Fishing is an activity full of some memorable moments, incredibly beautiful scenes, and if you’re lucky – trophy-sized fish! Therefore, you must carry a camera with you to capture such stunning moments to share it with your friends later. So, there’s nothing better than a GoPro action camera for this highly unpredictable activity involving sudden, rapid moves, and of course water.

However, you must be wondering which GoPro you should buy, considering the fact that there are many GoPro models available in the market – new and old. So in this article you will learn about the five best GoPros that you can buy for fishing (as of 2021).


5 Best GoPro for Fishing

Enlisted below are the 5 best GoPro cameras for fishing:

#1. GoPro Hero 9 Black : Our Top Pick!

GoPro HERO9 Nero - Impermeabile...
1,861 Reviews
GoPro HERO9 Nero - Impermeabile...
  • Video 5K Video - Riprese di video mozzafiato con risoluzione fino a 5K, perfetto per...
  • Foto da 20MP con SuperPhoto: Cattura foto nitide e di qualità professionale con 20MP di chiarezza. E...
  • Display anteriore + schermo tattile posteriore: Un nuovo, più grande touch screen posteriore con...

Being the latest GoPro model currently, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is also the most expensive option on this list. So, if you aren’t willing to pay 350-400 bucks for an action camera, you may look at the other options on this list.

That said, the Hero 9 Black is an incredibly wonderful action camera. It’s able to shoot videos at 5K resolution (30fps) and 20 MP pictures. Both these specs are the best so for for any GoPro. Add to it and upgraded HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization (available for both 4K/60fps and 5K/30fps), you’re sure to get some amazing fishing shots with impressive detail!

In addition to this, you also get the latest version of TimeWarp mode, an all-new color screen, e un bigger battery that gives you more run time. All in all, this is the perfect wonder gear that you can take along for shooting your video while fishing.

#2. GoPro Hero 8 Black : Still Top-Notch for Fishing in 2021

GoPro HERO8 Nero - Impermeabile...
  • HyperSmooth 2.0: HERO8 Black has three levels of stabilization: On, High and Boost....
  • Design aerodinamico: La forma reimmaginata è più tascabile, e le dita pieghevoli a...
  • Moduli espandibili: Vlogger, filmmaker professionisti e aspiranti creatori possono fare più che mai...

Although it’s been more than a year  since this model launched, the GoPro Hero 8 Black has some amazing specs that make it one of our top contenders for the best GoPro for fishing. Coming at about a 100 bucks less than the latest Hero 9, this camera provides a fairly wonderful user experience.

The Hero 8 has an upgraded 2.0 version of HyperSmooth and TimeWarp, therefore providing stunning footage of your fishing action or other outdoor activities. It provides a pretty decent maximum video resolution of 4K/60fps and packs in a 12 MP image sensor for pictures. Plus, this camera has wind-resistant microphones. So, you get crystal clear audio of your footage.

#3. GoPro Max 360 : Best for 360-degree Fishing Shots

GoPro MAX - Impermeabile 360 +...
676 Reviews
GoPro MAX - Impermeabile 360 +...
  • Tre telecamere in una: massimizzate la vostra libertà creativa. Con MAX potete scattare...
  • Max HyperSmooth: MAX ti dà una stabilizzazione indistruttibile usando la cattura a 180 gradi...
  • Streaming dal vivo in 1080p: Scatta in modalità HERO e condividi mentre sei lì. In diretta...

If you’re really into 360º videos e 270º panoramic pictures, il GoPro Max 360 is your best bet for capturing some stunning fishing shots of yours. This camera features an improved version of HyperSmooth for smooth, shake free and high-quality footage. It has two opposite facing cameras with four different lenses and six microphones to provide you exceptionally brilliant 360º shots. All these features make this camera the perfect companion to capture every moment of your fishing trip.

However, GoPro Max has its share of drawbacks too. The fact that it has two cameras means that they lack the protection that the other GoPro single camera models have. Also, it’s waterproof only down to 16 feet, as opposed to the 33 feet waterproof protection that all the latest GoPro models provide. Another problem that users can face is the GoPro Max’s mount compatibility. The GoPro Max mounting system is different from other models.

