Are you looking for the best camera for gaming to stream on a budget?

One of the most important aspects of streaming is having a good camera that can capture your reactions and expressions while you play.

However, with so many cameras on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to choose.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 10 best cameras for gaming (streaming on a budget).


10 Best Camera for Gaming (Streaming on a Budget)

Here are the the 10 best cameras for gaming (streaming on a budget):

Logitech C920S HD Pro

Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam with Privacy Shutter Bundle with 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub (2 Items)
  • Bundle Includes: Logitech C920S Pro HD Webcam and 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub
  • Full HD 1080P: Chat and record vibrant, true-to-life video. The glass lens and full...
  • Content Creation with Capture: With Logitech Capture, you can start recording...

The Logitech C920S HD Pro is a great camera for streaming on a budget. It delivers clear and crisp video with 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). It also has a built-in microphone that delivers good sound quality, so you don’t need to purchase a separate microphone.

The C920S is compatible with Windows and Mac, and it’s easy to set up and use. 

Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam: 1080p 30 FPS / 720p 60 FPS - Ring Light w/Adjustable Brightness - Built-in Microphone - Advanced Autofocus
  • FULL HD RESOLUTION — Experience crisp, detailed video and audio recording in 720p...
  • CONVENIENT, BUILT-IN LIGHTING — Features a 5600K daylight-balanced ring light...
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS — Make quick adjustments to the brightness level by simply...

The Razer Kiyo is another high-quality streaming webcam that offers great features for its price. It is a popular webcam option for gamers and streamers alike. This webcam has a built-in ring light that provides even lighting, so you always look your best on camera. The Kiyo also offers 1080p resolution at 30 fps and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.


 Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for Business with built-in noise cancelling Microphone, Light Correction, USB Connectivity with universal attachment base, for video calling on Microsoft Teams/Zoom
  • True 720p HD Video - Post true HD video to online video sites.
  • 16:9 Widescreen - For cinematic video recording.
  • Clear, High Quality Video

A budget-friendly option for gamers who want a good quality camera for streaming – the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 delivers 720p resolution at 30 fps and has a built-in microphone for capturing sound. Another great feature of the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is its ease of use. The webcam is designed to be plug-and-play, meaning you can simply plug it into your computer and start using it without the need for any additional software or drivers.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam 1080P Camera for HD Video Streaming & Recording 960-001087(Renewed)
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • Stream and record vibrant HD 1080p video at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps.
  • Customizable background replacement* powered by Personify--integrate live images...

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream is another wonderful camera for gamers on a budget. Like many other cameras on this list, this one too offers 1080p resolution at 30 fps and has a built-in microphone.

The C922 also has background removal technology that allows you to replace your background with a virtual one. This is a great feature especially for those streamers who want to add a professional touch to their videos. 

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

AVerMedia GC513 Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus - 4K Pass-Through Capture Card for Game Streaming, Full HD 1080p60 Recording & Content Creation on Windows 11 and MacOS 10.13 or Later
  • AVerMedia GC513 Live Gamer (LGP2): Suitable for any streamers; content creators or...
  • Pass-through technology: The LGP2 allows you to record amazing gameplay at Full HD 60...
  • Plug and play technology: Ready for use at any time, the LGP2 uses the latest UVC...

The AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus is a portable capture card that allows you to record and stream gameplay on the go. It supports 1080p resolution at 60 fps and has a built-in microphone.


What’s really great about this card is that it also has a pass-through feature that allows you to play games in real-time while you stream. I really like this gaming specific device that comes in a budget price.

Canon Vixia HF R800

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Camcorder with Audio Input(Microphone), 3.0-Inch Touch Panel LCD, Digic DV 4 Image Processor, 57x Advanced Zoom, and Full HD CMOS Sensor, Black
  • A 3.0-inch capacitive touch panel LCD screen that is bright and clearly visible, even...
  • SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps correct camera shake quickly, so even...
  • The 57x advanced zoom allows you to create videos with dynamic variety, and is less...

The Canon Vixia HF R800 is a camcorder that offers great value for its price. It has a 57x advanced zoom feature and delivers 1080p resolution at 60 fps. What’s more, the Vixia HF R800 also has a built-in microphone and an external microphone input for capturing sound.

Logitech StreamCam

Logitech StreamCam, Live Streaming Webcam, Full 1080p HD 60fps Vertical Video, Smart auto Focus and Exposure, Dual Camera-Mount Versatility, with USB-C, for YouTube, Gaming Twitch, PC/Mac - White
  • CONNECTS WITH USB-C: The webcam uses USB Type-C to ensure efficient video transfer...
  • SMART AUTO-FOCUS: AI-enabled facial tracking in Logitech Capture delivers accurate...
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Get the perfect angle, every time; Flexible mounting...

