El Fusión GoPro is one of the most loved true 360-degree cameras out there. To get the best out of your GoPro Fusion camera, you may need to use GoPro mounts and accessories meant for this camera. These mounts enable you to customize your experience according to your needs by performing some important functions, like balancing your camera, a helmet mount for adventurous rides, or a surfboard mount to take your GoPro Fusion with you for your surfing adventure.

In this article, we discuss the 10 most used GoPro Mounts in 2021 for the GoPro Fusion camera.

GoPro Fusion Mount

10 Most Used GoPro Fusion Mounts in 2021

Aquí están los 10 most used mounts for GoPro Fusion:

#1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Soporte frontal y lateral para casco GoPro...
  • Versatile front and side helmet-mounting solution
  • Offers maximum adjustability for a variety of shots and capture angles
  • Includes easier-to-use integrated mounting buckle

A perfect choice if you’re looking for a helmet mount for the GoPro Fusion camera, the Soporte frontal y lateral para casco GoPro is highly durable and can be attached to either the front or side of your helmet. Once fitted, need not worry about it falling off as the adhesive used in this mount is very strong.

This GoPro Helmet Mount can withstand even the extreme situations like heavy rains or high velocity winds. It has a soporte giratorio that can rotate in multiple directions, so you’ll never miss a great shot even when you’re on the go.

#2. GoPro Chesty Performance Chest Mount

Soporte de pecho GoPro Performance (Todos los...
  • Su construcción ligera y flexible equilibra la comodidad y el rendimiento
  • Los materiales acolchados y transpirables son cómodos durante cualquier actividad
  • Totalmente ajustable para adaptarse a una amplia gama de tipos de cuerpo y sobre las pesadas chaquetas de invierno

El GoPro Chesty Performance Chest Mount is a highly durable chest mount for GoPro Fusion and other GoPro cameras. Made with breathable and lightweight materials, this padded chest mount provides great Confort and can be used for long durations. It’s flexible and can adjust according to the body type of the individual wearing it.

So, whether you’re biking, hiking or skiing, you can use it with your GoPro Fusion to easily capture immersive hands-free shots from your chest.

#3. GoPro Head Strap with Quick Clip

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip -...
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Includes: (1) Head strap
  • Includes: (1) Quick clip

A highly popular GoPro accessory – the GoPro Head Strap works great with the GoPro Fusion. It’s a highly adjustable mount designed to fit different head sizes. You can also strap it to a helmet. There is also a Quick Clip which comes in the box. You can use it to attach the GoPro Fusion to baseball caps, belts etc.

GoPro Head Strap is extremely ligero and easily fits into the pocket when it’s not being used. At the same time, it is also robusto y fuerte.

#4. GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

Soporte para manillar/estribo/poste de GoPro...
  • El diseño antideslizante con bisagras se instala en segundos y se sujeta a cualquier...
  • La base giratoria tiene una rotación de 360 grados con 16 posiciones seguras,...
  • La hebilla de montaje permite a los usuarios mover su cámara entre soportes sobre la marcha, permitiendo...

If you want a high-quality GoPro Fusion mount for your bike’s handlebar or seatpost, I’d highly recommend the official Soporte de manillar/poste de asiento/poste GoPro. Made of aluminium and plastic, the base of this mount features Rotación de 360°. para ayudar a conseguir el ángulo perfecto para cada toma.

Compatible with all GoPro cameras, this mount is very easy-to-install. All you need to do is to mount the GoPro to the handlebar, seatpost of your bike or ski pole and you’re good to go!

#5. Grip for GoPro Fusion Camera

GoPro Fusion Grip (Fusion) -...
  • ​Can be Used as a camera grip, extension pole or tripod
  • Extendable from 9 to 22in (23 to 56cm)
  • ​Foldout magnetic legs can be used on any level surface

An ultra versatile mount especially designed for shooting 360° video, the GoPro Fusion Grip lets you capture the entire scene pretty conveniently. You can either use it as a camera agarre or as a portable trípode y extension pole (Extendable from 9-22 inches/23-56 cm).

Although it’s made for capturing 360° video and photos, it can be used with practically any GoPro camera! Its foldout magnetic legs can be used even on uneven surfaces and the extension pole locks into position with a simple twist.

