Bądź profesjonalny is one of the most sought-after action camera brands in the world. And to get the best out of your GoPro camera, you may need some of the most useful GoPro accessories. These accessories help in customizing your experience according to your needs by performing important functions, like: balancing your camera, a helmet mount for adventurous rides, or a protective housing to take deep underwater.

We’ve compiled a list of the 13 most used GoPro mounts & accessories in this guide.

#1: GoPro Helmet Mount

GoPro Kask Przód + Boczne Mocowanie...
1,584 Reviews
GoPro Kask Przód + Boczne Mocowanie...
  • Wszechstronne rozwiązanie do mocowania kasku z przodu i z boku
  • Oferuje maksymalną regulację dla różnych ujęć i kątów przechwytywania
  • Zawiera łatwiejszą w użyciu zintegrowaną klamrę montażową
Mounting LocationFront, Side
Mounting MethodAdhesive
Kompatybilny zAll GoPro Cameras

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 Co lubimy:  When looking for a helmet mount for your GoPro, this product is the perfect choice! Made up of polycarbonate, it is highly wytrzymały and can be attached to either the przód lub bok of your helmet. Once it’s fitted, you won’t ever have worry about it falling off, as the adhesive used in this mount is very silny. It can withstand even the extreme situations like heavy rains or high velocity winds. This helmet mount is made with a swivel mount that can rotate in multiple directions. It never lets you miss a great shot while you’re on the go!

 Co nam się nie podoba:  This mount has some minor drawbacks. Since it’s adhesive, it is a stały dodatek to your helmet. One more thing, in case you have a helmet with a lot of open space, you may find it hard or impossible to attach the mount.

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ProTip: How to mount GoPro on Helmet?

You get all the necessary mounting tools with your order. So, you just have to open the box and fix the mount at the desired spot (front or side) on your helmet using the given mounting buckle and thumb screw. It’s as simple as that!

#2: GoPro Chest Mount

GoPro Performance Chest Mount (wszystkie...
  • Lekka, elastyczna konstrukcja równoważy komfort i wydajność
  • Wyściełane i oddychające materiały zapewniają wygodę podczas każdej aktywności
  • ​W pełni regulowany, aby dopasować się do szerokiej gamy typów sylwetki i do ciężkich kurtek zimowych
Wymiary4.7 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches
Waga5 ounces
MaterialBreathable, lightweight fabric
Kompatybilny zAll GoPro Cameras

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 Co lubimy: There are three things that you should consider while making a decision to get a chest mount for your GoPro: adjustability, comfort & durability. GoPro official Chest Mount excels in all three of these aspects. This padded chest mount is made up of breathable and lighweight materials. It is elastyczny and can dostosować according to the body type of the individual wearing it. Whether you’re biking, hiking or skiing, you can use it to easily capture immersive hands-free shots from your chest.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  I have noticed that sometimes the camera annoyingly points down when you’re wearing it instead of straight ahead.

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#3: GoPro Car Mount by SublimeWare

Suction Cup for Gopro Mount Car...
  • [NEWEST MODEL]- New Generation Suction Cup Mount GoPro Hero 10 Black with improve...
  • [UNIQUE OUTSIDE VEHICLE POV] - With the industrial strength GoPro Suction Cup mount...
  • [9 CM SUCTION DIAMETER = STRONG SUCTION and STABLE] - With the new compact design you...
Size6 x 9 x 1.7 inches
Waga8,8 uncji
MaterialSilicone & Rubber
Mount TypeSuction Cup

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 Co lubimy: Uchwyt samochodowy GoPro by SublimeWare is a solid car mount that would allow you to let your camera roll and capture great shots of the scenic surroundings while you’re driving comfortably. Made with industrial-strength silicone, this car mount has a suction cup that firmly attaches to any flat, non-porous surface. It is silny and has an extended, adjustable arm that helps in easy movement. Its low-profile perspective is also quite impressive.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  The only minor issue that I’ve found in this mount is that, instead of a full 360º, it can only rotate 270º max. Some people may think that it is dull, as its not really a very fancy looking product. But it does its job well.

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#4: GoPro Head Mount

MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Wymiary7.3 x 6.1 x 3.9 inches
Waga9.9 ounces
Kompatybilny zAll GoPro Cams

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 Co lubimy: One of the most popular GoPro accessories of all time, the official GoPro Head Mount is zgodny with all the latest GoPro cameras. It is a fully nastawny mount that is design to fit different head sizes and can also be strapped to a helmet. There is a QuickClip that comes in the box which can be used to attach your GoPro to baseball caps, belts etc. This head mount is extremely lightweight and can easily be folded to fit into a pocket when it’s not being used. At the same time, it is sturdy and strong.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  I found no major issues while using this mount. Just one minor thing: it may feel a bit uncomfortable when it’s being worn with goggles.

