There are many situations in which it’s essential to have a camera that can withstand different elements. Whether you’re an avid surfer, or someone who just wants to document moments with friends and family while on a vacation, sometimes having a waterproof action camera is necessary. GoPro is one such rugged action camera. But, how waterproof is GoPro?

In this article you are going to learn about GoPro’s waterproof specs, tips for using your GoPro underwater and the top GoPro underwater accessories/mounts for capturing your adventures with ease!

GoPro underwater

Which GoPro Cameras are Waterproof?

Di seguito sono elencati i waterproof specs of different GoPro models:

Is the GoPro Hero 9 waterproof?

Il supporto anteriore del casco GoPro Eroe 9 nero is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. But, with the GoPro Protective Housing for Hero 9, it can go down to 196ft (60m) — perfect for deep-water diving.

Is the GoPro Max waterproof?

Tutta la GoPro Max is waterproof down to 5m (16ft) without a housing. GoPro doesn’t make a waterproof housing for this model. However, you can use a third-party housing – Alloggiamento subacqueo VGSION for the GoPro Max camera to take it down to 40 metres underwater. More details about this housing are available in the next section.

Is the GoPro Hero 8 waterproof?

Il supporto anteriore del casco GoPro Hero 8 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. However, the users can use the Protezione GoPro Housing for Hero 8 to take it down to 60m (196ft).

Is the GoPro Hero 7 waterproof?

Like most other cameras on this list, the GoPro Hero 7 Black/Silver/White cameras are waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. The Hero 7 Black users can use the GoPro Super Suit alloggio to dive deeper with your camera down to 60m (196ft). The Hero 7 Silver/White users can use the Custodia protettiva GoPro to use their camera down to the depth of 40m (131ft).

GoPro waterproof underwater

Is the GoPro Hero 6 waterproof?

Il supporto anteriore del casco GoPro Hero 6 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. Like the Hero 7 Black, the users can use the GoPro Super Suit alloggio with the Hero 6 Black too, in order to dive deeper with your camera down to 60m (196ft).

Is the GoPro Hero 5 waterproof?

Il supporto anteriore del casco GoPro Hero 5 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. You can use the GoPro Super Suit alloggio per immergersi più in profondità con la sua macchina fotografica fino a 60m (196ft).

Is the GoPro Hero Session waterproof?

GoPro Hero Session cameras are waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. However, you can add a third-party dive housing and the Session becomes waterproof down to 196 ft (60 m).

Is the GoPro Hero 4 waterproof?

Tutta la Hero 4 Black & Silver are NOT waterproof without a housing. However, these cameras come with a Alloggiamento standard che può arrivare fino a 40 metri di profondità.

Is the GoPro Hero 3 waterproof?

Tutta la Hero 3 Black/Silver/White – all three of these cameras are NOT waterproof without a housing. But, they come with a Custodia protettiva impermeabile che può resistere a profondità fino a 60m (197ft).

5 Must-Have GoPro Underwater Accessories

Listed below are the five must-have underwater accessories that you should have with your GoPro for capturing memorable water adventures.

#1. Waterproof Housing

Per lo snorkeling (Hero 4 e più vecchio)

You need a waterproof housing for snorkelling only if you have GoPro model that launched prima di Hero 5. The GoPro Hero 5 and all the models that came afterwards are waterproof down to 10m/33ft (beyond which nobody usually goes while snorkelling).

Suptig sostituzione custodia impermeabile...
  • Profondità impermeabile: Utilizzare questa custodia impermeabile nera si può prendere la tua gopro hero...
  • DUE COPERTURA POSTERIORE: copertura posteriore impermeabile e copertura posteriore di tocco per il vostro uso, quando...
  • Compatibile con Gopro HERO4/HERO3+/HERO3, Quando si inserisce la fotocamera, si può anche...

Compatibile con il GoPro Hero 4, 3+, and 3 telecamere, il Alloggiamento impermeabile Suptig lets you easily operate your shutter button or select key/mode buttons on the camera – all this while it’s underwater up to 45 meters deep! You won’t have any worries about dust getting in or scratches happening due to how much protection it provides against those things. It also offers extra protection from shocks as well which makes sure everything stays safe even when diving into some of deepest parts of our oceans! The tough glass protecting the lens will let light through at 98%, which means you’ll be able use all functions just as if they were above water—without having any noticeable change in quality for pictures taken under-water

Per le immersioni subacquee (Hero 5 e più recenti)

Per riprendere la tua azione subacquea, TUTTI Le GoPro richiedono una custodia impermeabile perché è necessario andare più in profondità del limite massimo di 10 metri (che viene fornito con gli ultimi modelli GoPro) durante le immersioni.