#6. GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

Mandíbulas GoPro: abrazadera flexible (todas las...
  • Sujeta tu GoPro a objetos cuyo tamaño oscila entre 0,25" y 2" (0,6cm y 5cm) en...
  • El cuello opcional se ajusta para permitir una variedad de ángulos de disparo
  • La cámara puede fijarse directamente a la abrazadera para un montaje de bajo perfil

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount is an exceptionally well-designed gear. It allows the GoPro Fusion camera to conveniently clamp objects (0.25 – 2 inches in diameter). Owing to its flexibilidad y ease-to-clamp, this Clamp Mount lets you capture footage through different angles with its Quick Release Base.

What makes this product so appealing is the variety and precision that can be achieved with simple neck adjustments – all this while keeping your camera safe and secure.

#7. GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount

Soporte para pistola/caña/arco GoPro (Todos los...
  • Compatible con la mayoría de las escopetas, rifles, revólveres, airsoft, paintball y pistolas de perdigones,...
  • Monte hasta dos cámaras para capturar imágenes mirando hacia delante, hacia atrás o hacia ambos...
  • La(s) cámara(s) puede(n) ser montada(s) debajo o al lado de un cañón o una caña de pescar

When filming a hunt, it’s very important to stay alert. That’s where the GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount provides you an added advantage. It has the ability to place the GoPro right on your gun without affecting its weight and shots much. This ligero mount is compatible with most shotguns, rifles, revolvers, airsoft, paintball and pellet guns, as well as fishing rods and bows.

You can mount hasta dos cámaras at a time to capture footage looking at both directions (front & back). With an amazing glare-eliminating black matte finish, it also helps you stay out of sight. Although it’s a bit caro, the GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount is totally worth all those extra bucks!

#8. GoPro Fetch – Arnés para perros

Arnés para perros GoPro Fetch - Oficial...
  • Capture el mundo desde el punto de vista de su perro
  • 2 ubicaciones de montaje (espalda y pecho) permiten una variedad de perspectivas
  • Totalmente ajustable para adaptarse a perros de 7 a 54 kilos (15 a 120 libras)

El GoPro Fetch Dog Harness allows you to capture some amazing shots from your dog’s POV. Compatible with GoPro Fusion and almost all GoPro cameras, this product features two mounting locations (back and chest) for your GoPro camera. It’s totalmente ajustable to fit dogs weighing 15-120 pounds.

The GoPro Fetch is a well-padded mount to ensure your pet’s comfort. Its removable chest mount allows you to adjust smaller dogs. It is also water-friendly, so you don’t have to worry even if your pet loves to play around and get wet frequently.

#9. GoPro Suction Cup

Soporte de ventosa para GoPro (GoPro...
  • Fija tu GoPro a coches, barcos, motos y mucho más
  • Ventosa de resistencia industrial probada a velocidades de más de 150 mph
  • Diseñado para proporcionar un amplio rango de movimiento y estabilidad

El GoPro Suction Cup is an industrial-strength Suction Cup mount that lets you attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more. Proven at speeds as high as 150+ mph, it’s engineered for stability even in high speeds.

This suction cup also features a base de liberación rápida for moving conveniently between shots and locations. I would recommend you to attach this mount only to a clean surface for achieving maximum holding strength.

#10. GoPro Surfboard Mounts

Soportes para tablas de surf GoPro (todas las GoPro
  • Perfecto para tablas de surf, kayaks, SUP, cubiertas de botes y más
  • Ideal para actividades donde se necesita la máxima fuerza de sujeción
  • Incluye enchufe compatible con FCS para montarlo en una toma de aleta central FCS

Perfect for surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks and more, the Soportes para tablas de surf GoPro provide maximum holding strength to keep your GoPro camera secure. These mounts have an FCS compatible male plug to attach your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket.

GoPro Surfboard Mounts are basically adhesive mounts with exceptional holding strength. Plus you also get camera tethers for enhanced security.

Palabras finales

Now that you know about some of the most useful and versatile mounts for the GoPro Fusion 360 camera, go ahead and create some wonderful videos of your adventures. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, motorcycling, biking or surfboarding, there are GoPro Fusion accessories available in the market to enhance your shooting experience. All the above-mentioned GoPro accessories are top-notch quality-wise.


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