GoPro cameras are great for recording your outdoor adventures. But, what if you want to film with your GoPro while surfing, white-water rafting or scuba diving? Well, GoPro has your back there too! Most latest GoPro cameras are impermeable.

However, since a GoPro camera is a costly investment, you should make the necessary arrangement for its protection. Therefore, you may need a waterproof case that protects your camera from deep water and allows it to easily be mounted on gear such as a scuba diving mask or a surfboard. A good waterproof housing case for your GoPro should help keep your camera protected in all weather conditions, while still allowing you easy access to its controls.

In this article you are going to learn about 6 best GoPro Waterproof Cases para diferentes modelos de GoPro.

GoPro waterproof housing

Does a GoPro Need a Waterproof Case?

Almost all of the recent GoPro models are impermeable without the need of an extra waterproof housing case. But, you can only take most of these cameras down to a certain depth (usually 33ft/10m), beyond which you’d still need a housing case.

Older GoPro models, however, do require a housing for underwater use.

Here’s the list of cameras which are waterproof without a housing case:

  • GoPro Hero 9 Negro (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • GoPro Hero 8 Negro (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • GoPro Max (down to 5m / 16ft)
  • GoPro Hero 7 Black/ Silver/White (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • Fusión GoPro (down to 5m / 16ft)
  • GoPro Hero 6 Negro (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • GoPro Hero 5 Negra (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • GoPro Hero 4 Session (down to 10m / 33ft)
  • GoPro Hero 5 Session (down to 10m / 33ft)

If you want to go beyond the given depth with these cameras, such as while scuba diving, you need an additional waterproof housing with it.

The following GoPro cameras are NOT natively waterproof:

  • GoPro Hero 4 Negro/Plata: These cameras are NOT waterproof without a housing. However, they come with a Carcasa estándar que puede llegar hasta los 40 m de profundidad.
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black/Silver/White (or older): These cameras are NOT waterproof without a housing. But, all the Hero 3 cameras come with a Funda protectora impermeable que puede soportar profundidades de hasta 60 m (197 pies).

Is GoPro waterproof without lens cover?

Yes, most of the latest GoPro models, including GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Black are waterproof (down to 10m / 33ft). So, you don’t need a lens cover with them. However, it is recommended to keep the tapa del objetivo attached to protect the camera from bumps or direct physical damage to the camera lens.

6 Best GoPro Waterproof Cases

Here are the six best GoPro waterproof cases which I recommend you use with GoPro:

#1. GoPro Protective Housing (Hero 9 Black)

Protective Housing (HERO9 Black) -...
132 Reseñas
Protective Housing (HERO9 Black) -...
  • Protects your HERO9 Black from mud, dirt and debris during extreme activities
  • Front LCD screen remains accessible for viewing
  • Resistente al agua hasta 60 metros, perfecto para bucear en aguas profundas

Discover a new world in the depths of your favorite body of water with this Carcasa protectora para GoPro. It fits securely around your Hero 9 Black to protect it from mud, dirt and debris while you’re taking on extreme activities. The front LCD screen remains accessible so that you can view what’s going on even when submerged underwater up to 196ft (60m).

This GoPro official Protective Housing is perfect for deep-sea diving as well! And don’t worry about audio capturing because there’s an easy access puerta trasera del esqueleto where sound comes through clearly, thanks to improved acoustics. You’ll also love how clear images are taken above or below the surface due to a flat glass lens which produces high quality pictures no matter if they’re captured undersea or somewhere else entirely!

#2. GoPro Protective Housing (Hero 8 Black)

Carcasa protectora GoPro (HERO8...
  • Protege tu HERO8 Black del barro, la suciedad y los residuos durante las actividades extremas
  • Resistente al agua hasta 60 metros, perfecto para bucear en aguas profundas
  • Incluye una puerta trasera de esqueleto para mejorar la captura de audio y...

Este GoPro official Protective Housing is perfect for you if you want to go deeper than 10m underwater with your Hero 8 Black. And, it protects your camera from mud, dirt and debris too.

This rugged housing case lets you dive down as deep as 60 meters underwater! It has been rated best-in-class by several reviewers, noting its toughness in protecting your camera during extreme activities such as deep-sea diving. The included puerta trasera del esqueleto helps make sure that audio recording quality doesn’t deteriorate while the touchscreen remains accessible at all times – even when submerged under water.

