GoPro App for Desktop is a pretty basic app designed for those who are just getting started in the field of edición de video, GoPro app enables you to offload your GoPro shots and quickly edit/upload them. It works with both PCs and Mac.

Nota: GoPro App (Studio) has been apartado“With the latest update to Quik for desktop(versions 2.4+), GoPro Studio will no longer be included in the installer package. The reason for this is because GoPro Studio has reached its end-of-life for support”. 

If you still have GoPro app (studio) on desktop and haven’t updated it to GoPro Quik, then this guide is for you! Read it from the beginning. If not, scroll towards the end of the article to find a review of the best video editing software for editing GoPro videos that available now. 


GoPro Video Editing App for Your Desktop

GoPro Video Editing App for your desktop is a convenient way to offload your GoPro shots. You just need to plug in your camera, and this app automatically imports all your photos and videos. This app comes with basic functionality unlike the more advanced apps like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. But it is incredibly fast and allows for super quick edits.

Here are the things you can do with this editing software:

  • Quickly offload, organise and share GoPro photos and videos.
  • View and edit burst and time-lapse footage to create short videos.
  • Add HiLight Tags or create still images of your favourite moments in the videos.
  • Use video trimming tools to create short clips and post them to social media right away.

Download GoPro App for Desktop (FREE)

Visit the link below to download GoPro App for Desktop (now GoPro Quik).

Go to GoPro Quik for Desktop (Windows & Mac)

Nota: We are not sponsored by GoPro in any form to promote them. The only purpose of this article is to provide you knowledge and support regarding GoPro App.


GoPro App for Desktop – Quick Tutorial

GoPro App makes it incredibly simple to offload, organize and edit all your GoPro video clips on your computer. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you become well-versed with it.

App Overview

To get started, descargar and launch the GoPro app.

Now, firstly set it as your preferred GoPro importer. This would automatically launch the GoPro app whenever you connect your cam to your computer.

When using for the first time, you need to initially create your free GoPro account in order to access the app.

After you’re done with these initial steps, connect your GoPro or memory card to your computer and turn it On (Press shutter button for Session).

That’s it! It’s as easy as that to import your GoPro content into your desktop.

You are now ready to organise, editar y compartir your photos and videos. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your amazing GoPro content!

Have a look at the video below to understand how to get started with this app.

How to Organize Your Content

With GoPro app, you get access to all your GoPro stuff at one place. Here are some of the great functions that this app allows for you to organise your GoPro photos & videos, and create amazing content to enjoy with your friends and family.

  • La aplicación muestra automáticamente tus fotos más recientes de la GoPro.
  • You just need to double click the thumbnail to view your capture.
  • You can also adjust the size of thumbnails by using the slider at the top right corner.
  • While your video is playing, click on the HiLight Button at the bottom to mark the perfect moments.
  • La aplicación automáticamente collapses your burst and timelapse secuencias en una sola miniatura.
  • Puedes convert your time lapse into a video para facilitar la reproducción.
  • Click rotate to fix the videos orientation in case of upside-down videos.
  • Toma un captura de pantalla del momento perfecto de su vídeo y compártelo a tus redes sociales directamente desde la aplicación.
  • Crear un clip corto by selecting the ‘clip’ icon on the bottom left, adjusting the length of the clip and saving it.
  • You can also share these clips to Youtube from the app.

How to Edit Your Videos

While you can do some basic editing like creating short clips right in the GoPro app, when it comes to more advanced features like Flux Motion Control, Fish Eye Adjustment etc., you need GoPro Studio.

Here I have compiled a list of initial steps that you need to follow to get started with edición in GoPro Studio.

  1. Launch the GoPro app.
  2. Select the files you want to edit. You can also select multiple files by holding the control key while selecting.
  3. Now, from the blue toolbar above, select the ‘Open in Studio’ icon. This will open your project in GoPro Studio.
  4. Select File > Save to save your project at the desired location on your desktop.

That’s all you need to do to start editing your desired photos/videos on the desktop.

Now, you need to follow these three steps to create an incredibly awesome and professional looking film from the raw GoPro footage.

