Do you have questions like, “Is the GoPro Hero 9 waterproof?” “Is it good for underwater photography?” or “Can the GoPro 9 be used in salt water?” I’m here to help you find the answers.

In this guide, you’ll discover whether the GoPro Hero 9 is waterproof, if it can be taken into the sea, whether it’s suitable for underwater filming, and the best accessories for your underwater adventures.

Take a look at my GoPro waterproof tutorial where I explain settings, accessories and tips for diving and snorkeling:

BEST GoPro UNDERWATER Einstellungen, Zubehör, Tipps zum Tauchen und Schnorcheln


Is the GoPro Hero 9 Waterproof?

GoPros were essentially created for capturing surfing adventures from a POV perspective, making them highly suitable for water use.

The GoPro HERO 9 is waterproof without needing an additional waterproof housing, capable of withstanding depths up to 10 meters or 33 feet.

This makes it great for activities like swimming, snorkeling, exposure to rain, waterfalls, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

When Do You Need an Underwater Housing?

Hero 9 Schutzgehäuse

However, recreational scuba diving often exceeds these depths, increasing the pressure and the risk of water breaching the camera’s seals.

If you plan on Sporttauchen, it’s wise to encase the HERO 9 Black in an underwater housing, which is rated for depths up to 196 feet or 60 meters, far exceeding the limits of typical recreational diving.

Recommended Underwater Cases

Offizielles GoPro-Schutzgehäuse

GoPro Schutzgehäuse (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) – Offizielles GoPro-Zubehör
  • Schützt deine GoPro bei extremen Aktivitäten vor Schlamm, Schmutz und Ablagerungen
  • Der LCD-Bildschirm auf der Vorderseite bleibt für die Anzeige zugänglich
  • Wasserdicht bis zu 60 m (196 ft) - perfekt für Tiefseetauchgänge

The GoPro Protective Housing for the Hero 9 Black ensures that your camera is safe from water damage, as it’s capable of being submerged bis zu 60 Meter.

Constructed from robust materials, this housing shields your camera from mud, dirt, and debris, whether you’re engaging in activities on land, wading through muddy waters, or diving deep under the sea.

The front LCD screen remains accessible, so you can stay informed and capture the action when it counts.

With this official GoPro Protective Housing, you can dive into your underwater adventures without fear of damaging your camera. The skeleton backdoor design allows sound to pass through clearly, while the high-quality glass lens ensures that your photos and videos, whether taken above or below water, are crisp and clear.

Fitstill Wasserdichte Tasche

FitStill 60M/196FT Wasserdichtes Gehäuse für Go Pro Hero12 Schwarz/Hero11 Schwarz/Hero10 Schwarz/Hero9 Schwarz, schützendes Unterwasser-Tauchgehäuse mit Zubehör für Hero12/11/10/9 Schwarz Action Kamera
  • 【LIFE-TIME Warranty】 30-Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie, LIFE-TIME Warranty und freundliche...
  • 【60M/196FT Wasserdicht】Dieses wasserdichte Gehäuse mit verbesserter...
  • 【DESIGNED FOR】Go Pro Hero 12 Black/Go Pro Hero 11 Black/Go Pro Hero 10 Black/Go...

This FitStill Waterproof Housing Case is designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 9 Black. It incorporates a wasserdichter Dichtungsring und einem tight buckle that effectively prevent water leakage, making it ideal for use during diving, surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Constructed from high-quality PMMA material and equipped with a Flachglaslinse, this durable case ensures maximum image sharpness underwater without compromising on the quality of your shots. With this case, your GoPro can safely record underwater activities up to a depth of 60 meters (196 feet) without any risk of leaks.

How To Use Underwater Housing

It’s crucial to ensure that the camera’s side door is securely locked and that its rubber seals are clean and intact to prevent any gaps that might allow water ingress. Also, ensure that the lens cover is properly secured.

For the camera to remain waterproof, the side door must be completely closed, which means you cannot access the USB port for external power while underwater. 

Remember, the touchscreen doesn’t function underwater, although it can still serve as a viewing screen. Also, neither GPS nor WiFi will work underwater—this isn’t a flaw of the HERO9, but rather a limitation of the signals themselves.


If you’re considering purchasing the Protective Housing or other accessories from and you have a GoPro Premium, make sure to log into your account to access special discounted pricing on accessories.

Is GoPro Hero 9 Good for Underwater Photography?

Ganz genau! The GoPro Hero 9 is a fantastic choice for underwater photography. It’s waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) on its own, which makes it perfect for snorkeling and swimming. 

gopro hero 11 Auflösung unter Wasser

The Hero 9 captures sharp, vivid images and has features like HyperSmooth-Stabilisierung, which really comes in handy when you’re moving through the water. There are various modes and settings beneficial for underwater photography, including the ability to adjust ISO, shutter speed, and exposure.

This flexibility, combined with high-resolution video capabilities (up to 5K), makes it a robust choice for capturing high-quality underwater images and footage.

Keep on reading to learn how to set up your GoPro Hero 9 for underwater shooting.

How To Set Up GoPro Hero 9 For Underwater Shooting

When the camera is sealed in the Dive Housing, access to the touchscreen is blocked, which restricts any setting adjustments other than changing the shooting mode.