The Logitech StreamCam is another popular webcam option for gamers who want to take their streaming to the next level. This webcam is designed with gamers in mind and offers a range of features that make it ideal for streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Capable of recording video in 1080p HD resolution at 60 frames per second, this camera provides clear and smooth footage for all of your streaming needs.

Another great feature in the camera is its built-in dual-microphone system. This microphone system is designed to provide clear and crisp audio, making it easy to communicate with your audience and provide commentary during your streams.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Elgato Cam Link 4K, External Camera Capture Card, Stream and Record with DSLR, Camcorder, ActionCam as Webcam in 1080p60, 4K30 for Video Conferencing, Home Office, Gaming, on OBS, Zoom, Teams, PC/Mac
  • Professional Webcam: easily connect your DSLR; camcorder or action cam to your PC or...
  • Stunning Quality: broadcast live or record in 1080p60 or even up to 4K at 30 fps.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Technology: go live on any platform in no time.

The Elgato Cam Link 4K is a powerful tool that allows gamers to connect their DSLR, camcorder, or action camera to their computer and use it as a high-quality webcam for streaming. This device is ideal for gamers who want to improve the video quality of their streams and create a more professional-looking broadcast. It can stream video in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

elegato cam link

The Elgato Cam Link 4K features an easy-to-use interface, so you can easily set up and control your camera, adjust settings like exposure and color correction, and even record and edit your streams. 

Mevo Start

Logitech for Creators Mevo Start, Wireless Live Streaming Camera, 1080p HD Video Quality, Intelligent App Control, Stream via LTE or Wi-Fi - Black
  • STUNNING HD VIDEO QUALITY — Live stream and record in stunning 1080p HD resolution...
  • STREAM ANYWHERE — Go where the story takes you. Stream live from anywhere in the...
  • INTELLIGENT APP CONTROL — Wirelessly control your Mevo and create compelling...

The Mevo Start is a versatile camera that can be used for a variety of applications, including gaming and streaming. With its ability to stream in Full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, you can ensure that your viewers will be able to see you clearly and in high definition, making your streams more engaging and professional-looking.

What’s more, Mevo Start’s built-in microphone array uses advanced digital signal processing to cancel out background noise and ensure that your voice comes through loud and clear. This is particularly important for gamers, who often need to communicate with their teammates or provide commentary on their gameplay during streams.


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The AUKEY PC-LM1E is a budget-friendly webcam designed for gamers who want to enhance their streaming experience. It is capable of streaming in Full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. The camera alsa features a built-in noise-reducing microphone that uses advanced technology to filter out background noise and ensure that your voice comes through clearly during streams. This is particularly important for gamers who need to communicate with their teammates during gameplay or provide commentary on their gameplay during streams.

The AUKEY PC-LM1E is also incredibly easy to use. It comes with a clip that can be easily attached to your monitor or laptop, and it connects to your computer via USB. Overall, the AUKEY PC-LM1E is a great option for gamers who are looking for a budget-friendly webcam that still offers high-quality video and audio capabilities.


Features to Look For

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a gaming camera:

Video Quality

The video quality of your camera is one of the most important factors to consider. You want a camera that can record in high definition (at least 1080p) and with a good frame rate (at least 30 frames per second). This will ensure that your video looks clear and smooth.

Field of View

The field of view (FOV) is the area that the camera can capture. A wider FOV is generally better for gaming and streaming, as it allows your viewers to see more of the game and your surroundings. Look for cameras with a FOV of at least 60 degrees. If you need a wide FOV you can opt for a GoPro as a webcam. Read our guide to know more: GoPro As Webcam for EASY Streaming (Skype, Twitch, Zoom).

Low-Light Performance

Many gamers stream and play games in low-light environments, so you want a camera that can perform well in these conditions. Look for cameras with good low-light performance, which will ensure that your video looks clear and bright even in dim lighting.


If you move around a lot while gaming, then you want a camera with good auto-focus capabilities. This will ensure that the camera stays focused on you even if you move around or change your position.

Ease of Use 

You want a camera that is easy to set up and use. Look for cameras with plug-and-play functionality, which will allow you to start recording right away without any complicated software or setup.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a webcam that offers great value for money, the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam is an excellent choice. It offers a full HD 1080p resolution and a smooth 30fps, making it ideal for streaming and recording gameplay videos.

However, if you’re looking for a more professional setup, the Elgato Cam Link 4K is an excellent option. It allows you to connect any DSLR, camcorder, or action camera to your computer, offering exceptional video quality and a wide range of customization options.


Streaming your VR gaming adventure is also possible: How to Stream VR On Discord (EASY)



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