#3. GoPro Super Suit Housing (Hero 5, 6 & 7 Black)

GoPro AADIV-001 Super Traje con...
  • Ultimate protection for your HERO7 Black or HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black during extreme...
  • Waterproof to 196ft (60m)
  • Includes two Waterproof Backdoors which can be used with Floaty

El GoPro Super Suit Housing for Hero 5, 6 & 7 Black is designed to withstand the harshest of environments. It protects the camera’s exterior and lenses during extreme activities whether it’s deep-water diving or top speeds on a dirt bike. With this housing on, you can bring your camera 60 metres underwater without any worries.

The Super Suit is one the most protective GoPro housing for the compatible GoPro cameras yet. It includes two waterproof backdoors, plus a puerta trasera del esqueleto that enables touch‐screen access and improved audio capture. The flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.

#4. GoPro Premier Protective Housing (Hero 7 Silver / White)

GoPro Protective Housing (HERO7...
766 Reviews
GoPro Protective Housing (HERO7...
  • Protects your GoPro from mud, dirt and debris during extreme activities
  • Waterproof down to 131ft (40m)—perfect for deep-water diving
  • Includes a Skeleton Backdoor for easy access to the camera’s touch screen and...

Protect your GoPro while shooting extreme activities with  the GoPro Premier Protective Housing! It’s suitable for use with the Hero 7 Silver and White, and features a lente de vidrio plano that delivers sharp, high-quality images above and below water.

Waterproof to 131 feet (40m), it can be used with the puerta trasera del esqueleto for access to the camera’s touch screen and improved audio capture. The housing also includes a Floaty Strap (sold separately) to keep your GoPro afloat during water activities.

#5. Yimobra Waterproof Case (Hero 3 & 4)

Yimobra Carcasa impermeable para...
  • Lente HD a prueba de arañazos y disparos claros bajo el agua: Esta carcasa impermeable es...
  • Gran tamaño de los botones: Acciona fácilmente el obturador/ botón de encendido o la tecla de selección/ botón de modo...
  • Especialmente diseñado para Gopro Hero 4 Hero 3+: Ideal para el buceo, el surf, el...

If you’re looking for the perfect case to use with your GoPro Hero 3 & 4, look no further than the Yimobra Waterproof Case. Built specifically for protection against harsh environments and designed to be used underwater or outdoors while enjoying any of your favorite adventure sports, it’s a great option that will keep your action camera protected at all times!

This waterproof case is made of high-quality PMMA material, and equipped with scratch proof tempered glass lens to capture clear and vivid footage. It has a ligero design that’s easy for you to carry around. The big button sizes make it convenient for underwater operation; Power/Mode buttons are also included so there’s no worrying about accidents in this waterproof housing! This product comes at an affordable price (with the extra clip!).

#6: Nechkitter Protective Housing Case (GoPro Hero 4 & 5 Session)

Protector de buceo Nechkitter 60m...
330 Reviews
Protector de buceo Nechkitter 60m...
  • [Alta Transmisión] La cubierta frontal de esta carcasa está hecha de...
  • [Impermeable y antioxidante] Con un sello impermeable profesional y acero inoxidable...
  • [Producción extra] La carcasa no sólo ofrece una mayor protección contra el agua...

Perfect for scuba-divers, Nechkitter Protective Housing Case for GoPro 4 & 5 Session cameras allows you to dive into the sea up to 60m (196ft) bajo el agua.

This durable, waterproof Housing Case is perfect to keep your camera safe and dry while you dive deep into the ocean. With its stainless steel production and professional watertight seal, the housing also offers great protection against dust, scratch or shock due to a 98% light transmission rate. It has optical tempered glass on the front cover which means that crystal clear photos are always possible.

Palabras finales

To protect your GoPro from damage of any kind, or for underwater usage, I would always recommend that you use the compatible waterproof housing case from the list above.

  • Visite este artículo to learn how to shoot underwater (for divers and snorkelers).

I hope that this article helps you know all about the 6 best GoPro Waterproof Cases for different GoPro models.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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