To manage this, you’ll need to set up your camera before the camera is enclosed in the housing.

gopro hero 11 underwater

Basic Settings

  • Objektiv: Weit
  • Auflösung/FPS: 4K or 1080 | 60fps
  • Hypersmooth: Boost
  • Duration: No Limit
  • Zeitschaltuhr: Aus

ProTune Settings

  • BitRate: Hoch
  • Jalousie: Auto
  • EV-Kompensation: -0.5
  • Weißabgleich: Auto
  • ISO-Minimum: 100
  • ISO-Maximum: 1600
  • Schärfe: Mittel
  • Farbe: GoPro
  • RAW-Audio: Aus
  • Wind: Auto

Rotes Filter

The primary challenge the GoPro HERO 9 encounters with underwater wide-angle video is its inability to set a manual white balance. Cameras need this capability to restore the red, orange, and yellow hues that are typically lost as you go deeper into water dominated by blue, green, and cyan tones.

By attaching a color correction filter to the GoPro HERO9, you can reintroduce these warm colors without needing to adjust the camera’s settings.

I recommend using the following filters:

  • Light Red Filter: Best for color correction in clear freshwater at shallow depths ranging from 2-15 feet.
  • Rotes Filter: Ideal for adjusting colors in blue or tropical waters at depths of 15-85 feet.
  • Magenta-Filter: Optimal for correcting colors in greenish waters, such as those in lakes and reservoirs, at depths between 8-75 feet.


PolarPro Tauchfilter 3er-Pack 

PolarPro Rotfilter 3er-Pack für GoPro Hero12 Schutzgehäuse - Passend für Hero9/10/11/12 Kameras im Schutzgehäuse
  • Speziell entwickelt für die HERO9, HERO10 Black, HERO11 Black, Hero12 Black...
  • Fangen Sie leuchtende Farben in blauen, grünen und flachen Gewässern ein.
  • Sicheres Aufschiebedesign mit zusätzlichen Sicherheitsbändern sorgt dafür, dass Ihre Filter angeschlossen bleiben...

This PolarPro Dive Filter 3-Pack is designed for the GoPro Hero 9. The set includes Red, Magenta, and Snorkel filters, each optimized for different diving conditions and water colors.

Die Rot-Filter is ideal for blue waters at depths of 15-75 feet, die Magenta filter excels in green waters at the same range, and the Snorkel filter is perfect for shallow waters ranging from 2-15 feet. Note that the kit does not include anti-fog inserts.

SOONSUN 3er-Pack Tauchfilter 

SOONSUN 3er-Pack Tauchfilter für GoPro Hero 8 9 10 11 12 Schwarz Offizielles wasserdichtes Gehäuse - Rot, Hellrot, Magenta Filter -Verbessert die Farben für verschiedene Unterwasser Video und Fotografie Bedingungen
412 Bewertungen
SOONSUN 3er-Pack Tauchfilter für GoPro Hero 8 9 10 11 12 Schwarz Offizielles wasserdichtes Gehäuse - Rot, Hellrot, Magenta Filter -Verbessert die Farben für verschiedene Unterwasser Video und Fotografie Bedingungen
  • Bietet eine hervorragende Verbesserung von Unterwasseraufnahmen: Diese professionelle 3 in 1...
  • Direkte Snap-on-Befestigung: Einfaches Einrasten / Abnehmen des Filters an der Original-Schutzhülle...
  • Reservierter Steckplatz für Halteseil: Im Falle eines Verlustes schlaufen Sie die mitgelieferte Leine an der Seite des...

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable option that suits all kinds of underwater settings, consider the SOONSUN three-filter pack. This set is well-equipped for diverse diving conditions.

The red filter is tailored for tropical or blue waters at depths of 15 to 80 feet, while the magenta filter is perfect for similar depths in green waters. The Schnorchelfilter is great for enhancing colors in shallow tropical waters from 2 to 15 feet deep. These filters effectively bring out vibrant, tropical colors in your underwater footage.

This product is highly rated and comes at a great price. It stands out as one of the best on the market, with no significant drawbacks noted.

GoPro LUTs

Alternatively, you can utilize GoPro LUTs in post-production to achieve optimal results without the necessity of purchasing a red filter.

Wir haben ein brandneues Color Grading LUT-Paket veröffentlicht, das für GoPro und Drohnen optimiert ist. 

Sehen Sie es sich hier an: GoPro Unterwasser-LUT-Filter >>

GoPro LUTs Farbkorrekturfilter - Unterwasser-Pack [Download]

Dieses Paket enthält 100 LUTs in verschiedenen Formaten (3D, .CUBE, .look, .XML), um die meisten Video- und Fotobearbeitungsprogramme abzudecken. Nach der Installation können Sie diese Farbvoreinstellungen einfach mit einem einzigen Klick in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, Filmora Wondershare und mehr anwenden (und anpassen!)!…

Sehen Sie es sich hier an: GoPro Unterwasser-LUT-Filter >>



Can GoPro 9 Go in Salt Water?

GoPro Hero 9 cameras are suitable for use in both fresh and salt water.

Unterwasseraufnahmen mit gopro

Da jedoch salt water can be highly corrosive, it’s crucial to take proper care of your equipment after exposure.

Each time you use your GoPro in salt water, make sure to thoroughly rinse the camera and any associated gear with fresh water afterward. This helps to remove any salt residue that could potentially damage the camera’s housing and internal components over time.

After rinsing, gently dry your GoPro with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid water spots and to ensure no moisture remains on the camera.

It’s also beneficial to disassemble any removable parts like the battery and SD card to dry the compartments under them, as trapped moisture can lead to corrosion or mold.


Danke fürs Lesen!

I hope this guide helped you learn about The GoPro Hero 9 waterproof capacity:)


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