus, le l'objectif est livré avec une pochette de voyage pratique pour le protéger de la poussière et des rayures et le maintenir dans un état impeccable.

However, it’s worth noting that this lens does come with a few trade-offs. Son substantial size and weight might be a bit of a burden for some users, especially those looking for portability.

Its compatibility could be an issue for certain iPhone models and cases, so be sure to check if it’s a perfect fit for your device before making your purchase decision. 

Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit

SEVENKA Kit d'objectifs 6 en 1 et Kit d'objectifs 11 en 1 (Bundle)
  • 【18X KIT D'OBJECTIFS MULTIPLES】 : Ce kit d'objectif 18X contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour...
  • 【TÉLESCOPE】 : Cette lentille amovible pour téléphone portable peut également être utilisée comme...
  • 📷【11 in 1 CELL PHONE LENS KIT】- Ce kit d'objectif 11 en 1 contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin...

This is an impressive array of six lenses covering a large spectre de longueurs focales. From the impressive 18x telephoto lens that brings distant subjects into crystal-clear focus to the 0.63x wide-angle lens that broadens your perspective, this kit has you covered.

In addition to these essentials, it includes a objectif macro pour capturing intricate details, a fisheye lens for quirky, rounded shots, a kaleidoscope lens for artistic distortions, and a CPL filter to elevate your creative potential.

Crafted from premium-quality glass, these lenses effectively minimize distortion and chromatic aberration, ensuring that your photos are a true reflection of your vision.

They easily attach to your iPhone using a user-friendly universal clip that accommodates most devices and cases, offering hassle-free functionality.

Plus, the kit even includes a Télécommande Bluetooth, enabling you to capture images wirelessly, making it an ideal tool for group shots and selfies.

While it offers a variety of lens options, the telephoto lens’s maximum magnification may not compete with standalone telephoto lenses, so it’s best suited for general telephoto needs rather than extreme zoom photography.

Ce kit lacks a tripod, which could be useful for more stable and prolonged shooting sessions, and a dedicated carrying case, potentially making organization and transport a bit less convenient. 

Moment Tele 58mm Lens

Moment 58mm Tele Lens - (M-Series and T-Series) Attachment Lens for iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy Phones (M-Series)
  • PICK YOUR MOUNT INTERFACES: We have (2) different mount interfaces for Moment Lenses....
  • T-SERIES: These lenses pack 30% more glass for a sharper image with the latest camera...
  • M-SERIES: These are our classic lenses that are sharp on older phone models and give...

Offrir un Zoom optique 2x, the Moment Tele 58mm Lens augments your iPhone’s native telephoto lens, effectively extending its capabilities for capturing portraits, expansive landscapes, and the vibrant energy of street photography.

L'objectif est doté d'un conception optique de premier plan, engineered to deliver exceptionally sharp, distortion-free images, all while creating captivating bokeh effects that enhance your photography.

To secure this lens to your iPhone, a dedicated Moment case is required, ensuring a snug fit while adding an extra layer of protection and style to your device.

This case boasts compatibility with various other Moment accessories, including filters, straps, and tripods, enhancing your photography toolkit for a more immersive shooting experience.

Sa qualité exceptionnelle a un prix élevé, making it an investment tailored for serious photography enthusiasts.

Its compatibility is limited to newer iPhone models, which might pose a challenge for users with older devices.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit pour iPhone et Android, objectif macro et grand angle avec lumière LED et étui de voyage Noir

Le 12x telephoto lens empowers you to capture breathtaking close-ups of distant subjects, delivering stunning detail and clarity to your shots. On the flip side, the 0.45x wide-angle lens expands your field of view, enabling you to encompass more scenery and subjects in a single frame, perfect for those sweeping landscapes or group shots.

Both lenses are meticulously crafted from advanced optical glass, elevating your photography by enhancing clarity and color accuracy, ensuring your images radiate vibrancy and sharpness.

L'intégration parfaite avec votre iPhone est garantie grâce au système breveté de clipsage du kit. Ce système n'est pas seulement incredibly user-friendly but also compatible with a wide range of devices and cases, making it hassle-free to transform your iPhone into a professional-grade camera.

Beyond the lenses, the kit has more to offer: a rechargeable LED light stands ready to illuminate your subjects in low-light conditions, ensuring your photos shine in any environment.

A mini trépied, a trusty ally for stability, stabilizes your shots, adding a touch of professionalism to your photography. A dedicated travel case ensures your lenses remain securely stored and protected, ready to accompany you on your photographic adventures.

Apexel 36x Telephoto Lens Kit

APEXEL High Power 36X HD Telephoto Lens, Telephoto Mobile Cell Phone Lens with Tripod for iPhone 15/14/13 Pro, Samsung and Most Smartphone
  • 【36X Téléobjectif ajustable pour téléphone】La mise au point de l'objectif...
  • 【Best Telescopic Lens for Observing the Moon】The 36x telephoto lens is perfect...
  • 【Full Colors 4K HD Lens】Take beautiful pictures of people, pets, scenery from...