Custodia protettiva GoPro (HERO8...
  • Protegge la tua HERO8 Black da fango, sporco e detriti durante le attività estreme
  • Impermeabile fino a 196 piedi (60m) - perfetto per le immersioni in acque profonde
  • Include una porta posteriore scheletrica per una migliore cattura dell'audio e un facile accesso...

Questo GoPro ufficiale waterproof housing for Eroe 8 is perfect for deep-water diving. The underwater case protects your Hero 8 Black from dirt, debris and mud while you’re underwater. Designed with skeleton doors, this protective piece of equipment also includes improved audio capture so be sure to make some beautiful memories under the sea without worrying about sound quality.

Simili custodie impermeabili sono disponibili anche per altri modelli GoPro più recenti, tra cui Eroe 9, Eroe 7, Eroe 6 e Eroe 5.

#2. Floating Stick/Pole/Grip

A floating Stick/Pole/Grip is a very useful GoPro accessory when filming underwater. It helps you have a better overall control of the camera underwater and prevents your camera from sinking.

GoPro Camera il gestore galleggiante...
  • Mantiene la tua GoPro a galla Meglio che mai, così puoi scattare in...
  • Facile da passare da un supporto all'altro con una base a sgancio rapido
  • Consente riprese più stabili rispetto a Tenere la telecamera a mano rende facile puntare il...

Tutta la Impugnatura galleggiante GoPro Handler helps you shoot worry-free in and around the water with its bright orange cap piece that makes it easy-to-spot if dropped. The comfortable, non-slip construction lets you maintain a secure grip while holding your camera!

#3. Dome Port Housing

Un alloggiamento Dome Port è un ingranaggio incredibile che ti permette di scattare incredibili dividere foto e video metà sopra l'acqua e metà sott'acqua.

SHOOT Dome Port Lens per GoPro...
  • SHOOT Dome Port for Gopro HERO 8 Black(ONLY),a newly designed dome for taking...
  • L'alta lente trasparente a cupola ti offre un'alta visibilità per catturare immagini vivide 50/50...
  • Waterproof up to 45m/147ft, Overall Waterproof Case for easy installation and use....

Compatibile con la GoPro Hero 8 Black, il SHOOT Dome Port is a well-designed Dome Post Housing for capturing vivid 50/50 above and below the water photos/videos by the sea or by the pool. It’s waterproof down to 45m/147ft.

There are many other dome port housings available for GoPro models other than the Hero 8 Black.

#4. Red Filter Diving Lens

You can use Filtri rossi to enhance the picture quality of your dive. The three kinds are – Light Red, Magenta and Red Filter for different depths in water. Filtro rosso chiaro is useful for color correction at shallow depths, Filtro magenta for correcting green water and Filtro rosso to correct the blues.

Vi consiglio di usare un pacchetto multi-filtro, so that you can easily change filters as you change depths. Here’s the one that I recommend:

PolarPro DiveMaster Red Filter...
129 Reviews
PolarPro DiveMaster Red Filter...
  • Progettato specificamente per la HERO8 Black Protective Housing (si adatta solo alla HERO8...
  • Cattura colori vibranti in acque blu, verdi e poco profonde
  • Installazione Dual-Lock con un design primario a scatto e una vite di rinforzo...

#5. Waterproof LED Lights

Night-time diving is a pretty exciting experience, but it can be hard to see and record things in the deep dark waters. Luckily for the sea-life enthusiasts, there are waterproof LED lights that help light up what we would otherwise miss!

Suptig Diving Light High Power...
  • GRANDE LUCE DA IMMERSIONE Scatta incredibili video subacquei POV con questa luce Suptig per Gopro...
  • WIDE-ANGLE 500Lumen Max. (5500K-6000K) da 36 LEDs.This è la luce subacquea da comprare...
  • THREE MODES OF LIGHT: Normal(HI) Power saving(LOW),Flash(SOS). Size: 2.95 in(L) x...

Compatibile con tutte le videocamere GoPro, il Suptig luce LED impermeabile is the perfect addition to any adventurer’s gear. With three modes and a capacity of going down to 45m/147 ft underwater, it has everything you need for your next deep-sea dive.

The amount of light can be adjusted between HI (500 lumens), LOW (200 lumens) and SOS mode which flashes brightly in dark to help you in case you get lost!

Final Words: How To Shoot Underwater?

It is not enough to just go underwater with your GoPro and start filming. To capture the best shots and videos, just follow a few key rules for shooting quality under water videos:

  • Keep the camera steady by using a floating stick while snorkelling or a camera rig when scuba diving; this will help avoid vibrations that produce shaky images.
  • The sun should always be behind you so as not to cast shadows on people’s faces from its glare.
  • Underwater, record long sequences of video instead of many takes so you can focus on your dive instead of thinking about the camera.


I hope that this tutorial helps you gain knowledge regarding the waterproof specs of different GoPro models & about the accessories to use with the GoPro underwater.

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