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#5: GoPro Gun Mount

GoPro Gun/Rod/Bum Mount (wszystkie GoPro...
  • Kompatybilny z większością strzelb, karabinów, rewolwerów, pistoletów airsoftowych, paintballowych i śrutowych,...
  • Zamontuj maksymalnie dwie kamery, aby rejestrować materiał patrząc do przodu, do tyłu lub jedno i drugie...
  • Kamery można zamontować pod lub z boku lufy pistoletu lub wędki
MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Wymiary2.3 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches
Waga4.6 ounces
FinishNon-reflective, matte black finish

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 Co lubimy: While you’re out filming a hunt, it’s important to stay in alert positioning. That’s where Uchwyt do pistoletu GoPro is an added advantage, as it can be placed right on your gun without affecting its weight and shots much! The urzędnik gun mount by GoPro is zgodny with most shotguns, rifles, revolvers, airsoft, paintball and pellet guns, as well as fishing rods and bows. You can mount up to two cameras at a time to capture footage looking at both directions (front & back). It has an amazing glare-eliminating black matte finish which helps you stay out of sight. Its specially designed backdoor mounts ensure that your camera stays stable during recoil.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  GoPro Gun Mount is a bit kosztowny as compared to some other gun mounts that compete with it and provide similar features.

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#6: GoPro Motorcycle Mount by Exshow

EXSHOW Camera Motorcycle Mount for...
  • 🚵【Perfect Compatibility】--- Suit for any Cameras Recorder Camcorder with...
  • 🚵【Strong Pipe Mount】--- Clamp would be easy to lock on motorcycle moto bike...
  • 🚵【360 Degree Rotation】--- Metal adjustable Rotatable gopro handlebar mount...
MaterialPlastic, Aluminum & Silicone
Waga7 ounces
Other FeaturesNon slip clamp

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 Co lubimy: One of the best handlebar mounts for GoPro, Exshow Motorcycle Mount is zgodny with all GoPro cameras and even other action cameras like the ones from Sony, Kodak, Nikon and Garmin. It has a prosty design which ensures it doesn’t slip off and is very łatwy w użyciu. This mount is made up high quality soft silicone and metal materials which make it wytrzymały. I like the 360º angle adjustments it offers.

 Co nam się nie podoba: One drawback that I’ve noticed in this product is that its ball joint stops it from fitting tightly on my motorcycle. It tends to loosen on rough trails. Another thing that annoys me: it takes up a lot of vertical space on the motorcycle.

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#7: GoPro Backpack Mount by PolarPro

Materialbombproof glass filled nylon
Wymiary3.5 x 1 x 2 inches
Waga2.4 ounces

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 Co lubimy: PolarPro Backpack Mount is an an ideal option for the GoPro users looking forward to obtain great POV footage and experience hands free operation. It includes rock solid strap mount, thumbscrew and provides endless mounting possibilities, like mounting your camera to a backpack, scuba BCD, life vest, camelback, strap, belt etc. It, literally, eradicates the need to wear the GoPro Chest Mount. Constructed out of bombproof glass filled nylon, this silny product also has a Quick Release Plate that allows you to rapidly install/remove the camera.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  Due to a lack of padding in this product, you may feel that it is a bit uncomfortable to wear for longer durations.

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#8: GoPro Bike Mount by Joby

JOBY Bike Mount & Light Pack for...
  • Low-profile and rigid form factor easily clamps to bicycle, ATV or dirt bike...
  • Designed with multiple attachment points so you can mount your action video camera at...
  • Includes front white light and rear red visibility lights with built-in ¼"-20 design...
Waga99.8 grams
Wymiary8.4 x 3.6 x 10.9 cm
Included in the box4 CR2 batteries, Safety Lights

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 Co lubimy: If you are looking forward to a joy ride & to capture perfect moments from your bike adventure, then Joby Bike Mount is the finest option. With support to 22.2mm, 23.8mm, 31.8mm, 34mm or 35mm diameters, it is zgodny with handlebars of most bikes. It is a secure and reliable fiberglass reinforced mount with a locking screw that is easy to grip and tighten. One more thing that I admire about this product is its easy attach/detach platform for multiple bike accessories. With several configurations it is also super-adjustable!

 Co nam się nie podoba:  Although it is a versatile bike mount, I’ve noticed that the plastic is not durable or flexible enough. That maybe due to the low price it comes for.