Révolutionnez votre photographie sur iPhone grâce à ce kit tout compris comprenant un formidable 36x telephoto lens.

Cet objectif se distingue par son adjustable focus ring, providing you with precise control to fine-tune your images, ensuring clarté optimale et netteté à couper au couteau in every shot. To further elevate your photographic prowess, the kit includes a sturdy metal tripod, granting you the stability needed to eradicate camera shake and guarantee steady, professional-quality photos.

The addition of an eyecup allows for dual functionality, transforming the lens into a monocular or a telescope, enhancing its versatility and expanding its utility beyond photography.

Son importance le poids et les dimensions imposantes peuvent poser un problème aux utilisateurs qui privilégient la portabilité in their mobile photography gear.

Compatibility issues might arise with certain iPhone models and cases, making it crucial to ensure that your device aligns with the lens before making a purchase decision. 

Evil Eye Téléobjectif

36X Telephoto Lens, High Power HD Telephoto Phone Lens with Tripod and Phone Clip, for Android & iPhone and Almost All Smartphones, Have Fun Shooting Black
  • Téléobjectif 36X pour téléphone : la nouvelle version du téléobjectif 36X à haute puissance...
  • Matériaux de haute qualité / HD Pas de coins sombres : Ce téléobjectif pour téléphone est fabriqué à partir...
  • Avec trépied et pince pour téléphone : Le téléobjectif 36X pour téléphone portable est équipé d'un dispositif fixe...

This lens is offers an capacité de grossissement étonnante de 36x that empowers you to capture crisp, intricate photos of subjects that were once out of reach. 

Fabriqué en verre optique de haute qualité, il excelle à réduire les distorsions et les reflets, garantissant ainsi des images nettes, claires et exemptes d'aberrations gênantes. La bague de mise au point manuelle améliore encore votre contrôle, vous permettant d'affiner la netteté et la clarté de vos clichés avec précision.

Mais les avantages ne s'arrêtent pas à l'objectif seul. Ce kit a été conçu pour offrir une solution photographique complète. Il comprend un trépied et une pince pour téléphone, which not only secures the lens to your phone but also provides much-needed stability for your shots.

Qui plus est, le polyvalence du trépied étend sa fonctionnalité, se transforme en un bâton à selfie ou en un monopode très pratiqueoffrant une grande flexibilité dans divers scénarios de prise de vue. Fait remarquable, la compatibilité de l'objectif s'étend à une large gamme de modèles Android et iPhone, ce qui le rend accessible à un grand nombre d'utilisateurs de smartphones.

Criacr Phone Camera Lens Kit

Criacr Objectif pour téléphone portable (version améliorée), Kit d'objectif pour téléphone portable 3 en 1 pour iPhone, Samsung, Objectif 180°Fisheye, Objectif grand angle 0.6X, Objectif macro 15X, pour TIK Tok Video, Live Show, Video Chat, Vlog, etc.
  • [Kit d'objectif 3 en 1 pour téléphone portable] - Objectif fisheye 180° +0,6X grand angle +...
  • [Objectifs séparés, utilisation seule] - Chaque objectif peut être utilisé séparément, vous n'avez pas besoin de...
  • [Amélioration de la photographie] - Fisheye à 180 degrés, vous pouvez voir une image à 180 degrés...

Dans ce kit, vous trouverez trois objectifs : un puissant Un téléobjectif 12x, un objectif grand angle dynamique 0,6x et un objectif macro 15x très détaillé.

The 12x telephoto lens stands as your gateway to capturing clear and intricately detailed images of distant subjects, while the wide-angle and macro lenses extend your creative horizons by providing diverse angles and effects for your photos.

Each lens is meticulously crafted from high-quality glass, delivering a heightened level of clarity and color accuracy to your shots, ensuring that every image radiates vibrancy and sharpness.

Seamless integration with your iPhone is guaranteed through the kit’s universal clip-on system, a user-friendly and versatile attachment method that accommodates most devices and cases.

But the kit goes beyond lenses to enhance your photography. It includes a mini trépied, un allié indéfectible dans la quête de stabilité, allowing you to eliminate camera shake and achieve consistently steady shots. A handy cleaning cloth is included to swiftly wipe away any dust or fingerprints that may mar your lens surfaces, ensuring your photography remains pristine.

It may not match the magnification capabilities of some standalone telephoto lenses, and it doesn’t feature additional lenses, filters, or accessories that could further expand your creative toolkit.

More lenses


Lequel préférez-vous ?

Le Moment Tele 58mm Lens is my top chocie for its ability to capture sharp, clear images with minimal distortion. It’s perfect for those who want a higher-quality zoom and professional-looking photos from their iPhone.

As for me, The Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit is affordable and versatile choice, offering a variety of lenses including telephoto, wide-angle, and macro, all in one package. It’s a cost-effective choice for iPhone photographers looking to experiment with different photographic styles without breaking the bank.


Merci d'avoir lu!

I hope this guide helped you learn about some of the best telephoto lenses for iPhone Photography 🙂 

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