Feeling like you've wasted hundreds of dollars?

This simple ebook helped me kill my GoPro
frustrations in just a few hours.

Quote Begin I saved for nearly 3 months before I finally got my GoPro and all the little gadgets that go with it. Immediately sped home, strapped on my helmet, jumped on my bike and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing.

“Is it on? What the h#@* is this thing doing? What settings should I use?
Why is it flashing? Where the f*#% is the manual?”

I didn’t even get out of my garage that day… Instead I sat on YouTube for hours. Read what seemed like a never ending number of articles and forum threads, trying to get an idea of what settings to use.

“How do I mount my damn GoPro so I can look awesome riding my bike?!?! Why does their footage look so much better?”

After about 6 rides and going through hours of crappy footage I came to the gut wrenching conclusion…

“I just blew $400 on a tiny camera I can’t do sh*t with!” (does this sound familiar?) It wasn’t very long after that, I was googling around and found your ebook. It helped me to turn around my GoPro frustrations, basically guiding me through creating awesome GoPro videos that all my friends love. Quote End


The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination

Sounds awesome right? It is!

Hey my names Travis and that little intro above was just one of stories I get to hear all the time.

“Wait! Who is Travis? Whats going on?”

Hold onto your shorts, let me explain…

I, Travis ( the guy behind ProjectGo.Pro) started this website about three years ago to help people learn how to use their GoPro cameras. So far (as of April 2017) we’ve helped 65,568+ GoPro owners.

And its been an awesome ride! In doing so we quickly realized tons of people are having similar problems. I mean GoPro sells millions of these things and 95% of people are lacking just a few essential tips, that keep them from absolute video gold.

So in an effort to help you not completely waste that $400 investment, we set out to pull together a ton of questions and figure just what it takes to create amazing GoPro videos.


After months of learning, shooting, editing, cursing, deleting, charging, swimming, riding, and thinking of clever ways to remember things, we ended with this ebook of skills, tools and tips to help you capture your life and look badass doing it!


We call it…

~ The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination ~

And it is AWESOME!

So what exactly does this fantastic little 108 page ebook go over?

Everything really but most importantly it shows you exactly what it takes to understand your camera, plan out amazing videos and shoot like a pro.

Click Here to Preview The Table of Contents

“Now when I go out, I just set up my GoPro, jam through the menu, pick the best settings and do my thang. No worries, no frustration, just dope ass footage. Rinse & Repeat.”
– Nate Davis

So if you’re tired of the frustration your GoPro brings you?
Not sure what to do with the footage you keep getting?
Sick of the always looming $400 waste of money?

I highly suggest picking up a copy for yourself. All you have to do is click the buy button below, fill out the order form and you’ll be redirected to a secure page where your download will begin. ( 25 Seconds Max )

Step 1 – Click the Buy Button
Step 2 – Fill Out the Order Form
Step 3 – Download the Book
Step 4 – Start Reading

There is literally nothing to lose.

The eBook works on every device and we offer a 60 Day No Questions Asked Full Refund Money Back Guarantee. Which is stupid simple and pretty much never heard of.

Since we’re excited about our new Kindle & iPad versions we’re offering a limited time price drop so you can nab it at the super low price today!

60 Day // No Questions Asked // Money Back Guarantee
Limited Time Discount Pricing // Heroic 24/7 Support
Free Updates for Life // Works with all GoPro’s

Seriously essential if you’re looking to take your GoPro film making to the next level and start making money with them. The tips and secrets in this book make learning how to get the professional quality footage simple!

Ian Roth

I bought the book last week and I love it – thanks!

Steven Shepard

My husband got your ebook right before our honeymoon and thank god he did, because we would have been screwed. haha We loved the ebook, its helped us out tons! We get to share great videos with everyone now 🙂 Thanks!

Lauren & Ken

The book truly teaches the reader every functionality in their camera. From how to use it to how to turn that footage captured into something spectacular. This is great for Avid GoPro Users to those who are just starting off.

Brandyn Federico

60 Day // No Questions Asked // Money Back Guarantee
Limited Time Discount Pricing // Heroic 24/7 Support
Free Updates for Life // Works with all GoPro’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting?

Our bestselling Project GoPro ebook in multiple formats to fit any device or computer on the market, as well as full access to our premium members only content.

It’s downloadable… How do I know I’ll receive it?

As soon as you pay, you’ll get redirected to a special download page just for you. Click the download button and voila!

You’ll also get an email from me. Inside is a private secure link only you can download from. Please use your most used email in the checkout process, so we can Guarantee you get it. If you have any issue shoot me an email at Travis@projectgo.pro and I’ll personally take care of ya, usually within the hour. No worries.

Can I buy a paperback version?

Unfortunately not right now. Our ebook is selling like crazy and people these days are mostly on their devices anyway. It just works out better for us not to get into printing and shipping.

Should I buy this?

Absolutely. If you bought a GoPro then you owe it to yourself to pick up this ebook and make amazing videos people love. Don’t let the frustration get to you. Take a word from Nike here and …

Who is this ebook for?

Not everyone of course, but if you want a quick way to improve your GoPro footage, this was written for you. If you’re already putting out videos with a million plus views, you’re probably already awesome.

What happens if it doesn't work on my computer (or) device?

The file folder you’ll download has multiple formats to suite your needs. iPad, Kindle, PDF, its all there. Nearly every computer and device on the market has support for PDF documents. If you’re still worried, you can visit ‘Adobe’s Free PDF Reader‘ to verify your devices compatibility. *PDF readers can be downloaded free of charge by doing a quick ‘Google’ search or by checking your app store. No problems.

60 Day // No Questions Asked // Money Back Guarantee
Limited Time Discount Pricing // Heroic 24/7 Support
Free Updates for Life // Works with all GoPro’s 

We offer a 60 Day No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy for any reason, simply let me know (travis@projectgo.pro) and I’ll happily refund your money. No Questions Asked.

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