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#9: GoPro Handlebar Mount

GoPro Kierownica/Sztyca/Mocowanie na...
  • Zawiasowa, antypoślizgowa konstrukcja rozkłada się w kilka sekund i zaciska do dowolnego 0,35 do 1,4 cala (9 do ...
  • Obrotowa podstawa oferuje obrót o 360 stopni z 16 bezpiecznymi pozycjami, zapewniając...
  • Klamra montażowa umożliwia użytkownikom przemieszczanie kamery między mocowaniami w locie, umożliwiając...
MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Waga0.48 ounces
MaterialAluminium & Plastic
Kompatybilny zAll GoPro Cameras

 Co lubimy:  For those who believe in getting highest quality and authentic products, GoPro official handlebar mount is highly recommended! This mount works with practically every model of GoPro cameras. All you need to do is to mount your GoPro to handlebars, seatposts, or ski poles and you’re good to go… Made up of aluminium and plastic, the base of this mount features 360° rotation to help achieve the perfect angle for every shot.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  Being a GoPro official product, this mount is a bit drogie for what it offers. You may find similar mounts of other brands at a considerably lower price.

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#10: GoPro Mouth Mount

GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty (wszystkie...
  • Zawiera Floaty, łatwe do wykrycia urządzenie, które utrzymuje Twoje GoPro na powierzchni
  • Łatwy w użyciu do przechwytywania POV bez użycia rąk w każdym środowisku
  • Zintegrowana klamra montażowa Ułatwia uchwycenie nowych kątów POV i szybką zmianę...

MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Wymiary1.8 x 3.9 x 6.5 inches
Waga2.88 ounces
Included in the boxGoPro Mouth Mount + Floaty

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 Co lubimy:  If you are looking for the most comfortable and versatile mouthpiece, Uchwyt na usta GoPro is exactly what you need. With an adequate rubber mouth support to bite on, this wysoka jakość mount helps to capture steady, scintillating footage. It also provides you with unrestricted air channel for easy breathing. The design and materials used for making GoPro Mouth Piece make it very łatwy w użyciu. It gives filming of shake-free videos a whole new perspective, making it all a lot of fun!

 Co nam się nie podoba:  I’ve come across some people who have reported that the floaty included was too small.

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#11: GoPro Fence Mount

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp (All GoPro...
  • Clamp your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 0.25” to 2” (0.6cm to 5cm) in...
  • Optional neck adjusts to enable a variety of shooting angles
  • Camera can be attached directly to clamp for low-profile mounting

MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Wymiary10 x 7 x 2 inches
Waga9.6 ounces
Kit includesJaws: Flex Clamp,
Adjustable Neck

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 Co lubimy:  GoPro Fence Mount is an exceptionally well designed gear. It conveniently allows the GoPro camera to clamp objects ranging from 0.25” to 2” in diameter. It supports in capturing footage through different angles due to its elastyczność oraz ease to clamp it securely in almost any location. This mount also features a Quick Release Base for different camera adjustments. The variety and precision that can be achieved with simple neck adjustments is what makes this product so appealing!

 Co nam się nie podoba:  While using this mount, sometimes I notice certain unpleasent vibrations which can ba a bit irritating while shooting.

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#12: GoPro Helmet Chin Mount by Surewo

SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet...
  • ★MOTORCYCLE HELMET CHIN MOUNT for BIKER - Aluminum helmet chin mount,is our own new...
  • ★LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM HELMET GOPRO MOUNT - It's an all-aluminum helmet mount,Not...
  • ★MOTORCYCLE HELMET CHIN MOUNT:It's made up of 4 joints and connect by screw.The...

Mount TypeAdhesive
Wymiary5.2 x 5 x 2 inches
Waga5.9 ounces

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 Co lubimy:  If you want the best POV angles as if they were filmed from your own eyes, Surewo Helmet Chin Mount is all you need. It gives you a realist experience. It is made up of four joints connected by a screw which is nastawny. This easily mountable product is compatible with all full face helmets. One more thing that I like about it is that it is easily detachable and transferable.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  With many moving parts, this mount can loosen over time with regular usage. It may hamper your angle and motion of shots.

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#13: GoPro Dog Harness

Szelki dla psa GoPro Fetch -...
  • Uchwyć świat z punktu widzenia psa
  • 2 miejsca montażu (plecy i klatka piersiowa) umożliwiają różne perspektywy
  • W pełni regulowany, aby dopasować psy o wadze od 15 do 120 funtów (7 do 54 kilogramów)

MarkaBądź profesjonalny
Waga10.2 ounces
Wymiary3.5 x 7.1 x 8.2 inches
Set ContainsFetch (Dog Harness),
Mounting Hardware, &
Camera Tether

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 Co lubimy:  As they say, ‘A dog is man’s best friend’; so, why not capture the world from your dog’s point of view? Oficjalny GoPro Dog Harness provides you with that opportunity… It includes two mounting locations (back and chest) and is fully nastawny to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds. It also features a removable Chest Mount to adjust smaller dogs. Well padded to ensure your pet’s comfort, this mount is water friendly and its quick release bases make attaching and removing the camera easy.

 Co nam się nie podoba:  After persistent usage with your dog, the clips can malfunction as I feel they are not strong enough for some pets who are very active in their movements.

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