If you’re just getting started with piloting your drone during nighttime, you must be wondering how to light up your drone for those night flights.

While it used to be pretty hard to find suitable drone lights on the market until a few years ago, that’s not the case anymore! Today, there are plenty of powerful drone lights that you can buy for a reasonable price.

In this guide, you’ll go through our list of the top 5 drone lights on the market today.


5 Top Drone Lights for Flying at Night

The native lighting system of even the top consumer drones on the market is not that strong.

For flying at night, you need strong drone anti-collision lights. It is a mandatory requirement by the FAA to have strong enough drone lighting for night operations.

Here are the five best drone lights that you can buy:

Firehouse ARC V | Our Top Pick!

Firehouse Technology ARC V Drone Strobe Anti-Collision Light, 1000 Lumens, White
  • ARC "V " Drone Strobe Anti-Collision Light (White) - Charge Cable - 3m VHB Mount Tape...
  • 1000 Lumen Output brightest light in the market! 4 SM Range
  • IP67 Water Proof

One of the brightest drone lights on the market, the Firehouse ARC V is compatible with all drones. It features four lighting modes – Strobe, Flash, Steady, and Flash/Strobe. It is available in White, Red, Green, Blue, Tri-Color, Red/White, Red/Blue, and Amber. So, you can choose which color you want to buy.

The Firehouse ARC V is fully FAA 107 compliant for night flights. Its CREE bulbs offer 4SM miles of clear visibility, which is well in excess of the FAA requirement. Plus, the angled lens provides for better side visibility. What’s more – the Firehouse ARC V is IP67 waterproof and provides 6 hours of continuous operation in strobe mode.

Drone Lights

LumeCube Strobe | One of the Best Drone Anti-Collision Lights on the Market

Lume Cube - Drone Strobe - Anti-Collision Lighting - FAA Anti-Collision Light - Fits All Drones - Long Battery Life - DJI Mini, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, Matrice
  • Fits All Drones: Compact at 1.5” and includes a 3M Dual Lock Mount to fit all...
  • Meets Federal Regulations: 360º visibility from above for aerial pilots and 3+ mile...
  • Bright White Light, Red & Green Caps: Mini strobe light flashes super bright and...

The compact 1.5-inch LumeCube Strobe is capable of mounting to almost any drone. It’s incredibly easy to use, and at 10 grams, it’s super lightweight too. The light is visible from up to three miles away and offers 360º visibility from above, which makes it FAA-compliant.

The LumeCube Strobe comes with three different light modes – Fast Mode, Slow Mode, and Continuous Light. You also get three different color filters – Bright White, Red, and Green. Some other features that make this drone light highly convenient to operate include – a micro USB recharge port and single-button operation. Overall, it’s a must-buy!

Firehouse Arc XL | Good Option for Budget Buyers

Firehouse Technology Arc XL Drone Strobe Anti Collision Light with L.A.N.D System (Lost Drone Alarm), FAA 107 Compliant
  • Arc XL Drone Strobe Anti Collision Light with L.A.N.D System - USB Cable - 3M...
  • FAA 107 Compliant Drone Strobe Light IP67 Rated
  • Lost Aircraft Notification Device (L.A.N.D)

The Arc XL Drone Strobe by Firehouse Technology is a wonderful option if you’re on a budget but still want a solid lighting option for your drone. This anti-collision light is equipped with L.A.N.D System, which means Lost Aircraft Notification Device. It’s a great addition. At just 6 grams, it’s super lightweight too.

The Firehouse Arc XL is IP67 Rated and meets FAA light requirements, including the three-mile visibility requirement. The installation is incredibly easy and quick – no wiring required! Its 5 hours run time on a single charge is also pretty impressive.

LitraTorch 2.0 | Great Solution for Night UAV Drone Flights

LitraTorch 2.0 Premium On-Camera Photo and Video Waterproof LED Light OPEN BOX
  • STUDIO LIGHTING IN YOUR POCKET - The combination of 800 Lumen, 90+ CRI, 5700K...
  • WATERPROOF AND MILITARY-GRADE - Simply the most rugged compact LED camera light in...
  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS - The LitraTorch 2.0 features two 1/4" 20 industry standard...

Counted amongst the brightest drone lights on the market, the LitraTorch 2.0 makes sure that your bird flies at night safely with its extra-bright lighting! It is your ultimate photography and videography companion with 800 Lumen brightness, 5700K Daylight Color Temperature, ultra-wide beam angle, flicker-free lighting, and multiple mounting points.

With aluminum body construction, the LitraTorch 2.0 is a rugged LED camera light that’s drop-proof, and waterproof to 60 feet (20m). The light also comes with a cold shoe that’s compatible with GoPro mount so you get endless mounting possibilities for DSLRs and action cameras. And, like other drone lights on this list, this one also meets the FAA 3-mile visibility requirements.

VIFLY Drone Strobe Light | A High-Quality, Multicolor Drone Light

ULANZI DR-01 Anti-Collision Lighting RGB LED Light with 3 Colors Universal for DJI Mavic MINI/ 2 Pro/Mavic 2 Zoom/Mavic Air/Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro Platinum/DJI Spark All Drones
  • RGB light can change to white red and green color 3 lights directly, no need to...
  • Meets All FAA Guidlines for drone anti-collision lighting, can be used on DJI MAVIC...
  • 3 Settings for Continuous Light, Fast Strobe, and Slow Strobe

Specially designed for popular drones including all DJI Drones – Mavic 2, Mavic Mini, Mavic 2 Zoom, Platinum Pro, Spark, and so on, the VIFLY Drone Strobe Light is compatible with most drones on the market.

It comes with three different light modes – Continuous Light, Slow flash, and Strobe mode. You also get three different colors – red, blue and white.With a 160 mAh battery, you can get an impressive 4 hours of continuous operation under the slow flash mode. 


Which One is the Best?

All the drone lights mentioned above are top-notch, FAA compliant products that offer bright light for safe drone operation at night. Personally, I feel that the FireHouse Arc V is the best amongst all. The reason is – while testing, this is the only drone light that remained visible even when we mounted it at the top of the drone.

The second best option according to me would be the LumeCube Strobe, simply because it’s easier to spot than the other drone lights.



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