Step 1: View & Trim

After saving the project, all the clips that you selected will show at the left side. Review and trim each to ensure that all the best moments that you want to include in the final version are included. This can be done by setting the puntos de entrada y salida. You can repeat this process with all the selected clips with multiple segments having all those great moments. After that, you need to convert the list of clips by pressing "Convertir. This will convert all the clips and make them ready for editing in Step 2. Lastly, Press ‘Clear All’ to clear your completed conversions.

Step 2: Edit

After you’re done with Step 1, click on Step 2: Edit at the top of the window. All of your converted clips will automatically move to Step 2. But when you first click on Step 2, you’ll be asked if you want to use a Plantilla de edición prefabricada o un en blanco uno. Selecciona la plantilla según el tema que desees para la película final. En este paso puedes hacer una gran edición con funciones como la posibilidad de añadir música a las secuencias, utilizar filtros y efectos, etc. para que el resultado final sea más atractivo.

Step 3: Export

Once you’ve successfully created the video as per your expectations, proceed further to exportar para que puedas compartirlo fácilmente con tus amigos y familiares. Haga clic en Paso 3: Exportar at the top of the window to do it, and choose an export preset. Finally name the video file and save it to the desired destination on your desktop.

A compartir your final video on Facebook or Youtube, Go to GoPro app and select ‘Edits’ at the left. It will show your newly exported video, which you can share right away by right-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting ‘Share’ from the drop-down menu.

See the video below for a highly detailed guide to do advanced editing using GoPro Studio.

Professional Video Editing Apps for Desktop

While GoPro Studio app (now discontinued) is practical, easy-to-use & learn, accessible to everyone and free, it has limited features when compared with professional editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. It is mainly for beginners in the field of video editing.

There’s a lot you can do with professional software that’s otherwise impossible to do with the GoPro app. For example, trabajar con los recortes on GoPro Studio is much more inconvenient and slow as compared to Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, GoPro app is mainly suitable for short 2-3 minute videos. It tends to crash frequently if working with longer videos, which is not the case with the more advanced apps.

Now I’ll introduce you with some of the best video editing apps available:

Podría decirse que es la aplicación de edición de video más popular tanto en Windows como en Mac OS, Adobe Premiere Pro es un software muy completo y poderoso. Final Cut Pro Xpor otro lado, es la aplicación de edición de video de Apple para que los usuarios de Mac editen sus videos GoPro de una manera cómoda y fluida.

Si quieres un software que sea extremadamente fácil de usar y aprender, Filmora Wondershare es la elección correcta para ti. Y para los principiantes en el campo de la edición de video que no necesitan la funcionalidad de alto nivel de Adobe Premiere Pro, ¡Adobe Premiere Elements es perfecto! iMovie es también una aplicación de edición de video muy popular, gratuita y fácil de usar de Apple, pero tiene una funcionalidad bastante básica.

He probado personalmente todos estos editores de video y muchos más. Pero uso Final Cut Pro X y Adobe Premiere Pro X to edit all of my videos on a regular basis. Why? Because these apps offer many useful features, and people develop plugins for them to expand possibilities. Plus they also get frequent software updates, and there are many free tutorials & guides online to learn more about them.

Have a look at this table below to understand how the 5 leading video editing apps compare for different needs:

Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro X Filmora Wondershare ¡Adobe Premiere Elements iMovie
Ease of use Easy for basic editing, but can get complex for advanced editing Steep learning curve Very easy with editing mode “Action Cam Tool” Easy. It offers Step-by-step guided edits Easy and intuitive
Software Updates Yes (frequent) Yes (frequent) Yes (frequent)
Best for Hobbyist and professional filmmakers All Mac users Video creators for the web & action cams Hobbyist – Windows and Mac Users Basic and fast edits (Mac only)
Tools & Features Many professional tools and plugins Many professional tools and plugins Good range of editing tools Good range of tools and plugins Few tools for basic editing
Precio Paid Paid Free & Paid Paid Gratis


👉 To learn more about cómo editar los vídeos de GoPro, have a look at este artículo for a detailed guide.