#4. GoPro Hero 7 Black : Budget 4K Action Camera

GoPro HERO7 Black - Waterproof...
  • KIT INCLUDES: GoPro HERO7 Black Camera (CHDHX-701) | Rechargeable Battery | Mounting...
  • KEY FEATURES: 4K60 Video + 12MP Photos | HyperSmooth Video Stabilization | TimeWarp...
  • The GoPro HERO7 Black features the HyperSmooth Video Stabilization with gimbal like...

The first camera with GoPro’s game-changing image stabilization HyperSmooth, il GoPro Hero 7 Black is a great camera that is capable of shooting amazing 4K/60fps videos. I would highly recommend this camera to those who are looking for a budget action camera. The GoPro Hero 7 also features SuperPhoto, which automatically optimizes your settings to take the best picture possible. So, with this camera you’ll be able to shoot incredibly smooth, stabilized footage and crisp, high-quality photos of your fishing adventure.

Now, coming to the downside: You won’t be able to use the HyperSmooth at 120 fps or higher. But, standard video stabilization is available for these latter formats.

#5. GoPro Hero 5 Session : Compact, Lightweight, Good for Beginners

Sessione GoPro Hero5
1,953 Reviews
Sessione GoPro Hero5
  • La sessione GoPro Hero 5 include: La videocamera della sessione Hero5, telaio standard, curvo...
  • Assicurati che la tua GoPro sia carica; Per caricare la tua videocamera, usa il cavo USB e un computer...
  • Ulteriori caratteristiche della sessione GoPro Hero5 + vantaggi qui sotto nella pagina dell'articolo; Le foto sono...

Although it’s a toned-down version of the Hero 5 Black, the GoPro Hero 5 Session camera is much more accessibile than its big brother. It is compatto, leggero, and super-intuitive. You simply need to press the power button, and the camera is ready to record.

The Hero 5 Session is capable of recording 4K video at 30fps. Il suo Time-lapse mode is great to capture things like those epic fights when the fish leaps and tries to shake the hook off. All these features make the Hero 5 Session a great starting point for an angler who’s not very familiar with GoPros.

GoPro Fishing Tips

Ecco alcuni consigli e impostare that may help you to have a great experience shooting your fishing trip with GoPro:

  • Rather than taking one shot at a time, use the modalità di scoppio to take multiple still photos.
  • Capture a few slow-motion shots for dramatic effect.
  • Utilizzare supporti GoPro for quality shots and best angles while you’re fishing.

Recommended Mounts:

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

AquaStickPOWER di YOLOtek - Powered...
160 recensioni
AquaStickPOWER di YOLOtek - Powered...
  • Base per luci di navigazione alimentata da una base per luci di navigazione e stick per il montaggio di prolunghe per videocamere d'azione montate
  • La chiavetta di alimentazione fornisce l'alimentazione attraverso due (2) porte di alimentazione USB e tiene il telefono in modo sicuro
  • Si collega alla porta della luce di navigazione sulla parte anteriore o posteriore della barca. Fatto di...

Fishing Pole Clamp for GoPro

Accessorio Pro Aluminum NVG...
172 Reviews
Accessorio Pro Aluminum NVG...
  • Il prodotto a marchio Accessory Pro, realizzato per essere utilizzato con le telecamere GoPro.
  • Il supporto NVG è in alluminio lavorato a CNC.
  • Montare la base di montaggio OPS CORE stile NVG.
  • Utilizzare GoPro Polarising Filters to reduce water reflection.

Check out this link: Top 14 filtri GoPro (densità neutra, polarizzazione e subacquea)

  • Best GoPro Settings for Fishing
ISO Min100
ISO Max400
Frame Rate (FPS)30/60

Also have a look at the video below for some practical information about the best GoPro settings for making fishing videos from a fisherman’s POV:

Which GoPro Camera Should You Choose for Fishing?

All the GoPro cameras that I’ve mentioned above work pretty well for capturing spectacular shots of your fishing trip. If you ask me which one is the best, I’d definitely say GoPro Hero 9 Black. But, that comes with a higher price. So, if you’re looking for a somewhat cheaper option without much compromise on footage quality, go for GoPro Hero 7 Black or Hero 8.


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