Die GoPro lets you have the ultimate webcam experience! Not only that; with the webcam mode, you can even use your GoPro to stream live or record via OBS Studio. This is especially helpful if you have an old GoPro lying around, and you’re wondering how you can put it to some productive use.

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the whole step-by-step process of setting your GoPro up as a webcam and broadcasting live through OBS software.

GoPro Webcam-Einrichtung

Essential Gear to Setup GoPro as Webcam

Firstly, let’s go through the GoPro models that support the GoPro Webcam mode.

Compatible GoPros With Webcam Mode

  • Held 9 Schwarz
  • Hero 8 Black
  • Hero 7 Black
  • Hero 6 Black
  • Hero 5 Black
  • Hero 4 Black

So, if you have one of these models, you can set up your GoPro as a webcam. But you also need some additional gear.

Additional Gear

If you’re looking to use the recent GoPro models — GoPro Hero 9 Black or GoPro Hero 8 Black as a webcam — you need the following additional gear (apart from the GoPro itself, obviously!):

  1. A USB-C cable (the one that came with your GoPro would also do)
  2. Your computer
  3. A GoPro mounting option

If you want to use as a webcam a GoPro model that precedes Hero 8 Black — Hero 7 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black, or Hero 4 Black — here’s the gear you’ll require:

  1. HDMI-to-Micro HDMI Cable
  2. HDMI-to-USB video converter (I recommend using Magewell oder Elgato Cam Link 4k)
  3. USB charging Cable
  4. Your computer
  5. A GoPro mounting option

Steps to Use GoPro As Webcam

For GoPro Hero 8 & 9 Black

Here’s how you set up the GoPro 9 Black or the GoPro Hero 8 Black as a Webcam:

Step 1: Collect the Gear & Update the GoPro firmware

Make sure that you have all the required gear, as described in the previous section. Also, ensure that the firmware of your camera is up to date.

Schritt 2: Attach GoPro to a Mount

If you want to have a standard webcam view, you can use a Magnetischer Drehclip Mount to attach the GoPro to your monitor or mount the GoPro to a Shorty tripod on your desk.

Alternatively, you can also get creative! Use the Jaws Flexklemme to provide an over-the-shoulder view. It’s especially helpful if you would like to capture your screen. Other than that, a Saugnapfhalterung can help you provide a webcam POV like no other, by sticking firmly to a surface like a window or shelving unit.

Step 3: Install and Launch the GoPro Webcam Desktop Utility

Download the GoPro Webcam desktop utility software to your computer. It’s available here. Now, install the software. After the installation is complete, launch it. A GoPro icon will now appear in your status bar.

GoPro icon

Step 4: Connect Your GoPro to the Computer

Now, connect your GoPro to your computer via the USB-C cable. The GoPro icon in the status bar will show a blue dot to indicate a successful connection once your GoPro is connected and powered on. The camera will automatically default to Webcam Mode.

Blue dot

Step 5: Preview & Adjust the Webcam

After you’ve successfully connected your GoPro to your computer, you can preview your GoPro webcam by clicking the GoPro icon and selecting ‘Show Preview’ in the dropdown. You’ll also get the option to ‘Mirror’ oder ‘Flip’ the view. The default resolution provided by the GoPro Webcam desktop utility is 1080p/30fps. However, you get the option to lower it down to 720p/30fps. You can also set the FOV and choose one of these – Wide, Narrow, or Linear.

That’s it! You are now ready to use your GoPro Webcam. To know how to live stream via OBS, jump to the next section ‘GoPro Webcam via OBS: How to Setup for Live Broadcast’.

For GoPro Hero 4, 5, 6 & 7 Black

If you want to use as a webcam a GoPro model that precedes Hero 8 Black — Hero 7 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black, or Hero 4 Black — here are the steps to set your camera up as a webcam:

Step 1: Collect the Gear

Make sure that you have all the required gear, as described in the previous section.

Step 2: Set up the Camera

  1. Turn your GoPro camera aktiviert.
  2. Wische nach unten und wähle Preferences’
  3. Now, Scroll down and select Input/Output’
  4. Wähle HDMI Output’ and change to Live’

Step 3: Set up the Hardware

  1. Mount your GoPro (as described above)
  2. Open GoPro side door and insert micro-HDMI into the port
  3. Plug HDMI side into the video capture device
  4. Attach HDMI-to-USB converter and insert into your computer
  5. Connect GoPro to a power source

Please note that for these GoPro models, you need to set up your camera via video conferencing software or OBS to start using it as a webcam.

GoPro Webcam via OBS: How to Setup for Live Broadcast

Here are the steps to set up GoPro Webcam for live broadcast via OBS Studio:

  1. Open OBS Studio and click the ‘+’ in the video source menu
  2. Select Video Capture Device
  3. erstellen. ‘New’ and name your video source
  4. Select your hardware in the dropdown menu then click ‘OK’
  5. The GoPro-turned-webcam will now show up on the display
  6. Start recording or live streaming on the platform of your choice, like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch

Kindly note that GoPro streams up to 1080p/60fps via an HDMI output, but most streaming services max out at 1080p/30fpa. So, to ensure high quality and a crisp stream, make sure you have good lighting.

Final Words – Information Regarding Cord-Free Live Streaming

You must have noticed that all the methods described above involve setting up wires and other gear to use your GoPro as a webcam to live stream. But, you’d be pleased to know that with the latest GoPro cameras, you can reach viewers via live streaming from a cord-free perspective! Yes, the GoPro Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black, Hero 7 Black and Max cameras have the ability to live stream direct (from the camera) to:

  • GoPro.com (with GoPro subscription)
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Facebook profiles
  • Facebook pages

Happy Streaming!


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